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Source — Kristy Palmer
Date Posted — August 05, 2002
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TENINO, Washington -- The Raybestos Brakes Northwest Series and the Weekly Racing Series, presented by Dodge, represented NASCAR at South Sound Speedway on Saturday August 3rd. The NW Tour ran the PEPSI 125 and the Top Notch Trailer Street Stocks ran twin-25 lap main events. Joining in the action were the Hinkle Homes Pure Stocks and Bumblebees.

It was Gary Lewis' night as he qualified fastest and won the PEPSI 125. Bob Presley and Ron Eaton won the dashes. Chris Hart and Shane Biles held the front row as the green flag flew. Biles took the lead at the end of the first lap. Biles and Hart battled for the lead for the next 25 laps before Hart feel back into the second spot. By lap 57, Gary Lewis had made it past Hart for second. Biles and Lewis raced side-by-side for a few laps but Biles held on to the lead. Lewis stayed back in second until lap 75 when lapped traffic came into play. Lewis and Biles were again battling side by side and around lapped traffic. On lap 81, Lewis took the lead entering. Lewis built a strong lead over Biles. Then, Biles began to loose air pressure in his right rear tire and allowed Hamlin to take second on lap 108. By lap 114, Hamlin caught Lewis and they raced hard for the final 10 laps. Lewis came out victorious with Hamlin in second and Biles in third.

Bill Manney and Chad Hinkle scored main event wins in the Top Notch Trailer Street Stocks this Saturday. JJ Hamilton qualified fastest with Bobby Micielli captured the dash win. The first main event of the evening got off to a rocky start with Greg Martinell and John Owenby getting together. Bill Posh led three laps until Dan Woodward took over and brought Bobby Micielli with him. Mark Boehi was running third until Chad Hinkle took over that spot and by lap 15, Hinkle was in second. Woodward held on until lap 21 when Hinkle took over the head. Hinkle won with Woodward in second. At the line, JJ Hamilton got in front of Micielli for third. In the second main event, Hamilton finished one lap and took his car off the track with mechanical problems. Greg Martinell started on the poll and led the first five laps until Joe Swanson took over with Jim Swanson in second and Bill Manney in third. Joe Swanson took a big lead over the pack and seemed to have it won. Swanson held on to the front spot until he spun in turn two because of water pump problems. Bill Manney took the lead from there with Bobby Micielli in second. That's how it ended. Bill Manney won with Micielli in second and Hinkle in third.

Dan Rhodes qualified his car in the front position for the Hinkle Homes Pure Stocks and Brandon Tompkins won the dash. Curt Moon and David Dix each won a heat race. Todd Wilson led the first two laps of the main event and then gave in to Mike Brooks who led for one lap before Mike Osborn took over. Osborn led until lap 10 when Brandon Tompkins got by him. It was bad luck for Tompkins though when he and Eric Johnson, who was being lapped, got together and went into the front stretch and turn one walls. Both cars were done for the night. During the yellow, Amanda Easley slammed on her brakes to avoid hitting someone and Curt Moon hit her in the back then Tim Vermillion couldn't stop fast enough and crushed Moon between the two. Moon unfortunately had to take his car off the track for the night. Osborn took back over the lead and fought off Dan Rhodes to win. It was Osborn's first win. In third was David Dix. Mike Brooks was fourth and Bobby Moore was fifth.

The Bumblebees trophy dash has some interesting twists. First of all, the cars were running backward on a mini track inside the figure-8. Derek Vetter was the first to go when he hit the cone but on lap 2, Ken Meyer took a turn a little too sharp and ended up on his top. This was the first roll over in the Bumblebees. Meyer was fine and made it back out for the main later that night. Brian Wilson won the dash. Joyce Jasper and Michael Osborn Jr. won heat races. Wilson led the main event that had a "No Passing Zone" on the backstretch. Travis Major was running second when he had problems with his car and pulled into the infield. Ron Ehli took over second and on the last lap took first from Wilson. Wilson finished second with Michael Osborn Jr. in third.

Next weekend at South Sound Speedway are the St. Helens Sportsman, Late Model Super Stocks, Top Notch Trailer Street Stocks, Bumblebees and Figure-8. Ticket Prices and Results are available on

NW Tour Results Fast Time: Gary Lewis A Dash: Ron Eaton B Dash: Bob Presley Main: Gary Lewis, Kevin Hamlin, Shane Biles, Jeff Jefferson, Chris Hart, Garrett Evans, Troy Conrad, Ron Eaton, Matt Hall, Rick Suran, Joe Benedetti, Travis Powell, Jody Tanner, Wes Rhodes, Kelly Mann, Bob Presley, Ralph Hubbert, Pete Harding, Aaron Young, Ed Watson

Hinkle Homes Pure Stock Results Fast Time: Dan Rhodes 17.77 Dash: Brandon Tompkins Heat B: Curt Moon, Tim Vermillion, Justin Floreck, Eric Johnson, Jake Petty, Mark Rorvik, Eric Lee Heat A: David Dix, Dan Rhodes, Brandon Tompkins, Bobby Moore, Todd Wilson, Amanda Easley, Mike Osborn, Mike Brooks Main: Osborn, Rhodes, Dix, Brooks, Moore, Floreck, Vermillion, Easley, Lee, Rorvik, Moon, Tompkins, Petty, Johnson, Wilson

Bumblebee Results Dash: Brian Wilson Heat 1: Joyce Jasper, Tom Gonzales, Brian Wilson, Mike Ebeling, Derek Vetter, Brenda Jussila, Ron Ehli DQ, James Wyrick DNF Heat 2: Michael Osborn, Josh Zahn, Travis Major, Patrick Simmons, Todd Warter DQ, Jim Moen DNF, Ken Meyer NS Main: Ehli, Wilson, Osborn, Ebeling, Simmons, Vetter, Jussila, Gonzales, Wyrick, Jasper, Zahn DQ, Major DNF, Warter DQ, Moen DQ, Meyer DQ

Top Notch Trailer Street Stock Results Fast Time: JJ Hamilton 15.98 Dash: Bobby Micielli Main 1: Chad Hinkle, Dan Woodward, JJ Hamilton, Bobby Micielli, Mark Boehi, Jim Swanson, Bill Manney, Joe Swanson, Bill Posh, Steve Ford, Jim Jussila, John Owenby, David Patrick, Scott McNeil, Greg Martinell Main 2: Manney, Micielli, Hinkle, Woodward, Jim Swanson, Boehi, Jussila, Martinell, Ford, Posh, Owenby, Patrick, McNeil, Joe Swanson, Hamilton


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Article posted by staff on August 05, 2002.