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South Sound Speedway
Source — Kristy Palmer
Date Posted — August 18, 2001
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The Portland Street Stocks and the Krusers made their first visit to South Sound this weekend. A great show was put on by both classes. The Nascar Sportsman, Hinkle Homes Pure Stocks and Top Notch Trailer Street Stocks were also on hand.

After very clean heat races in the Portland Street Stocks, won by Chris Schlaht and Dustin Wilkinson, an exciting main was expected. All expectations were met. After one complete lap, Brian Overturf broke an axle and put on a spark show as he limped to the pits. The next 14 laps went well as Pete Kelly took a quick lead that was overtaken by Jeff Brookshire. Brookshire was then passed by Dustin Wilkinson for the lead. All of this happened in the first ten laps before Scott Puncochar took over the lead and kept it for the rest of the race. On lap 16, Chris Schlaht got into a tangle with another car and spun on the backstretch. Chris was put in the back of the restart but worked his way up to finish fifth. Scott Puncochar was the winner followed by Dustin Wilkinson, KC Valentine, Brian Puncochar and Chris Schlaht to round out the top five. Sixth was Tracy Jones with Jeff Brookshire, Dave Cannon, Pete Kelly and Susan Nelson finishing tenth. Eleventh through sixteenth was Don Dean, Mike Crase, Kevin Martell, Wes Maxwell, Anthony Catalanoo and Brian Overturf. Scott Puncochar also set fast time and won the trophy dash. Hopefully, South Sound will see the Portland Street Stocks back again soon.

The Kruser class show was an awesome display of chaos. Krusers are a two-person system. The driver has the wheel and the brake while the passenger has the gas. It's more difficult than it sounds though. The team of Rob Windham and Mike Hagen timed in the fastest but Wendy Windham and Candy Whiteford were the trophy dash winners. The combo of South Sound drivers, David Dix and Brian Wilson won the Kruser heat race. There was a lot of crashing and banging but only two caution flags in the main event.

One came after only one complete lap involving the Curt Grindley/Randy Laws team and the Brandon Tompkins/Mark Griffith car. Both cars came back to continue the main. The second caution came and took out the Richard and Stephanie Beisley team and the Brian Boman/Kim Hardin car. The rest of the race was yellowless but eventful. Many small collisions made for a great fan oriented race. First place went to Steve Dunn/Rick Ackerman with Rob Windham/Mike Hagen, Mike Caddell/Sam Puckett, Wendy Windham/Candy Whiteford, and David Dix/Brian Wilson rounding out the top five. Tim Vermillion/Steve Vassar, Curt Grindley/Randy Laws, Brandon Tompkins/Mark Griffith, Brian Boman/Kim Harden, the Beisleys and Frank Douglas/Sissy Hornsley completed the field of eleven.

The crowd got a break from all the excitement when the Sportsman main began. There was mechanical trouble with some cars but no accidents occurred. Trouble started when Nick Behn had some rear end trouble and had to pull his car off the track. The trouble continued with only five laps remaining when Greg Martinell blew his motor and threw fluid all over the track. Jeff Walcker chased points leader Marc Beebe all the way to the checkered flag when victory was Beebe's and Walcker was second. Beebe also won the heat race but Jeff Walcker stayed in front to win the trophy dash.

The Top Notch Trailer Street Stocks brought us back to action two yellows including one caused by the breakdown of leader, John Owenby Jr.'s car. Owenby was driving the car borrowed from Nolan Saylor when a lower ball joint broke making it impossible for him to turn and colliding with Jim Jussila. This caused Owenby to go off and Jussila to be put in the rear of the restart. While lining back up, Brad Borton suddenly pulled from his new spot into the pits, Later it was confirmed that he blew yet another motor making this his third of the year. Chad Hinkle led the race from there on, even through the second yellow thrown for fluid on the raceway. Coming in second was Scott Zahn followed by JJ Hamilton, Jim Swanson, and Dave McCaslin. Hamilton won the heat race while Driver of the week, Jim Swanson won the trophy dash.

