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Wenatchee Valley Super Oval
Source — Kaleb Hart
Date Posted — August 11, 2001
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Sherri Howard bested the boys at Wenatchee Valleyís Super Oval once again Saturday Night. The 30-lap feature for the Doc Ramboís Big Ten Wing Modifieds was originally scheduled for 40 laps, however, a nasty accident involving Marc Lund on lap 5 brought racing to a halt for 30 minutes. Lund, driving a mid 60ís Tiffany Roadster, drove his car hard out of corner 2 getting it sideways onto 2 wheels. The car slammed into the wall hard, returning it to an upright position. Lundís machine then dribbled down the track, where RJ Fronsman drove up over the top of the car, clipping off Lundís wing in the process. The horror wasnít over, as Dave Hill gave Lund a solid whack right in his door panel. Red flag conditions ensued, while track crews scrambles to get to Lund. He was conscious and able to move, however, he was complaining of back and neck pain. He was extracted on a flat board and taken to the hospital for precautionary measures. At last report, Lund was awake and aware of where he was, what date it was, and what had happened. No reports were given from the hospital pertaining to his condition. The wreck knocked Fronsman out of the contest, reducing field size dramatically when they got back to action. On the restart, Howard used her superior horsepower and handling to move around Mike Roberts and cruise on to the victory. Howard, looking to become the first back to back female champion in WVSO history, extended her lead in the points over JR Ray, who was disqualified after post race inspection on his carbuerator. Howard was the fast time on the evening with a 11.729. Lund, before his incident, won the trophy dash and heat race.

Once again, Shane Brim was the man to beat in the Jerryís Auto Supply Limited Sportsmen. Brim was quick time with a lap of 15.493, just one hundredth off his own track record. The main started with David Patty getting out to a lead, with Andy Stibal chasing and Brim picking his way up the field. Stibal would take the lead from Patty on lap 15, and tried to scoot away, but Brim had him in his sights, and ran him down quickly. Stibal made it very difficult for Brim to get around, but not hard enough as Brim overpowered him on the outside groove down the back chute to take over the lead on lap 21. And as they say in Major League Baseball, thatís the ballgame folks. Brim wouldnít be caught over the final 19, and cruised to another victory in the Limited Sportsmen. Amanda Rowe continued her impressive streak of heat race wins, making it 5 out of the last 6 for her. She also picked up the trophy dash win on the night. David Patty won the other heat.

The Pepsi Cola Mini Super Stock division is fast becoming the division known for itís awesome finishes. Last time, it was Larry Sweeney and Kevin Dietrich going nose to nose at the stripe, with Sweeney prevailing. This time, it was Kevin Dietrich, his brother Darrin trailing him, and Marty Wason playing the role of the silent third partner. Darrin had been trailing Kevin the entire race, shadowing his every move, waiting for a goof up. That goof came on lap 28. With 2 laps to go, Kevinís motor seized, causing him to lose power, and giving Darrin the lane he needed to sneak underneath down the backstretch. But Darrin made a goof as well. He drove into corner 3 a bit too hard, washing up, and opening the door for Wason to go from 3rd to 1st in a matter of seconds. Dietrich recovered and made a hard charge, but couldnít make the pass, giving Wason his 2nd main event win of the year. Larry Sweeney was the trophy dash winner. Ernie Richardson and Kevin Dietrich won the heats. Wes Childress set quick time at 14.990.

Last weekend was the first time that a non-black racecar won the main in the Nascar Weekly Racing Series Sportsmen. Shawn Wood picked up his first win on the season last week. Could he do the same? Didnít look like he would, as Gary Shales drove out to a demanding lead, with Brent Harris and Shane Mitchell chasing him. Shales had a big lead built, but a Ben Reid incident brought out the yellow flag. After the field was reset, Harris would get under Shales and take over the lead on lap 17. From there, it was no looking back. Mitchell tried valiantly to catch Harris, but the black #00 would not be caught en route to the victory. Mitchell took home fast time 13.964. Tom Wentz won the trophy dash and Christian Roeder won the heat.

Itís been the year of the Volkswagen in the Les Schwab Mini Sportsmen. Only one non-VW has won a main event on the season. Saturday Night was no exception. The #81 red and yellow sirocco that has been piloted to victory by Doug Brown and Bo Swenson already on the year saw Vawn Davis climb behind the wheel and take home the win. Said one driver, who wished to remain anonymous, " Man that car is quick. To have 3 different drivers take it to winnerís circle is really something." Jim Smart, also driving a sirocco, set quick time at 15.763, also breaking the track record in the process. Jeff Bryant won the trophy dash in a rabbit, with Chuck Keifer turning in a heat race win with his pinto. Chris Noakes won the other heat race in his rabbit.


Doc Ramboís Big 10 Wing Modifieds Fast Time- Sherri Howard 11.729

Dash- Marc Lund, Mark Jones, Tim Parks

Heat- Lund, Sherri Howard, Mike Roberts

Main- Sherri Howard, Roberts, Dave Hill, Parks, Jones, RJ Fronsman, Lund, Bo Swenson

Jerryís Auto Supply Limited Sportsmen Fast Time- Shane Brim 15.493

Dash- Amanda Rowe, Brent Crowder, Jeremy Osborn

Heat- Rowe, Crowder, Joe Ludeman

Heat- D.Patty, Shane Brim, Mike Sims

Main- Shane Brim, Andy Stibal, D.Patty, Shem Patterson, Vern Huson, Scott Jones, Scott Armstrong, Rusty Rise, Crowder, Rowe, Ludeman, Lacey Ledbetter, J.Osborn, Nathan Schuyleman, Mark Spies, Sims, Bill Patty, Terry Mcgraw, Mitch Kleyn

Pepsi Cola Mini Super Stocks Fast Time- Wes Childress 14.990

Dash- Larry Sweeney, Darrin Dietrich, Kevin Dietrich

Heat- Ernie Richardson, Sweeney, Bob Coffey

Heat- K.Dietrich, D.Dietrich, Marty Wason

Main- Marty Wason, D.Dietrich, K.Dietrich, Wes Childress, Tom Ripley, Sweeney, Coffey, Richardson, Jan Gall, Darald Schall, Danny Clark

Nascar Weekly Racing Series Sportsmen Fast Time- Shane Mitchell 13.964

Dash- Tom Wentz, Jack Eby, Josh Jones

Heat- Christian Roeder, Wentz, Gary Shales

Main- Brent Harris, Shane Mitchell, Shales, Shawn Wood, Bob Greiner, Roeder, Ben Reid, Wentz, Eby, Jones

Les Schwab Mini Sportsmen Fast Time- Jim Smart NTR 15.763

Dash- Jeff Bryant, Jim Smart, Vawn Davis

Heat- Chuck Keifer, Kelly Wennerberg, Richard Brown

Heat- Chris Noakes, Ken Haynes, Bryant

Main- Vawn Davis, Noakes, Bryant, Randy England, Keifer, Haynes, Justin Douglass, Larry Jobe, Tyson Daggett, Wennerberg, Kelly Hart, Brown, Stephen Weaver, Smart, Tony Daggett####

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Article posted by staff on August 11, 2001.