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Source — Syracuse Quarter Midget Club
Date Posted — August 05, 2002
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Junior Novice: Brandon Barnes, Chad McArdell, Ryan McArdell, Mike Taylor, Jonathan Scutt

Senior Novice: Matt Becker, Brandon Ashby

Junior Honda: Zach Weigand, A.J. Bernys, Robert Millier, Matt Hallick

Senior Honda: Nerissa Barzee, Matt Steckel, Steve Hutchinson, Sean Mulholland, Dan Connors

Heavy Honda: Shawn Dunn, Megan Haynes, Shaun Gosselin, Matt Schofield, Shauna Pisik

Light GX-160: Nerissa Barzee, Ryan Beeman, Jeff Abold, Steve Hutchinson, Marcus Dinkins

Heavy GX-160: Shaun Gosselin, Hilary Spafford

Half: Shawn Dunn, Ryan Coleman, Kevin Easton, Jared Spafford

Below are results from 7/26/03. I missed your deadline. Please print them this week if you can. Thanks.

Junior Novice: Jonathan Scutt, Brandon Barnes, Ryan McArdell, Chad McArdell, Mike Taylor

Senior Novice: Brandon Ashby, Matt Becker

Junior Honda: Zach Weigand, Mike Muldoon, Robert Millier, A.J. Bernys, Matty Hallick

Senior Honda: Matt Steckel, Greg Jodeit, Brad Haynes, Steve Hutchinson, Chris Bohlman

Heavy Honda: Shaun Gosselin, Shawn Dunn, Shauna Pisik, Megan Haynes

Light GX-160: Brad Haynes, Ryan Beeman, Jeff Abold, Steve Hutchinson, Nerissa Barzee

Heavy GX-160: Shaun Gosselin

Half: Shawn Dunn, Ryan Coleman, Jared Spafford####

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