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Source — Don Martin
Date Posted — August 12, 2002
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Antioch, California -- AUGUST 10...Making a late pass around defending champion Terry Tarditi proved to be the winning pass for Joey Santos, who was awarded the victory in the 25 lap All Pro Series Wingless Spec Sprint main event after apparent winner Steven Williams was disqualified for coming in light at the scales after the races. It was the first win of the season for Santos aboard R&M Motorsports Sprint Car and paid $600. John Hendrickson also made a late pass on Tarditi, who would settle for third.

The Wingless Spec Sprint car count grew to 24 cars, and Brian Gray won his eight lap qualifying heat race ahead of Tarditi. David Goodwill and point leader Darrell Hanestad were the other heat race winners before Billy Fraser won the five lap Trophy Dash ahead of Tarditi. After a disappointing heat race effort, Jim Perry Jr. found himself in the 12 lap B Main. Perry took the lead on the sixth lap and went on to victory. Merrell held on for second in front of third generation racer Brian Lokmor.

Driving for Cliff Blackwell on the BCRA Midget circuit, Williams jumped into Blackwell's Spec Sprint and raced into the early main event lead ahead of Santos and former BCRA Midget Lites champion Chris DeRuyter. A low move in Turn 3 of the third lap gained DeRuyter second from Santos before a caution flag flew for a Jeff Rose spin. A low pass in Turn 2 of the restart lap gained DeRuyter the lead from Williams as Santos ran third. Williams regained the lead a lap later, and Hendrickson and Hanestad were fourth and fifth at a lap five caution flag for another Rose spin. The first restart attempt was botched as contact sent Hanestad rolling on the front stretch. He was uninjured, but his car was too damaged to continue. Perry also needed to be towed off, but he returned several laps later. DeRuyter made an inside pass in Turn 4 of the restart lap to take the lead from Williams, but Williams raced by on the inside down the front stretch of the seventh lap to reclaim the lead. On that same lap, Tarditi made an inside pass on Santos in Turn 2 for third. Racing hard to hold of Tarditi for second, DeRuyter spun in Turn 2 for a lap 13 caution flag. Williams led Tarditi and Santos on the restart. Santos raced Tarditi hard and finally made an inside pass in Turn 1 of the 22nd lap for second. Hendrickson made an inside move on the back stretch to take third from Tarditi on lap 24. Williams cruised to victory, but a miscalculation on weight saw him come in slightly under weight at the scales for the disappointing disqualification. Santos' lap 22 pass on Tarditi proved to be the winning one as Hendrickson was second ahead of Tarditi, title contender Fraser and Scott Merrell. 16th starter Ricky Williams managed a sixth ahead of a season best seventh for Brian Lockmor as Gray, Ty Hawkins and leading "Rookie Of The Year" candidate Bob Newberry rounded out the top ten.



H 1-Brian Gray, Terry Tarditi, Ty Hawkins, Doug Henry, Brian Lokmor.

H 2-David Goodwill, Jeff Rose, Chris DeRuyter, John Hendrickson, Scott Merrell.

H 3-Darrell Hanestad, Billy Fraser, Joey Santos, Ricky Williams, Chris Magoon.

DASH-Fraser, Tarditi, Hanestad, Goodwill.

B MAIN-Jim Perry Jr., Merrell, Lokmor, Williams, Bob Newberry, John Buccellato, Mike Johnson, Pat Bisio, Jeremy Petrell, Magoon.

A MAIN-Santos, Hendrickson, Tarditi, Fraser, Merrell, Williams, Lokmor, Gray, Hawkins, Newberry, DeRuyter, Goodwill, Henry, Perry, Hanesatad, Johnson, Rose, Steven Williams (DQ).####

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Article posted by staff on August 12, 2002.