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Source — LVMS PR
Date Posted — August 04, 2002
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LAS VEGAS, Nevada -- NASCAR Late Model driver Thane Alderman posted his fifth win at The Orleans NASCAR Weekly Racing Series presented by Dodge at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Saturday night.

A four-car invert forced Alderman to start third instead of second based on his qualifying time. The Sunbelt Region champion contender took command of the caution-filled 30-lap main event by lap 3 and never looked back. Teammate and 2000 Sunbelt Region champion, Dick Cobb quickly moved through the pack to second behind Alderman. The teammates held off Steve Anderson and Rich Attisani to finish with a one-two punch.

"I got an early lead and all the wrecks were behind me," Alderman said. "A good place to be is in the front.

"This win will help us in the region championship," Alderman said. "Top fives (finishes) are the goal and wins are just a bonus."

In NASCAR Outlaw Stock action, Glenn Burke won both twin 25-lap main events. In the first main event, Burke held off Dick Attisani and Mark Schottmuller. While in the second, Burke held off Attisani and Len DeJoria.

NASCAR Charger driver Tom Youmans had a strong run in the 20-lap main event. Youmans held off a hard-charging Travis Swalwell and Doug Matter for the win.

Spencer Clark took the checkered flag in the 25-lap Legends Cars main event. Rick Rogas finished second followed by Taylor Barton and Michael Fredericks.

Bear Rzesnowiecky posted his third Bandolero Cars win of the season. Tom Lovelady finished second followed by Austin Murphy and Andrew Murphy.

Dave Green won the 15-lap Thunder Roadster main event. Stoney Gray finished second followed by Paul Green and Rick Rogas.

Justin Miller posted his first win in the 40-lap Bullring Bomber race.

Official results will be released Monday

NASCAR Late Models Main Event Results UNOFFICIAL (30 laps):

1. Thane Alderman, 2. Dick Cobb, 3. Steve Anderson, 4. Rich Attisani, 5. Darren Michels, 6. Rick Cobb, 7. Ray Hooper Jr., 8. Patrick Vogel, 9. George Antill, 10. Nick Antrillo, 11. Rick Rochell, 12. Dennis Rock Jr., 13. Jerry Spilsbury, 14. Cindy Clark, 15. Chuck Trickle, 16. Chris Clyne, 17. Scott Gafforini, 18. Jeff Wright, 19. Greg Haase, 20. Dow Woerner, 21. Mike Cofer, 22. David Quartaro, 23. Glenn Burke, 24. Mark Schottmuller, 25. Pat Petrie

NASCAR Outlaw Stocks Main Event Results UNOFFICIAL No. 1 (25 laps):

1. Glenn Burke, 2. Dick Attisani, 3. Mark Schottmuller, 4. Donna Gunther, 5. Pat Petrie, 6. Dan Howell, 7. Tom Youmans, 8. Mark McDermott, 9. Len DeJoria, 10. Kirk Miller, 11. Walt Weekly, 12. Ken Kulikowski, 13. Jim Petrie

NASCAR Outlaw Stocks Main Event Results UNOFFICIAL No. 2 (25 laps):

1. Glenn Burke, 2. Dick Attisani, 3. Len DeJoria, 4. Mark Schottmuller, 5. Dan Howell, 6. Walt Weekly, 7. Tom Youmans, 8. Mark McDermott, 9. Ken Kulikowski, 10. Pat Petrie, 11. Mike Deal, 12. Kirk Miller, 13. Jim Petrie

NASCAR Chargers Main Event Results UNOFFICIAL (20 laps):

1. Tom Youmans, 2. Travis Swalwell, 3. Doug Matter, 4. Guy Griebel, 5. Don Sargent, 6. Morris Sealy, 7. Fred Kiser Jr., 8. Doug Davenport, 9. Michael Riefler, 10. Dick McKearn, 11. Joe Finger, 12. Jerry Showers Jr., 13. Tim McKenna, 14. Jim Petrie, 15. Eric Pushard, 16. Steve Dessormeau

Legends Cars Main Event Results UNOFFICIAL (25 laps):

1. Spencer Clark, 2. Rick Rogas, 3. Taylor Barton, 4. Michael Fredericks, 5. Justin Johnson, 6. David Anderson, 7. Alex Haase, 8. Jovon Halen, 9. Aric Wiszt, 10. Jimmy Parker Jr., 11. John Taylor, 12. Fletcher Hammond, 13. Bill Cox, 14. TJ Clark, 15. Dustin Ash, 16. Bob Woodsford, 17. James Galza, 18. Ken Neff, 19. Justin Cicchini, 20. John Smitty Smith, 21. Ed Hohman, 22. BJ Bollman, 23. Wille Frede, 24. Robby Guevara, 25. Jerry Jones, 26. Justin Woerner, 27. Greg Albright, 28. Dennis Lovelady

Thunder Roadsters Main Event Results UNOFFICIAL (15 laps):

1. David Green, 2. Stoney Gray, 3. Paul Green, 4. Rick Rogas, 5. Roger Hocking

Bandolero Cars Main Event Results UNOFFICIAL (10 laps):

1.Bear Rzesnowiecky, 2. Tom Lovelady, 3. Austin Murphy, 4. Andrew Murphy, 5. Eric Chelberg, 6. Josh Gross, 7. Kyle Huender, 8. Kevin Terrell

Bullring Bombers Main Event Results UNOFFICIAL (40 laps):

1. Justin Miller####

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Article posted by staff on August 04, 2002.