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Source — Betsy Reynolds
Date Posted — August 30, 2001
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[Phoenix] – Find out how it all began. Check out Independent1310 KXAM OR on Labor Day, September 3, 2001 from 7 to 9 PM, to hear the very first Monday evening Racing Roundup-Arizona broadcast.

Jamie Reynolds and then Co-host, Phoenix International Raceway’s Scott Simpson captured all the action from the weekend’s events back in November of 1997.

Guests on this one-hour show, originally airing on November 10, 1997, included TNN Announcer and Racing Roundup-Midwest host, Jim Tretow, along with former NASCAR Craftsman Truck Driver, Toby Butler.

To complete the current Racing Roundup-Arizona two-hour format, a replay of the December 15,1997 broadcast with guest host, NASCAR Southwest Tour Driver, Darrell La Moure,will be aired as well.

Discover how La Moure came as a guest and stayed on as an intricate part of the “# 1” Motorsports Show in all of Arizona. Details on his introduction to the auto racing world and how it evolved to the NASCAR Southwest Touring series are also explained.

Other guests interviewed on this December show were Indy Car Magazine Editor, Ned Wicker, analyzing the Championship Auto Racing Teams and Indy Car split, and NASCAR Southwest Tour Newcomer, Aaron Newport.

Listen up this Labor Day Monday for a chance to hear howRacing Roundup-Arizona started and don’t forget to “Have At It Racers.”


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Article posted by staff on August 30, 2001.