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Lakeport Speedway
Source — Nadine Strauss
Date Posted — August 18, 2001
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Starting on the pole of the 19 car field, Hap Ferree of Nevada City lead all 30 laps to win his first modified feature at the Lakeport Speedway Saturday night.

Stuart Lydon of Salinas passed Jason Shaha on a lap 10 restart and drove to his sixth mini stock victory. Defending bomber champ Mark Maines of Clearlake collected his seventh main event in the Konocti Harbor Resort and Spa division; And Anderson’s Ryan Foster set fast time, won his heat race and went on to capture his third Legends Cars feature at Lakeport.

The top 14 cars were inverted in the modified feature putting Ferree and Freedom Hawthorne on the front row. As the pack came back to take the green, Derrick Crayford and Sean Sweeney came together with Sweeney’s car slamming the wall. Before action got under way again, both Hawthorne and Richie Potts, who was second row inside, pulled out of line and elected to start in the rear. This moved Erv Pettenger up along side of Ferree, and at the drop of the green flag Ferree pulled ahead. Danny Bishop and Mark Marek slipped into second and third as Pettenger lost ground.

David Sullivan’s car lost power slowing the pace of the inside lane and it opened a hole allowing Pettenger to slip back in line behind Marek. Hawthorne spun on the front stretch to bring out the yellow on lap two, and as the pack raced to the flag, cars scattered and Richie Potts slapped the front-stretch concrete.

The restart saw Feree back in front again leaving the battle for second to Bishop and Marek. Trophy dash winner Chuck Pruett ran a strong fourth with last week’s winner Mike Smithhart in fifth. Sullivan dropped out on lap five.

The field was running on a slick track after an oil spill in the Legends Cars event, and it took more than half the race for the outside lane to come in. When it did, Aaron Hicks, Billy Binns and Bob Strauss moved out and gained position with Binns getting by Pruett and Strauss and Hicks driving around Smithhart. Ferree paced the field to the checkers for the win followed by Marek, Bishop, Binns, and Pruett. Strauss set fast time of 13.078 and finished sixth. Hicks, Smithhart, Todd Coburn and Terry McIntire rounded out the top 10. Heat wins went to Lance Blacker, Potts and McIntire.

Eleven mini stocks clocked in with Darin Snider earning the pole starting position. Snider jumped out ahead of Dusty Barton at the start and led the first three rounds before the red was thrown when Jason Shaha tried to get under second place runner Jake Tillman. Tillman spun in three and Andrew Snider was clipped the Tillman. Tillman’s car was towed to the pits but both Shaha and A. Snider restarted in their position.

When racing resumed, Shaha took the lead with Andrew Snider slipping under brother Darrin for second. The race was slowed again for a Dusty Barton spin, and when the green fell again, A. Snider forged ahead. Two laps later A. Snider spun on the back stretch, handing the lead back to Shaha. Lydon had worked his way from the back to the front and by the 10th lap he was running second. Lydon pulled Shaha on the restart and drove to victory. Shaha fell out with engine woes on lap 23. Kevin Barba finished second with A. Snider third, Rob Gard fourth and D. Snider fifth.

Lydon set fast time of 13.874 second, A. Snider won the dash and heat wins went to D. Snider and Shaha.

A healthy field of 29 bombers saw the top 14 and five "B" main transfers enter into the 30 lap main event. Wayne Johnson and Arlene Pruett battled for the number one spot the first five rounds with Johnson

pulling head on lap six. Pruett lost ground on the high side as Dale Preston and Joe Sloan inched into second and third. The caution flag was displayed on lap seven when Scott Sabot spun on the front stretch.

Preston forged ahead on the restart with Eric Unruh slipping under Johnson for second. Lap 13 saw the yellow fly again when Johnson and Jay Skidmore tangled and spun in turn two. Unruh took over the number one spot on lap 15 with Maines in second, dropping Preston to third. Don Baker and Kevin Medina joined the front runners just before the race was slowed the final time when Kevin Minassian’s engine let loose.

Maines shot out in front again on the restart but Unruh could not hold on in the high groove and both Don Baker and Kevin Madina got by. The final five rounds saw Unruh fade and the finishing order was Maines, Baker, Medina, Jeff Davis and Darren Tubbs. Points leader Darrin Knight finished sixth.

R. J. Randall of Willits won the "B" main ahead of Kenny Grinols, Manuel Antonio, Wendy Peirce, Richard Schwarm and Harley Sharpe. Heat wins went to Ron Bertram, Antonio, and Joe Sloan. Darren Tubbs won the dash and Medina set fast time of 14.887.

