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Route 66 Raceway
Date Posted — August 27, 2001
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VICTORVILLE: The Route 66 Raceway began the heat races on a warm and sunny afternoon.

Street Stocks heat number three began with both Funkhouser brothers competing against each other and the seven others. Car #68, Norman Matteson, started out on the pole, but #29, Steve Rose, challenged him and took the lead. 3W, Mike "Woody" Sabers from Apple Valley, pushed his way through and #31, Rodney Steele, left the track, as he wasn't scheduled to be with this heat. Matteson, Sabers and #43, Keith Prischmann, took top three spots -- -- while #19, Chris Funkhouser, #45, Jim Rook, #77, Earl Cox driving Robert Schuster's car, and #13, Wayne Shaw, rounded out fourth through seventh. Cockrell in the midst of this rounded out last position. Shaw overtook Cox and was going for Rook. Turn one delivered Cox overtaking Rook and Shaw with #17, Brian Nelson, behind. Then it was Sabers' turn. Sabers created such a lead gap that it was a battle for Matteson and Funkhouser to keep up for second and third. Final positions for heat three-3w, 68, 19, 77, 13, 45, 17, and 29 bringing up the rear.

IMCA Modifieds roared on the track with a thunder that would rival Caesar's packed coliseum. žJ####

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Article posted by staff on August 27, 2001.