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Portland Speedway
Source — Derrick Shannon
Date Posted — August 25, 2001
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Portland, Ore. (August 25, 2001) Tim Shaffer of Aliquippa, Penn. took advantage of some good ole' racing luck to claim the victory in the 30-Lap Pennzoil World of Outlaws feature at Portland Speedway. Shaffer took the top spot after race leader Andy Hillenburg's top wing collapsed causing the Preliminary feature winner to slow allowing Shaffer to close the gap and win his second victory of the season. Following Shaffer to the line was Craig Dollansky, Paul McMahan, Hillenburg, and Danny Lasoski rounding out the top five.
Fast Time: Stevie Smith 15.891/115.258MPH
Channelock Trophy Dash: Andy Hillenburg
Heat Race #1: Sammy Swindell, Mark Kinser, Dale Blaney, Stevie Smith, Brad Furr
Heat Race #2: Johnny Herrera, Danny Lasoski, Randy Hannagan, Toni Lutar, Dan Dunlap
Heat Race #3: Joey Saldana, Jason Myers, Steve Kinser, Pete Murphy, Paul McMahan 30-Lap "A" Feature
1. Tim Shaffer
2. Craig Dollansky
3. Paul McMahan
4. Andy Hillenburg
5. Danny Lasoski
6. Steve Kinser
7. Randy Hannagan
8. Dale Blaney
9. Stevie Smith
10. Mark Kinser
11. Joey Saldana
12. Johnny Herrera
13. Jeff Shepard
14. Donny Schatz
15. Sammy Swindell
16. Toni Lutar
17. Brad Furr
18. Pete Murphy
19. Shawna Wilskey
20. Jason Myers
21. Danny Wood
22. Dan Dunlap
23. Rich Brown
24. Joel Pagel
25. Mark Hinkle

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Article posted by staff on August 25, 2001.