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Date Posted — August 07, 2002
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HELENA, Montana -- Governor Judy Martz announced today that she would attend the Raybestos Brakes Northwest Series, NASCAR Touring Rumble In The Rockies IV; Coors Light 125 presented by Miller Lite Racing and the Rainbow Bar & Casino. This will mark the first time the governor has been to a NASCAR race in her home state but not her first NASCAR race.

Martz is a devoted NASCAR fan, having attended many Winston Cup events over the past few years including a trip to Las Vegas. Her son Justin has begun to race late model stock cars in the Northwest and she serves as pit crew member. To say she is a fan is an understatement.

“This is not my first race but I’m looking forward to it because it will be my first NASCAR race that I get to see in Montana,” Martz said. “Racing is not something that I am foreign to.”

Her dedication to Motorsports goes back many years. Her husband is a former race car driver and Martz herself has taken a turn behind the wheel. ‘I was laughing louder than the roar of the engines.”

“Our son started out racing motor cross until he got to big for the cycles, so he went car racing. Our whole family is involved in racing and Justin wants to race in a touring division with a goal to race on the Craftsman Truck Series in the future.”

Very few paved racing facilities exist in Montana and Kalispell Raceway Park is one of them. Martz praised the ownership for the job they have done to make racing exciting for the community and state when it comes to attracting a NASCAR event.

“The Slack family (Kalispell’s owners) and the people who run the track do an exceptional job,” Martz said. “We’re happy to see the series come here. NASCAR is the fastest growing sport in the United States and we’re hoping Kalispell will have to add on more seats onto the track because of the sports popularity in the state.”

Martz recognizes the importance of hosting a NASCAR event and its economic impact to the Montana’s economy. “We’re blessed to have NASCAR come here. It’s an economic boom and it is tourism at its best. These kinds of events are good for Montana and I’d love to see more tracks here in the state,” she said.

The largest city in Montana is Billings. Martz said that at one time it hosted motorsports events that were a huge attraction. Now she hopes to work with others to see more paved racing facilities built in the state.

“They did have a track in Billings but it was not paved. If I were asked I would facilitate an attempt to build a track here in Montana. I’d help with that project,” said an enthusiastic governor.

Racing brings tourism dollars to Montana and Martz said that as the number two industry for the state, more racing venues can only add to the economy. “Tourism is our number two industry, once a person comes here, that person wants to come back.”

“There is so much for families to see and do here in Montana and it is such a gorgeous state, “ Martz said. “If you’re coming from someplace that’s a long way from Montana, the first thing you’ll find is our citizens are very friendly people. Secondly, the state has some if the nicest countryside in the United States and there are a multitude of things to see and do including our two national parks (Glacier and Yellowstone).”

For ticket and other information concerning the Rumble In the Rockies IV, Coors Light 125 presented by Miller Lite Racing and the Rainbow Bar & Casino, call (406) 257-7223, or log onto Kalispell Raceway Park’s website at:


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Article posted by staff on August 07, 2002.