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Wenatchee Valley's Super Oval
Source — Kaleb Hart
Date Posted — August 25, 2001
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Kelly Mann was due for a win at Wenatchee Valley’s Super Oval. And it couldn’t have come at a better time. Running 2nd in points in the JD Turner Construction Big 5 Super Late Models, Mann took over the lead on lap 13 when then race leader Shane Mitchell visited the pits during red flag conditions. From there, it was all Mann. Kim Wennerberg, 3rd in points, gave him a tough go of things on the short run, but the longer they ran, the better Mann’s car became. Wennerberg, whose daughter Mackenzie gave birth during the main event, had a great race car but fought the car on the long runs as it would tighten up on him inexplicably. Kevin Hamlin, the Raybestos Brakes Northwest Series Points Leader, took his American Dream Motorsports machine and piloted it to a 3rd place finish, while pressuring Wennerberg the entire time. Hamlin also set fast time at 12.703. Mitchell won the trophy dash.

Going into Saturday night, Shane Mitchell and Brent Harris were tied atop the point standings at 2186. Harris got the first shot of the evening in by setting quick time at 13.969. But that was the last thing that Harris would do, as motor trouble plagued him the rest of the night. Mitchell set out to take the most of the opportunity presented to him. Ready to stop him was Josh Jones. Jones had already won the trophy dash and heat race. He started on the pole for the main, and made full use of his starting spot, rocketing out to a large lead and forcing Mitchell to spend many precious laps reeling him in. Once the two finally did lock horns, it was yet another WVSO classic. Mitchell was relentless, looking for any opening Jones would give. Jones continually slammed the door closed, showing he wasn’t going to roll over and play dead. This two car tango for the lead continued, both drivers putting in 100 % effort. It came down to the final lap. Mitchell gave Jones a little love tap down the back straight, getting him a bit off kilter. Jones gathered it back up as Mitchell took his car high. They were even through three and motoring hard off of four, with Jones beating Mitchell to the stripe, claiming his first Nascar Weekly Racing Series main of the season. It completed a mini sweep for Jones, only missing out on quick time in what was otherwise a great night for the driver of the silver and blue #4.

What more can be said about Shane Brim that hasn’t been said already. Aside from two DNF’s, Brim has just about dominated every race he’s been in. Brim shocked us all by setting a new track record at 15.138. That’s 3 tenths faster than his previous track record and half a second quicker than the rest of the field. Needless to say, once he got up front on lap 7, nobody was gonna catch him. He trailed David Patty by 4 points going into the night, but his win coupled with Patty’s motor woes should put him back into the lead for the Jerry’s Auto Supply Limited Sportsmen. Shem Patterson won the trophy dash. Dave Pierce and Brim won the heat races.

The #81 car has been good luck for whoever drives it. This week, it was Doug Brown, the car owner, who got his turn. Brown made it look easy in the early parts of the main, but had some problems later. His car started losing water and oil pressure. He was slipping quickly, but quick time Randy England was unable to catch him in time, giving Brown the win. England’s quick time was 15.889. Points leader Chris Noakes won the trophy dash. Tony Daggett and Dale Pipkin won the heat races.


JD Turner Construction Big 5 Super Late Models Fast Time- Kevin Hamlin 12.703

Dash- Shane Mitchell, Kim Wennerberg, Travis Bennett

Main- Kelly Mann, Wennerberg, Kevin Hamlin, Christian Roeder, Joe Constance, Shane Harding, Mike Dunseith, Bill Shaw, Bryon Goetz, Tim Crandall, Chuck Ogle, Jack Eby, Bennett, Mitchell, Marty Pfaffle, Frank Voltz, Curt Phillips, Tyler Delong, Ron Frazier, Brian Cole

Nascar Weekly Racing Series Sportsmen Fast Time- Brent Harris 13.969

Dash- Josh Jones, Gary Shales, Ben Reid

Heat- Jones, Tom Wentz, Shales

Main- Josh Jones, Shane Mitchell, Brent Harris, Gary Shales, Bob Greiner, Shawn Wood, Ben Reid, Tom Wentz, Dan Schlatter, Brent Frederick

Jerry’s Auto Supply Limited Sportsmen Fast Time- Shane Brim 15.138

Dash- Shem Patterson, David Patty, Andy Stibal

Heat- Dave Pierce, Vern Huson, Amanda Rowe

Heat- Shane Brim, Mike Sims, Kevin Bull

Main- Shane Brim, Stibal, Nathan Schuyleman, Patterson, Bull, Mark Spies, Pierce, Lacey Ledbetter, Scott Armstrong, Rowe, Huson, Marty Wason, Terry Osborn, Mitch Kleyn, Jeremy Osborn, Brent Crowder, Patty, Sims, Joe Ludeman

Les Schwab Mini Sportsmen Fast Time- Randy England 15.889

Dash- Chris Noakes, Tony Daggett, Richard Brown

Heat- To. Daggett, Noakes, R.Brown

Heat- Dale Pipkin, Jim Smart, Chuck Keifer

Main- Doug Brown, Randy England, Jeff Bryant, Justin Douglass, Keifer, Pipkin, Ken Haynes, R.Brown, Smart, Kelly Wennerberg, To. Daggett, Brian Craig, Kelly Hart, Larry Jobe, Chris Noakes####

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Article posted by staff on August 25, 2001.