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the October 19th $10,000.00 to Win Late Model Short Track Shootout is Open to All Drivers

Madera Speedway
Date Posted — September 03, 2013
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MADERA, California — The LoanMart Open Late Model Series at Madera is in its second season and it has become a very popular series, well it is about to get really popular on October 19th of this year. The final event on October 19th, 2013 is going to pay $10,000.00 to win for the 100 lap main event and it is open to ALL LATE MODEL DRIVERS.

"Two great things happened with our Open Series in 2013, first LoanMart signed as the Title Sponsor, and second we have put together a presenting sponsor that is helping us produce a $10,000 to win event. The idea of a $10,000 to win late model event is something I have talked about for a while, and felt it is time for this event. With the new race surface at our speedway, the fact that the teams really enjoy our facility, and October 19th already being a sell-out crowd for the teams to race in front of, it makes good sense to put this race on as part of our biggest event to close the door on the season in grand fashion", Kenny Shepherd.

The October 19th $10,000 to win Short Track Shootout is open to all drivers ages 14 and older, the rules are simple and the race procedures are straight forward.

How to make the main event; The top ten positions will be filled from qualifying, then each of the top ten drivers will draw a card (the cards have numbers 1-10 on them) giving a starting spot on the grid for the $10,000 to win Short Track Shoot Out. Positions 11-20 will be taken from heat races with another card draw setting these positions, positions 21-22 will come from a last chance race, positions 23, 24, and 25 will come from provisionals given to the top three in the LoanMart Open Series points that do not make the race, and position 26 will come from a blind draw of cars numbers that did not make the $10,000 to win Late Model Short Track Shootout.

The rules; Late Model Open Rules

1. Any late model, tour type chassis/body type allowed

2. Any V-8 cast iron block, wet sump engine allowed.

3. The engine set-back rule is 1.5" back (the center of the forward most spark plug) on the all non-602 crate engines. Maximum engine set-back for the 602 crate engine is 6" measured the same way.

4. 602 cars 2900lbs total weight. All others 3100 lbs. 602 motors must remain OEM from factory.

5. Any single 4bbl carburetor allowed.

6. Tires are the Hoosier 8.0-15/970 treaded tire.

7. Wheels must be steel and not exceed 8" in width.

8. Competitors must start on the tires they qualified with.

9. Any steel shock, all parts must be steel.

10. No traction control devices.

11. All competing cars will not exceed 79" inch track width, it will be measured from the bulge outside to outside of the front tires at the spindle height. Minimum wheel base is 101”.

12. Rear Spoiler may be no wider than 70", and no taller than 7". There may be NO forward support of any kind, no boxed ends or runners. No Gurney lip, or any type of wicker bill on the upper edge of the spoiler.

Race Procedures; the race is a 100 lap, split 50's format with a half time break of roughly one hour at lap 50. (may be stopped at 46, 47, 48 etc… if a caution comes out at that point for the halfway break.)

1. Teams can work on their race cars all the way up until the green flag of the first 50 lap segment without penalty, or position loss. 2. Teams can work on their cars at the halfway break, they may change anything they want except tires, and each car must remain on the tires the car qualified on. A team may work on the car before the green flag of the second 50 without penalty, or loss of position. 3. If a car is worked on after the green flag has been thrown for either the first 50, or second 50 lap segment, then the car must re-enter the race at the rear of the field.

4. The original start will be double file, all restarts for the $10,000 to win Short Track Shoot Out will be double file, but the leader has earned the right to set the pace, and it will be the leader that accelerates first in the starting box.

5. Any car that takes out the leader will go to the rear of the field unless the leader is called for blocking, this includes the final lap of the race. There will be two track video cameras on the leader at all times, and the video review (instant replay) will be used to make these calls, and they will be final.

All drivers in the top twenty in points in the LoanMart series are eligible for the Bonus Bucks on this final race of the 2013 series. The highest finisher in the top twenty in points on championship night will receive $1,000 in LoanMart Bonus Cash, plus their payout for the race. So if that driver wins the race they will receive $11,000, $1,000 in bonus bucks and $10,000 for the race win.

The second highest finisher on championship night that is in the top twenty in points will receive a $500 bonus in addition to their regular payout, and the third and fourth highest finishers in the top twenty in points will receive $250 each in LoanMart Bonus Cash.

Thanks to Hoosier racing tires there will also be a blind draw after each LoanMart Series race including the $10,000 to win Late Model Short Track Shootout, two lucky drivers that do not make the $10,000 to win main will take home some extra cash for just being at the LoanMart Madera Speedway and trying to make the race. The Hoosier blind draw happens in victory lane after each race, the first car number drawn will receive a $200 bonus, and the second car number drawn will receive a $100 bonus.

If that is not enough LoanMart has put up another $100 for each race in the series for the fastest qualifier. LoanMart has a history of getting loans to their customers fast, and in that same tradition all the prize money and bonus bucks will be paid out to the competitors the night of the event.

The LoanMart Late Model Series is designed to be fan and racer friendly with one race per month during the season. The dates are March 30th, April 27th, May 25th, June 15th, July 20th, August 10th, September 21st, and October 19th.

The $10,000 to win Late Model Short Track Shootout on October 19th is OPEN TO ALL DRIVERS.

The Entry form will be out on September 3rd at for this great LoanMart Madera Speedway Event held on October 19th!

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Article posted by staff on September 03, 2013.