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Source — Media Relations
Date Posted — August 31, 2001
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WHAT: FOODS 4 LESS "150" Featherlite Southwest Series, NASCAR Touring Race No. 12 of 16

WHERE: Irwindale Speedway, Irwindale, Calif. 1/2-Mile Paved

WHEN: Saturday, September 1, 2001 -- 8:30 p.m. PST

DISTANCE: 150 Laps/75Miles


FIELD: 30 cars possible. The fastest 24 cars through time trials with two provisional starting positions (25th & 26th) available to the top 30 drivers based on the current 2001 Featherlite Southwest Series drivers point standings, who have not qualified for one of the original 24 starting positions, provided eligible drivers attempt to qualify. Provisional positions 27th & 28th will be available to the highest 30 car owners in the current 2001 Featherlite Southwest Series point standings who have not qualified for the event. The 29th & 30th starting positions will be filled by the top two (2) highest finishing drivers from the Qualifying Race, electing to transfer.

Saturday, September 1
10:00 a.m. Registration & Inspections
12:00 noon Mandatory Rookie Driver's Meeting
12:30 p.m. Drawing to determine Qualifying order
1:00 p.m.-3:30 p.m. - Practice
3:45 p.m. Mandatory driver's meeting
5:00 p.m. Time Trials (2 Laps). All positions
TBA Trophy Dash
7:30 p.m. Qualifying Race
8:30 p.m. FOOD 4 LESS "150"

THE RACE TRACK: Irwindale Speedway is a 1/2-mile paved oval track.

QUALIFYING RECORD: Bryan Germone 5/15/99 103.669 mph 17.363 sec.
RACE RECORD: 100-Laps Frank Maronski Jr.7/31/99 81.569 mph 36 min 26 sec.
RACE RECORD: 150-Laps M.K. Kanke 4/21/01 91.185 mph 49 min 21 sec.


  • M.K. Kanke has won over $325,000 in his career. Kanke will miss the rest of the 2001 season due to a broken leg suffered in Sears Point Raceway back in June.

  • Craig Raudman of Bakersfield, Calif. has set a new series record for consecutive Bud Pole Awards at five. He has six Bud Poles for the season and looks to break Lance Hooper's record of nine in a season set back in 1995.

  • Bob Lyon, Aqua Dulce, Calif., is the iron man of the series with 230 appearances.

  • Doug McCoun has the longest active streak of consecutive seasons finishing in the top 10 in the final standings. McCoun has managed top 10 finishes eight straight years.

  • The record for most different Bud Pole Award winners in a season is 13, set in 1997 and tied in 1998.

  • Rookie-of-the-Year candidate, Scott Brandt, Kalispell, Mont. leads Burney Lamar by 2 points in the ROTY battle. Brandt sits 12th in the point standings while Lamar is 11th.

  • Auggie Vidovich Jr. won in the Series last out at Colorado National Speedway August 18, 2001. Vidovich held off Craig Raudman by .001 seconds to record his second win of the season.

Current 2001 Point Standings 6/9/01 FSWS Irwindale Speedway Top 10 1. Craig Raudman 1631 1. M.K. Kanke 2. Auggie Vidovich Jr.1518 2. Ben Walker # 3. Darrell LaMoure 1431 3. Jon Nelson 4. Jon Nelson 1429 4. Greg Pursley 5. Bob Lyon 1403 5. Burney Lamar # 6. Greg Pursley 1389 6. Auggie Vidovich Jr. 7. Jim Pettit II 1337 7. Keith Spangler 8. Marc Groskreutz 1320 8. Darrell LaMoure 9. Doug McCoun 1310 9. Craig Raudman 10. Nick Joanides 1305 10. Sean Woodside # Denotes Rookie of the Year Candidate

6/9/01 RACE REVIEW: John Baker grabbed the Bud Pole Award with a time of 17.711/101.632 mph and started first. Marc Groskreutz led the first 25 laps until Rookie Ben Walker pressured his way by on lap 26. M.K. Kanke would stage a spirited battle over the next 124 laps, swapping the three fives times before Kanke assumed the lead for good on lap 116. Kanke held off a determined Walker to record his fourth win of the season.

Bud Pole: John Baker 17.711/101.632
Time of Race: 55min 58 sec
Average Speed: 80.405 mph
Margin of Victory: .285 seconds
Caution Flags: Three for 16 Laps
Lap Leaders: Marc Groskreutz 1-25, Ben Walker 26-109, M.K. Kanke 110, Walker 111-115, and Kanke 116-150. Four lead changes among three drivers.

Previous FSWS Winners at Irwindale Speedway
2001- M.K. Kanke
2001- M.K. Kanke
2000- Rocky Nash
2000- Matt Crafton
1999- Greg Pursley
1999- Frank Maronski Jr.
1999- Kurt Busch


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Article posted by staff on August 31, 2001.

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  1. Craig Raudman
  2. Scott Lynch
  3. Darrell LaMoure
  4. Frank Maronski Jr
  5. Jimmy White
  6. Scott Brandt
  7. Keith Spangler
  8. Sean Monroe
  9. Eddy McKean
  10. Greg Fowler
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