The Hinkle Homes Pure Stocks were also a two yellow main. Both were caused by spinning cars. Doug McPeake led 24 of the 25 laps when he took over on lap two from Mike Brooks. Marty Hamilton ran second from lap three to lap 24 when he slowed suddenly leaving the door open for Brandin Fisher to finish second followed by Brian Wilson, Marty Hamilton and Matt Wolden for fifth. The heat races were the most interesting races. Included in the mayhem were winners Marty Hamilton and Tim Vermillion. McPeake was also the winner of the trophy dash.

Coming next week to South Sound Speedway is the Late Model Super Stock American 200 brought to you by Miller. Fuller's Market and Lucky Eagle Night includes the Top Notch Trailer Street Stocks and the MMRA Mini-Cups Nationals. You can catch updated information on

Portland Street Stocks

Trophy Dash: Scott Puncochar, Dave Cannon, KC Valentine, Brian Puncochar

Heat A: Dustin Wilkinson, Anthony Catalanoo, Scott Puncochar, Brian Puncochar, Jeff Brookshire, KC Valentine, Dave Cannon, Tracy Jones

Heat B: Chris Schlaht, Pete Kelly, Mike Crase, Don Dean, Brian Overturf,

Susan Nelson, Wes Maxwell, Kevin Martell

Main: Scott Puncochar, Dustin Wilkinson, KC Valentine, Brian Puncochar,

Chris Schlaht, Tracy Jones, Jeff Brookshire, Dave Cannon, Pete Kelly, Susan Nelson, Don Dean, Mike Crase, Kevin Martell, Wes Maxwell, Anthony Catalanoo, Brian Overturf


Trophy Dash: Windham/Whiteford, Caddell/Puckett, Boman/Hardin, Windham/Hagen

Heat: Dix/Wilson, Dunn/Ackerman, Windham/Hagen, Boman/Hardin, Grindley/Laws,

Windham/Whiteford, Caddell/Puckett, Tompkins/Griffith, Vermillion/Vasser, Douglas/Hornsley, Beisley/Beisley

Main: Dunn/Ackerman, Windham/Hagen, Caddell/Puckett, Windham/Whiteford, Dix/Wilson, Vermillion/Vasser, Grindley/Laws, Tompkins/Griffith, Boman/Hardin, Beisley/Beisley, Douglas/Hornsley


Trophy Dash: Jeff Walcker, Marc Beebe, Nick Behn, Greg Martinell

Heat: Marc Beebe, Jeff Walcker, Greg Martinell, Nick Behn

Main: Marc Beebe, Jeff Walcker, Greg Martinell, Nick Behn

Pure Stocks

Trophy Dash: Doug McPeake, Brian Wilson, Brandin Fisher, Marty Hamilton

Heat A: Marty Hamilton, Brandon Tompkins, Doug McPeake, Mike Brooks, Bobby Moore, Brandin Fisher, Matt Wolden, Brian Wilson

Heat B: Tim Vermillion, Zach Floreck, Mark Rorvik, Dennis Stamper, Jonathan Bergford, Justin Floreck, Mike McCloud

Main: Doug McPeake, Brandin Fisher, Brian Wilson, Marty Hamilton, Matt Wolden, Brandon Tompkins, Tim Vermillion, Mike McCloud, Mike Brooks, Justin Floreck, Zach Floreck, Bobby Moore, Dennis Stamper, Mark Rorvik, Jonathan Bergford

Street Stocks

Trophy Dash: Jim Swanson, Chad Hinkle, Brad Borton, Scott Zahn

Heat: JJ Hamilton, Jim Jussila, Brad Borton, Scott Zahn, Jim Swanson, Chad

Hinkle, John Owenby, Brad Happ, David Patrick, Dave McCaslin

Main: Chad Hinkle, Scott Zahn, JJ Hamilton, Jim Swanson, Dave McCaslin, David Patrick, Jim Jussila, John Owenby, Brad Borton, Brad Happ


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Article posted by staff on August 18, 2001.