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Madera Speedway
Source — Justin Loyear
Date Posted — August 11, 2001
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Madera--With 100 laps of racing, one thing that is very important for a driver tounderstand if he is going to win the race is that he needs to be patient.

Ray Lawson has apparently mastered that theory in the SRL Late Models thisseason, as he became the only three-time winner in the division this season.

Lawson, raced towards the back for the first 60 laps, which were all undergreen. However, after the first caution and then restart occurred, Lawsondecided to make his move.

"I figured I would let all the guys ahead of me wear out their tiresduring that long green," said Lawson. "I knew that after that firstcaution, I would need to make my move cause the way the race was going, Ididn't think I would get another opportunity."

Lawson did have to hold of Ken Boyd who caught him in the last 10 laps, but atthe line, Lawson beat Boyd by just under a car-length.

"On the last lap, I could see Ken's car out my window. I just hoped that Iwouldn't see anymore of it before we got to the finish line," said Lawson.

Points leader Nathan Tucker finished in third, followed by Jeff Anthony, MikeLedbetter, and Fresno's Todd Mumma.

The SRL Lites, with the help of some drivers from the California AsphaltSupermodifieds, managed to start 20 cars in their main event tonight. This isthe first time in over 10 years that 20 "limited" supermodifieds haveall started a race at once.

Jim Birges was the one to tame the field as he was able to keep his cartogether for the whole race and finish ahead of the other 14 supers that wererunning at the end, despite not getting any practice and dropping out of hisheat race before it started due to overheating.

"The last seven laps of the race, I had to shut off my engine to keep itfrom overheating," said Birges. "My temperature gauge read 300degrees and I became worried that the other cars were going to catch me untilmy crew told me how far ahead I was."

Carl Mott finished in second place, followed by points leader Roger Galleanoand Rich Denman, the highest finishing CAM driver.

In the SRL trucks, Donnie Large won another feature to bolster his points lead.Bryan Herzog, finished second in his first appearance in an SRL truck thisseason. Marty Wagner finished in third followed by Chris Smith.

In the Pro 4s, Chuck Scott took a win away from points leader John Johnson.Scott's car lead the whole race and was dominant by having about a two secondlead at the finish. Johnson finished in second followed by Greg Stefani inthird.

Late Model Finish

06 Ray Lawson 34f Ken Boyd 41 Nathan Tucker 76 Jeff Anthony 61 Mike Ledbetter 17 Todd Mumma 54 Jeff McCoun 17N Chad Nichols 10 Jessie Apodaca 3 Gene Garrett 18 Tim Stratmayer 77 Cory Petro 2 Greg Potts


32 Jim Birges 15 Carl Mott 3 Roger Galleano 98 Rich Denman 83 Jim Tartaglia 71 Bill Wilker 77 Eric Silsby 19 Donnie Large 24 Willie Northammer 6 David Tuey 18 Lance Jackson 94 Gordon Rodgers 21 Richard Herzog 97 Tom Kistler 33 Anthony Pombo 14x Al Harney 44 Larry Dietz 1 Darrell Herzog


19 Donnie Larger 1 Bryan Herzog 88 Marty Wagner 4 Chris Smith 32 Kris Terris 77 Kevin Thompson 44 Nathan Kircher


15 Chuck Scott 66 John Johnson 42 Greg Stefani 8 Chad Pais 41 Mike Friesson 2 Ron Stefani 16 Bob Comstock####

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Article posted by staff on August 11, 2001.