The Legends Cars were the special events division, and they thrilled the crowd in their first heat race when Rick Andrew’s throttle stuck on the first lap and he drove over the top of Pete Currin. This caused a chain reaction that saw Frankie Winchel and Don Krout’s cars to come together. Krout was launched on top of the turn three wall, drove over the wall and landed on its top on the other side. All driver’s were ok and only Krout’s car did not make it back for the main event.

The 25 lapper was delayed at the start when Ryan Mosher spilled oil around the entire track. Officials elected to start the event single file due to track conditions. Pete Currin led the way with Jack Humphrey in second and Bumper LaRue third. Not even a slick track could hold back Foster as he came from eighth to third in only six rounds.

Only one yellow flag slowed the action on lap nine when Bumper LaRue’s car broke a tie rod and stalled in turn four. When racing resumed, Foster blasted by Humphrey and four laps later Currin’s car pushed and Foster drove under him for the lead. The remaining laps went accident free with Foster the winner over Currin, Humphrey, Tim Farquhar and Pat Appleby. Mark Bailey won the trophy dash and first heat race

Auto racing returns to the Lakeport Speedway this Saturday night, August 25 for the final points race in the NCRA modifieds, mini stocks, and bombers divisions. The Airport Auto Brokers Late Model Series will also run its final season event at Lakeport. Gates open at 5:00 pm with racing at 7:00 pm.



Fast Time: Bob Strauss, 13.078

Trophy Dash: Chuck Pruett, Billy Binns, Aaron Hicks, Strauss

Heat 1: Lance Blacker, Jeremy Nowlin, Derrick Crayford, Sean Sweeney, Hap Ferree, Freedom Hawthorne

Heat 2: Richie Potts, Danny Bishop, Todd Coburn, Mike Smithhart, Mark Marek, Erv Pettenger

Heat 3: Terry McIntire, Binns, Pruett, Strauss, Hicks, David Sullivan

Main Event: Ferree, Marek, Bishop, Binns, Pruett, Strauss, Hicks, Smithhart, Coburn, McIntire, Blacker, Crayford, Pettenger, Nowlin, Sullivan, Potts, F. Hawthorne, John Hawthorne, Sweeney


Fast Time: Stuart Lydon, 13.874

Trophy Dash: Andrew Snider, Kevin Barba, Jason Shaha, Lydon

Heat 1: Darin Snider, Dusty Barton, Glenn Koeppel, Simi Tour, David Fields

Heat 2: Shana, A. Snider, Lydon, Rod Gard, Barba, Jake Tillman

Main Event: Lydon, Barba, A. Snider, Gard, D. Snider, Barton, Tillman, Shaha, Koeppel, Tour


Fast Time: Kevin Medina, 14.887

Trophy Dash: Darren Tubbs, Medina, Mark Maines, Jeff Davis

Heat 1: Ron Bertram, R.J. Randall, Kenny Grinols, Peggy Hawthorne, Richard Schwarm, Dave Stephens, Wendy Peirce, Rod Harper, Harley Sharpe, Roy Funderburg

Heat 2: Manuel Antonio, Jimmy Sorrels, Scott Sabol, Wayne Johnson, Jeff Atkinson, Kevin Minassian, Dale Preston, Arlene Pruett, Michael Bishop

Heat 3: Joe Sloan, Medina, Eric Unruh, Maines, Davis, Darrin Knight, Tubbs, Don Baker, Jay Skidmore, Derek Thorn

"B" Main": Randall, Grinols, Antonio, Peirce, Schwarm, Sharpe, Harper, Sorrels, Bertram, Stephens, Funderburg, Atkinson

Main Event: Maines, Baker, Medina, Davis, Tubbs, Knight, Unruh, Thorn, Skidmore, Preston, Grinols, Bishop, Pruett, Sabol, Antonio, Peirce, Johnson, Sloan, Minassian, Schwarm


Fast Time: Ryan Foster, 14.184

Trophy Dash: Mark Bailey, Foster, Frankie Winchel, Barney LaRue

Heat 1: Bailey, Pat Appelby, Tim Farquhar, Pete Currin, Rick Andrews, Don Krout, Winchel

Heat 2: Foster, Jack Wulff Humphrey, Bumber LaRue, Barney LaRue, Gary Hockman, Ryan Mosher

Main Event: Foster, Curren, Humphrey, Farquhar, Appelby, Bailey, Hockman, Barney LaRue, Andrews, Winchel, Bumper LaRue


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Article posted by staff on August 18, 2001.