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Source — Stefanie Nordberg
Date Posted — August 04, 2002
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PABLO, Montana -- Mission Valley Speedway’s Bomber points leader, #48 Ron Watt of Pablo, having started last Saturday’s Bomber 75 in the 11th position, made his way through the pack and into first place by lap 22. Watt took the lead from #54 Rick Sanders of Thompson Falls, who had lead the race from the green flag start. After claiming the lead, Watt held it through the checkered, enduring one red flag restart in the first 40-lap half, and the green flag restart of the second 35.

Sanders, who started the race on the pole, was able to hold off two fellow Sanders County drivers, #9 Rob Steinebach and #0 Willy Ovitt who had been on his tail for the first 15 laps. By the end of the first half, only eight of the twelve drivers were still on the lead lap. Drivers pulled to the pits at the completion of the first 40 laps in the following order, #48 Watt, #69 Steve Mills (1 lap down), #9 Rob Steinebach, #0 Ovitt, #44 Pete Zeiler, #74 Doug Moeller, #75 Ryan Troutwine, #88 Randy Steinebach (5 laps down), #54 Rick Sanders (6 laps down). Drivers who had already pulled from the race and were in the pits at this point were, #43 David Scray (10 laps down), #12 Ken Steinebach (18 laps down) and #38 Junior Watt (35 laps down).

Trophy girl for Saturday nights’ presentations was Gretchen Steinebach a Plains High School student and daughter of Bomber driver, #12 Ken Steinebach and wife Dede. Marvin Taber provided his 1915 Dodge Brothers Roadster, as trophy car for the evening. And trophy sponsor was Timberlane Auto of Ronan, Neal & Shar Talsma owners.

The annual Ronan Pioneer Days Demolition Derby, Krusers and a Roll-Over Contest rounded out an exciting evening at Mission Valley Speedway. Racing and the roll-over contest were alternated between heats of the Demo Derby. In the Kruser Trophy Dash, the win went out the Car-Jack racing team of Carla Morigeau and Jackie Aimsback driving their #130 car. The team of Greg & Beau Dicken, #104 of Plains, however, won the Kruser Main event even after having the race stopped half way through by the flagman and inverting the line-up. The invert surely disrupted then leaders, #142 Jerry Taber and RJ Barrett who were looking for their first Main event win together.

In the final half of the Bomber 75, it seemed as thought Watt basically ran away from the pack. Watt eventually lapped even the third place car #74 of Doug Moeller’s, Lolo. On the final turn, rounding corner four for the checkered only the first (Watt) and second place (#44 Pete Zeiler, St. Ignatius) drivers finished the race on the lead lap.

Three cash bonuses were awarded at the end of racing for the Bomber class. Trophy Sponsor, Neal Talsma of Timberlane Auto donated $100 to the top driver who in his opinion swapped no paint with any other drivers (drove clean and had no contact with any other cars). This went to #0, Willy Ovitt. Secondly Talsma donated $50 to the next top placing driver that accomplished the same, #69 Steve Mills. And finally, Bob Lulow of Bob’s Auto Mart in Pablo donated $50.00 to the bomber driver who posted fast time of the night, that being #48 Ron Watt.

A new winner emerged in the second rollover contest held this year at the speedway. Bomber driver #43, David Scray rolled a total of 2 ˝ times to claim the win over July 20th’s rollover champ Tim Wanamaker, and the 2001 rollover champ, Willy Ovitt.

On tap next weekend the 10th of August is the rescheduled MGD Light Hobby Stock 125 double points race, Pepsi/Pizza Hut Super Stocks, Noon’s Formula Indys, and Budweiser Compacts! Time trials start at 6 pm with the racing at 7. Check our website for current race stats and photos at or our 24 hr information hotline at 675-RACE.

Results (DNS=Did not start, DQ=Disqualified) All race results unofficial pending tech official’s rulings.

August 3rd, 2002


Fast Time of the night: Ron Watt – 18.69

Trophy Dash A: 1) Pete Zeiler, 2) R. Watt, 3) Ryan Troutwine, 4) Willy Ovitt

Trophy Dash B: 1) Rob Steinebach, 2) Junior Watt, 3) Rick Sanders, 4) Ken Steinebach

Trophy Dash C: 1) Doug Moeller, 2) Steve Mills, 3) David Scray, 4) Randy Steinebach

Main: 1) R. Watt-75 laps 2) Zeiler-75 laps, 3) Moeller-74 laps, 4) Ovitt-74 laps, 5) Rob Steinebach-74 laps, 6) Mills-74 laps, 7) Troutwine-67 laps, 8) Randy Steinebach-65 laps, 9) K. Steinebach-56 laps, 10) Scray-51 laps, 11) J. Watt-39 laps, 12) Sanders-34 laps


Fast Time of the night: Dicken & Dicken – 21.09

Trophy Dash: 1) Carla Morigeau & Jackie Aimsback, 2) Ted Herreid & Curtis Pefley, 3) Greg & Beau Dicken , 4) Rick Steinert & Frank Chappel

Main: 1) Dicken & Dicken, 2) Taber & Barrett, 3) Miguel & Sanders, 4) Steinert & Chappel, 5) Aimsback & Morigeau, 6) Herreid & Pefley####

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