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Madera Speedway
Source — Justin Loyear
Date Posted — August 25, 2001
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Madera -- Having to make an adjustment or two to a race car is common proceadure for most drivers. For Chad Nichols in Saturday's Sunoco 100 at Madera Speedway, he felt kinda strange not having to due to a flawless car.

"I didn't even have to adjust the brake bias control once in the car durning the race," said Nichols. "It really suprised me especially after running 97 laps in a row under green."

Nichols, who won his second race in only nine starts in a SRL Late Model, proved he had the car to beat early as he set fast time in qualifing. Due the invert, Nichols had to start fourth, but he worked his way up to the front on lap 29 and he never looked back.

"It really seemed a lot longer then 71 laps that I was in the lead," said Nichols. "But I was just keeping to my racing line and the car took care of the rest."

Nichols, was followed by Ken Boyd who has finished in second place numerous times this season, but is still looking for a win. Three time winner Ray Lawson Jr. finished third, followed by Jesse Apodaca and points leader Nathan Tucker.


The third time's the charm for Jim Tartaglia of Reedley, who just returned to Madera for the third time this season after not racing here at all in three years. After starting on the poll, he mannaged to lead all 30 laps and win the SRL Lites main event.

Tartaglia, the defending California Asphalt Modifieds champion was the only car in the field running a two barrel carbuarator proving that horsepower isn't necessary to win at Madera.

"The cars are very competetive here at Madera," said Tartaglia. "We spent the first two races getting our setup down on the Hoosier tires and we were lucky enough to invert on the pole."

Tartaglia lead a field of 14 cars that were all very fast in qualifing, which resulted in a very fast main event. Willie Northammer finished in second by only half a car after closing the gap in the last 10 laps due to a mid race caution. Carl Mott, in an injected car finished third followed by Rich Denman and points leader Roger Galleano.


An absolutely wild 75 laps of super truck action, that at times appeared to be similar to a restrictor-plate race at Daytona highlighted the Ultra Wheels Trucks second visit to Madera this season.

Race winner Jim McGill took atvantage of three wide lap traffic causing difficulty for then leader and second place finisher Greg Adler as he passed him in turn one with only 15 laps to go.

After an extended caution period, the trucks finished by having a three lap dash to the checkerd. Southern points leader Dave Blankenship finished in third, with the highest finishing local driver being Brian Araki of Clovis in eighth.

PRO 4s

Chuck Scott won his second race in a row and John Johnson was crowned the 2001 Pro 4 champion tonight as this series finished off their year at Madera Speedway. Rookie of the Year Rob Thompson finished in second followed by Greg Stefani in third.

SRL SUNOCO LATE MODELS 17n Chad Nichols, 34f Ken Boyd, 06 Ray Lawson Jr, 10 Jessie Apodaca, 41 Nathan Tucker, 61 Mike Ledbetter, 00 Angelo Querillo, 76 Jeff Anthony, 3 Gene Garrett, 77 Cory Petro, 18 Tim Stratmayer, 2 Dave Byrd, 8 Greg Lewellen, 54 Jeff McCoun, 57 Randy Lyles

SRL LITES 83 Jim Tartaglia, 24 Willie Northammer, 15 Carl Mott, 98 Rich Denman, 3 Roger Galleano, 9 Kenny Kinchen, 71 Billy Wilker, 6 David Tuey, 19 Donnie Large, 44 Larry Dietz, 32 Jim Birges, 3x Carl Johnson, 2 AJ Burgin, 77 Dale Lambourn

ULTRA WHEELS TRUCKS 7 Jim McGill, 77 Greg Adler, 47 Dave Blankenship, 18 Billy Helgeson, 27 Michael Sherman, 50 Mark Laeger, 38 Kevin O'Niell, 43 Brian Araki, 95 Dan Moore, 70 Eric Sealy, 16 Shawn Wolf, 1 Jimmy Kondziela, 20 Cory Fancy, 19 Mike Lay, 64 Ken Davis, 5 Larry Hinderman, 76 Darin Zimlinghaus, 52 Tom Stanton, 21 Dave Byrd, 25 Jon Campbell, 45 Jesse Poppen, 58 Scott Calvin, 36 Darin Christenson, 57 Reggie Chruch


15 Chuck Scott, 28 Rob Thompson, 42 Greg Stefani, 8 Chad Pais, 44 Brennon Hayes, 25 Jerrry Nunez, 66 John Johnson####

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Article posted by staff on August 25, 2001.