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Source — PR
Date Posted — August 02, 2002
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VALENCIA, California -- Team Walker Motorsports announced today that they are reorganizing the team, with positive growth in mind. "I am a racer, a team owner, and a fan" commented team co-owner Mike Walker. "I want to be at the shop, at the track, on the pit-box, it doesn't matter, it's part of me."

The team has had it's ups and downs this season. After taking the 2001 Super Late Model title at Irwindale Speedway, the team, along with driver Sean Woodside set out with bigger goals for 2002. While under a major sponsor search, the team was pulling off top finishes in the Winston West, and Southwest Series', including a Southwest series win at Mesa Marin Raceway in Bakersfield California.

Running in two series going "all out" in the touring divisions, the team found itself in a financial situation. "With-out a major sponsor on board, we just can't run the way we are." stated team co-owner Donna Walker. The multi-series team was forced to minimize their program with Woodside remaining behind the wheel of the Walker owned Southwest Series Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

Woodside was showing a strong run for the series championship and picked up a primary sponsor, until some "Horse-Play" after hours at the shop resulted in Woodside having a broken leg that required surgery. "We are just not sure when Sean can get back in a racecar. This is really tough." commented Mike Walker.

"We want to thank Sean for all he has done for Mike and I." stated Donna Walker. " Not only is he a great driver, he has good management qualities. He taught us a lot about this business and the sport." Walker continued, " I wish the best for Sean in his racing carrier, and hope for a speedy recovery."


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