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Miller Makes It Five For Five At Willamette

Willamette Speedway
Source — Ben Detherage
Date Posted — July 27, 2013
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Miller Makes It Five For Five At Willamette
Photo Courtesy of Doc's Photos

Kyle Miller of Eugene, Oregon is showing no signs of slowing down when it comes to competing against the likes of the Northwest Wingless Tour. He so far had won all four Non-Wing Speedweek races going into the Friday July 26th program at Willamette Speedway. When the night was over he would make it five for five as it was another clinic by the “Loose Cannon” in the caution free Non-Wing main event.

In the early goings of the feature young Garret Johnson of Poulsbo, Washington took full advantage of his inside front row starting position. Johnson would lead the field in his Suquamish Indian Tribe #3G Schnee for much of the race before eventually being overtaken.

The driver that would overtake him would be none other than Kyle Miller and the pass would take place on lap nine. Moments before Miller made a daring three wide pass for second before fully concentrating on tracking down Johnson for the top spot. Miller would lead the remaining distance and would lap up to tenth place. As mentioned before it was the fifth Speedweek triumph for the pilot of the Grant Springer Racing Engines/Gary’s Subaru Service/Finest Detail #10 XXX and his seventh win with the series overall.

Garret Johnson would end his evening in the runner-up position followed by Beaverton, Oregon’s Mitch Hoffses in the Schram Brothers Excavating/Ridgecrest Homes/eBay Motors #5 Rocket in third. Completing the top five was Rob Lindsey from Wilsonville, Oregon in his Maxline Cases/Competition Suspension Inc./Speedmart Inc. #23 XXX and the Wilson’s Napa Auto Parts/Pepco Designs/Jasper’s Café #10W XXX of Bill Winsley from Molalla, Oregon in fifth.

Guy Weedman of Moro, Oregon was fastest in time trials at 15.734 seconds in the Weedman Ranches #27W Rocket. Kyle Mehner from Damascus, Oregon in his Racing Engines #7K XXX and Kyle Miller were heat race winners while Mehner would go on and win the trophy dash.

The Northwest Wingless Tour will be back in action at Willamette Speedway on Saturday July 27th for the sixth and final leg of the first ever Non-Wing Speedweek. Rob Lindsey has an eight point lead over Bill Winsley in series points while Kyle Miller has a fifty-six point advantage over Rob Lindsey in Non-Wing Speedweek points. For more information log on to the Northwest Wingless Tour’s brand new website at

Race Summary:

Northwest Wingless Tour Non-Wing Speedweek Round #5

Friday July 26th, 2013

Willamette Speedway

Lebanon, Oregon

16 Entries

A Feature: 1. 10-Kyle Miller[5]; 2. 3G-Garret Johnson[1]; 3. 5-Mitch Hoffses[3]; 4. 23-Rob Lindsey[7]; 5. 10W-Bill Winsley[2]; 6. 28-Mark Herz[4]; 7. 27W-Guy Weedman[15]; 8. 7K-Kyle Mehner[6]; 9. 22-Mike Romig[10]; 10. 89-Sterling Kane[8]; 11. 19-Ryan Bothwell[12]; 12. 6A-Kady Adelman[9]; 13. 4M-Theo McCarty[11]; 14. 4-Jesse Thistle[13]; 15. 50-Brad Rhodes[16]; 16. 30-Andrew Reitman[14]

Heat 1: 1. 7K-Kyle Mehner[3]; 2. 5-Mitch Hoffses[6]; 3. 10W-Bill Winsley[2]; 4. 23-Rob Lindsey[5]; 5. 6A-Kady Adelman[8]; 6. 4M-Theo McCarty[7]; 7. 4-Jesse Thistle[1]

Heat 2: 1. 10-Kyle Miller[4]; 2. 28-Mark Herz[3]; 3. 3G-Garret Johnson[5]; 4. 89-Sterling Kane[2]; 5. 22-Mike Romig[1]; 6. 19-Ryan Bothwell[6]; 7. 30-Andrew Reitman[8]; 8. 50-Brad Rhodes[7]

Qualifying: 1. 27W-Guy Weedman; 2. 10-Kyle Miller; 3. 7K-Kyle Mehner; 4. 28-Mark Herz; 5. 10W-Bill Winsley; 6. 89-Sterling Kane; 7. 4-Jesse Thistle; 8. 22-Mike Romig; 9. 23-Rob Lindsey; 10. 3G-Garret Johnson; 11. 5-Mitch Hoffses; 12. 19-Ryan Bothwell; 13. 4M-Theo McCarty; 14. 50-Brad Rhodes; 15. 6A-Kady Adelman; 16. 30-Andrew Reitman

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Article posted by staff on July 27, 2013.