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Source — Lovella Sullivan
Date Posted — August 01, 2002
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VICTORVILLE, California -- Vintage racecars and seasoned drivers take the raceway over this Saturday and show the "youngsters" how the track was meant to be handled. Having the experience and dedication to bring racing to the level that is enjoyed today, these seasoned drivers are the backbone and foundation of all known forms of racing. On Saturday, August 3, 2002 at 5PM (gate opens at 3 PM) the racetrack will be filled with the men that made racing the sport it is today. See living legends like Frank Bothwell, veteran racer and Apple Valley resident, Steve Waugh, veteran driver and Barstow resident, Les Stark from Apple Valley and Helendale vintage driver, Barry Noelton, take their sixty-year plus cars to the limit.

Vintage Midgets and vintage Sprints will each run heats, and then a combined main event. The race is considered an exhibition; however, the drivers have yet to slow down in their senior years. Don't miss this chance to see the action up close this Saturday. After the races, spectators will be welcomed into the pits to take photos and talk to these one of a kind racing legends.

As auto racing continues to hold America's passion for speed, the opportunity to meet the guys who got it all started is too close to pass by. For more information contact the fairgrounds at (760) 951-2200 or Business Builders at 760/961-2002. Vintage car photos available as well as contact information for several veteran drivers.####

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Article posted by staff on August 01, 2002.