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Cajon Speedway
Source — Robert Gardner
Date Posted — August 18, 2001
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EL CAJON, CA. Auto racing has always been known as a highly emotional sport. Once in a while tempers flare, the wrong words are spoken, and even an occasional fight breaks out. But there is another side of the sport, one that doesn't get nearly as much attention. That is the sportsmanship and camaraderie that takes place between the various teams. If you need to borrow a tool, one is at hand. If you need to borrow a part or even an engine, one of your competitors steps forward.

It was exactly such sportsmanship that enabled Grand American modified point leader Scott Brown to protect his number one position in the standings two weeks ago at Cajon Speedway. As a result the 26-year-old Spring Valley racer will still be on top when the division returns to the 3/8-mile paved oval this Saturday night.

Sharing the asphalt with Cajon's open wheeled division will be the late model sportsman, street stocks, factory stocks, and mini-stockars. Race time is 6:45 PM. Qualifying runs start at 5:15. Two weeks ago Brown slapped the wall during his heat race and broke an axle. After the race the call went out. Street stocker Ivan Harrison stepped forward. With about 15 minutes to spare, the car was repaired and Brown finished second to his uncle Ron Brown in the main event and protected his point lead.

"Doc saved us," Scott Brown explained. "(If he hadn't helped), we probably would have just threw the old axle in there and taken the green (in the main event). It's all we could have done. But Doc went over to his shop (about five miles away in Santee). He put a new bearing on the axle." Brown wasn't the only one who benefited from assistance from another racer that night. Pony stock rookie Pete Franke was kept on the track when fellow pony stocker Jimmy Kyte loaned him an axle for his Pinto. And in the bomber stocks, Jeff Coskey was still running a motor borrowed from Mark Wendell. It was the second week the motor was in the car after Coskey blew up his engine big time a few weeks earlier.

"He (Mark) came up and said 'I just want to see you race because you're fast out there,' " Coskey related. "He told me not to worry when I give it back."


LATE MODEL SPORTSMAN 1 Todd McLauchlan Alpine 3 wins 947 2 Ron Overman Lakeside 4 wins 940 3 Mike Mendenhall Santee 3 wins 873 4 Jerry Gay San Diego 1 win 791 5 Danny Gay Lakeside 1 win 728 6 John Manke Ramona 3 wins 600 7 Dee Cable Santee 494 8 Wayne Morse Alpine 425 9 David Arzola San Diego 404 10 Claude Bell El Cajon 325

GRAND AMERICAN MODIFIED 1 Scott Brown Spring Valley 3 wins 516 2 Mike Salm Fallbrook 3 wins 495 3 Ron Brown San Diego 2 wins 485 4 Mike Jackson Bonita 401 5 Dave Williams Escondido 320 6 Doug Carpenter La Mesa 313 7 Carol Kirby Williams San Dgo 274 8 Paul Brunette Spring Valley 214 9 Stan Perkins Spring Valley 180 10 Ron Esau Lakeside 174

STREET STOCK 1 Rich Green Jr. El Cajon 4 wins 1070 2 Rick Hagen Alpine 3 wins 830 3 Brian Collins Oceanside 1 win 717 4 Richard Hinze Lakeside 1 win 667 5 Rob Overman El Cajon 591 6 Rob Freeman Santee 1 win 566 7 Scott Moses Chula Vista 552 8 Neil Rodvold Lakeside 550 9 Randy Buell San Diego 478 10 Todd Phelps El Cajon 421

PONY STOCK 1 Ed Hale El Cajon 6 wins 948 2 Douglas Wright Jr. Rancho SD 4 wins 881 3 Andy Papp La Mesa 1 win 879 4 Mike Weimann Temecula 877 5 Marty Schmidt El Cajon 656 6 Kenny Hall Lakeside 1 win 592 7 Ken Wikoren El Cajon 1 win 562 8 George Behlman Santee 438 9 Debi Urioste Poway 420 10 Victor Clark Lakeside 406

BOMBER STOCK 1 Mark Holland San Diego 962 2 Bob Wickey Spring Valley 4 wins 956 3 Eric Seene Santee 688 4 Bill Holland El Cajon 1 win 594 5 Pat Garity El Cajon 4 wins 591 6 Marty Lehrke San Diego 591 7 Jeff Coskey Santee 1 win 566 8 Scott Denton Fallbrook 517 9 Greg McCown El Cajon 476 10 Joey Schneider Escondido 469####

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Article posted by staff on August 18, 2001.