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Budweiser Fall Classic: Chadwick Returns to Claim Dirtcar Mod Main; Decker Ducks Duo to Grab Western All Stars Win

Fall Classic Races
Source — Mike Adaskaveg
Date Posted — October 03, 2011
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Budweiser Fall Classic: Chadwick Returns to Claim Dirtcar Mod Main; Decker Ducks Duo to Grab Western All Stars Win

MERCED, California — - Jeff Decker of San Jose took advantage of Bobby Hogge IV’s flat tire with three laps to go and ducked underneath Richard Pappenhasuen of Chico to score a surprise victory Sunday night at Merced Speedway. He collected $3,000 for winning the Western All Stars Late Model Stock Car half of the doubleheader Budweiser Fall Classic.

"Christmas came early."Jeff Decker

Hogge’s misfortune became Pappenhausen’s problem as he checked up to avoid hitting him.

“Christmas came early,” Decker said in victory lane. “I was in the catbird seat all race long, trying to find that line.”

Hogge IV, of Salinas, battled a weekend of bad luck in the Budweiser Fall Classic races at Merced and Antioch Speedways. It looked like he was in route to upsetting Richard Pappenhausen, who won the DIRTcar events at Antioch the night before and the previous week in Oregon. Leading most of the way, Hogge IV had Pappenhausen chasing until the tire popped.

When Decker took advantage of the situation it was too late in the race for Pappenhausen to make a comeback. A.J. Kirkpatrick brought home third place.

Chadwick returned from Iowa to take his first big win at Merced Speedway, chased by Hogge IV in the DIRTcar West modified main event.

“We made some changes that really woke this car up,” Chadwick said of his new modified. “The car was the fastest I’ve had it run so far.”

Hogge IV was pressuring Chadwick most of the main event. He lost some ground riding high on the back stretch with six laps to go, but gained it back to challenge Chadwick at the finish. Chadwick started from the front row to grab the $2,000 win.

“There is a disadvantage in starting in the first row - you don’t see how the other cars are reacting to the track,” Chadwick explained. “I just decided I would go as fast as I could until I could see someone.”

Hogge IV was close behind.

“I could hear him, but I couldn’t see him,” Chadwick added. “That was a good thing.”

Troy Foulger of Martinez was third, with Merced’s Robbie Jeppesen fourth and Chris Shannon coming back from a flat tire change to finish fifth.

Merced Speedway Race Results -- 10/01/2011
DIRTcar West Modifieds
Heat 1
1. 83 Kellen Chadwick
2. 2 Bobby Hogge IV
3. 16B Randy Brown
4. 4P Richard Pappenhausen
5. 84 Robbie Jeppesen

Heat 2
1. 49 Troy Foulger
2. 4 Shawn DeForest
3. 3 Dereck Colvin
4. 66P Paul Stone
5. 67 Michael Shearer

Heat 3
1. 03 Jimmy Pettit II
2. 32S Chris Shannon
3. 90 Jason Beaulieu
4. 13 Vance Beltran
5. 19 Royce Mull

1. 83 Kellen Chadwick
2. 2H Bobby Hogge IV
3. 49 Troy Foulger
4. 84 Robbie Jeppesen
5. 32 Chris Shannon
6. 4P Richard Pappenhausen
7. 13 Vance Beltran
8. 66P Paul Stone
9. 67 Michael Shearer
10. 03 Jimmy Pettit II
11. 16B Randy Brown
12. 4 Shawn DeForest
13. 90 Jason Beaulieu
14. 5R Karl Rose
15. 19 Royce Mull
16. 73 Steve Stone
17. 3 Dereck Colvin
Western All Stars Late Models
Heat 1 Finish:

1. 84 Jeff Decker
2. 32B Clay Daley
3. 4E Trent Elliot
4. 22G Paul Guglielmoni
5. 96M Matt Michelli
6. 83 Dennis Souza

Heat 2 Finish:

1. 4P Richard Pappenhausen
2. 2 Bobby Hogge IV
3. 77C Johnny Cardoza
4. 96X AJ Kirkpatrick
5. 40 Tom Sullivan
6. 42 Mike Meazell

Late Model Dash Finish:

1. 4P Richard Pappenhausen
2. 32B Clay Daley
3. 2 Bobby Hogge IV
4. 84 Jeff Decker

Late Model Main Finish:

1. 84 Jeff Decker
2. 4p Richard Pappenhausen
3. 96 A.J. Kirkpatrick
4. 4e Trent Elliot
5. 22g Paul Guglielmoni
6. 77c Johnny Cardoza
7. 42 Mike Meazell
8. 2h Bobby Hogge IV
9. 32 Clay Daly
10. 83 Dennis Souza
11. 96m Matt Michelle
12. 40 Tom Sullivan
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Article posted by staff on October 03, 2011.