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Mini Dwarf Racing
Source — Marie Lederle
Date Posted — January 20, 2000
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A new breed of racers are hitting the traveling circuit this year, racing at Victorville Auto Raceway and Temecula Speedway. They are boys and girls ages 5-15, driving mini dwarf cars. The class is run by Jeff and Paula Murphy out of Lancaster, California. They decided to create this class because they have 3 boys who love to race. "We are a teaching class, we take special care to teach the kids the fundamentals of racing, it takes a while for a new racer to learn how to start a race, the meaning of the flags, and how to race clean" said Jeff Murphy."Its an open wheel class, so no touching whatsoever, these cars can flip, so we have very specific rules, many which are for the safety of the kids".

Only 6 months later the class has 16 registered cars. A lot of the success has come about because Jeff has poured so much of himself into making the class really great, not only for the kids but for the fans as well. Jeff bought out all remaining cars and inventory from Dwarf Car Company in Phoenix, Arizona, and began making the cars himself. "there just weren't any cars out there to buy, so if we where going to have a car count I would just have to make it" says Jeff. He has made 2 coupes and a one of a kind Dodge truck for his son "Hurricane Andrew" to race. It will premier at the opening night at Temecula Speedway on May 11, 2000. This class started in the middle of last season, so there was no real winner. This year however, they are running for points. "We have 4 racers who are in real contention for the title, Andrew Murphy sponsored by Tim Wells Tires, Austin Murphy sponsored by NAPA of Palmdale, Chad Townley sponsored by Spotted Dog Embroidery and Alex Anderson sponsored by AV Comtel- I am hoping for one of my boys to win of course, however we run a real fair race." There are 2 cars that are available for rent, so anyone can have a chance to race.

"We are in need of sponsors says Jeff, everynight the kids get trophies and ribbons plus we do a dash for cash, all that takes money" If you would like to visit their website they update regularly. If you would like to know when the kids are at each track you can check out their website.

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Article posted by staff on January 20, 2000.