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Madera Speedway
Source — Justin Loyear
Date Posted — August 18, 2001
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The competition was fierce tonight in the Grand American Modified division at Madera Speedway as local favorite Bryan Herzog of Clovis won the first 30 lap main event, and a first time visitor, Scott Winters of Tracy, was able to avoid a huge mess to win the second 30 lap main event.

Herzog, driving his Richard Herzog Construction Chevrolet, was lucky to come away with his feature victory tonight, as Mike Season virtually checked out on the field before he blew a motor and spun out half way into the race.

"Mike had the car to beat tonight," said Herzog. "He was the fastest in qualifying and he was so far ahead in the main, I don't think anybody would have caught him."

Herzog, along with the rest of the drivers, were able to take advantage of a new format tonight that placed their main events further on into the evening to assist them in handling.

"Our car was dialed in great because the sun was off the racetrack and we didn't have to worry about our tires getting to greasy," said Herzog.

Mark Heim finished behind Herzog in second, followed by NASCAR regional contender Mark Welch in third.

In the second feature, leader Barry Callouette got into second place Mark Heim on the backstretch on lap 17 to take out four race cars, resulting in he being penalized and removed from the remainder of the race.

That allowed Scott Winters and his Transmissions by Hal Dodge to start in the lead on the final restart of the race.

"Callouette was just doing his job as a racer," said Winters. "He knew he had to keep me and everybody else behind him if he wanted to win the race."

Winters, was able to hold Mark Welch who ended up finishing second. Richard Herzog finished in third, followed by Mike Swanson, who made a great comeback after the first feature to finish in fourth.


Jeff McCoun of Prunedale, who borrowed his brothers Dick's Exxon Chevrolet Camaro, stole one away from the rest of the Street Stock regulars. Mark Utheim finished in second and slightly extended his points lead over Bobby Hurst who finished in third. Rick Nye, returning for the first time in a couple of years finished in fourth followed by Howard Holden in fifth.


Shannon Kawahata of Clovis, is making a habit out of winning in the Toyota Sedan class this season. She wins her third feature of the season which helps her Mac's Tire Corolla rebound in the points standings. Kyle Gatulla gains some ground on John Bray, Jr., finishing one spot ahead of him in second, and Nathan Kircher rounded out the top four.


Frank Mazzei of Clovis, piloted his Technique Towing Chevrolet to his second Pure Stock feature win in a row. That win, along with points leader Aaron Mundello finishing in fourth, inches him closer to gaining back to back titles in the division. Between Mazzei and Mundello were the two racing brothers, Jason and Aaron Mullins who finished in second and third.


Doug Bridger, takes advantage of points leader Randy Manser's first lap accident and pulls away from the rest of the field to win his second Toyota Modifieds feature of the season. Bridger, from Fresno and driving Packaging Machine Services rainbow colored number 24, not only assured himself a victory on the track, but also on the tech pad as his car was completely legal. Both John Lomier and Don Smith refused to be teched, due to them not running for points, which allowed Mark Hertzog and Chris Lewis to finish in the top three.

Grand American Modifieds

11 Bryan Herzog, 31 Mark Heim, 1 Mark Welch, 25 Barry Callouette, 7x Scott Winters, 75 Joel Thiessen, 7 Richard Herzog, 69 Denny Cashada, 10 Bob Reichmuth, 14 John Mello, 27 John Moore, 76 Robbie Cadwaller, 6 Mike Swanson, 41x Bobby Hogge IV, 72 Scott Feil, 29 Kelly Scanlon, 61 Dawn Swanson, 8 Jack Stone, 50 Gary Glenn, 43 Ben Phillips

7x Scott Winters, 1 Mark Welch, 7 Richard Herzog, 6 Mike Swanson, 14 John Mellow, 69 Denny Cashada, 72 Scott Feil, 43 Ben Phillips, 10 Bob Reichmuch, 76 Robbie Cadwaller, 8 Jack Stone, 27 John Moore, 75 Joel Thiessen, 25 Barry Callouette, 31 Mark Heim, 11 Bryan Herzog, 50 Gary Glenn, 41x Bobby Hogge IV, 29 Kelly Scanlon, 61 Dawn Michelle Swanson

Street Stocks

54 Jeff McCoun, 44 Mark Utheim, 11 Bobby Hurst, 41 Rick Nye, 69 Howard Holden, 17 Randy Reeves,

Toyota Sedans

5 Shannon Kawahata, Kyle Gutalla, 42 Manny Gonzales, 34 John Bray, Jr., 13 Nathan Kircher. Pure Stocks

7 Frank Mazzei, 41 Jason Mullins, 14 Aaron Mullins, 25 Aaron Mundello, 17 Jimmy Reeves

Toyota Modifieds

24 Doug Bridger, 54 Mark Hertzog, 13 Chris Lewis, 9 Jerry D'Ambrosi, 43 DL Shatswell####

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Article posted by staff on August 18, 2001.