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Date Posted — August 12, 2002
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MERCED, California -- Coming off an impressive drive to second in a borrowed car a week earlier, rookie Joaquin Miranda scored his second CCMR Food 4 Less Series Pure Stock feature win Saturday night at Merced Speedway. Point leader Mark Funkhouser maintained his lead by scoring the victory in the 20 lap Hobby Stock main event.

The Pure Stocks ran two qualifying heat races with "Rookie Of The Year" leader Cliff Daniels and point leader Raul Rodriuguez Sr. winning the six lap events. Daniels, who ranks second in the standings, continued an impressive preliminary effort by winning the four lap Trophy Dash. The main event was not a good one for Dan Holcomb, who received a black flag on a rough driving call. Danieis could only manage a sixth, and after hearing the news that he would be givin the driving duties in the Rich Firato Street Stock for the upcoming Merced Speedway open show on September 6-8, Rodriguez Sr. had an off night and finished last in the main event. The main event belonged to Miranda, who stayed smooth and held off Raul Rodriguez Jr. for the victory. Rodriguez Jr. was a career best second ahead of hard luck racer Chris Shelton, Jake Ebersole and Speedy Davis.

The Hobby Stocks also ran two six qualifying heat races with second ranked Marshall Weaver winning one of them. The preliminaries featured a battle between Funkhouser and Krumm. Krumm won their heat race ahead of Funkhouser, but the order was reversed as Funkhouser came out ahead in the four lap Trophy Dash. Second generation rookie Garrett Steitz was an early leader in the main event, but Funkhouser raced by after an brief battle on lap eight. Funkhouser went on to score his sixth main event win with Steitz a Merced best second. Weaver didn't let Funkhouser add too much to his point lead as he ran third in the main evebt ahead of Krumm and Penrod.



H 1-Cliff Daniels, Aaron Widick, Raul Rodriguez Jr., Joaquin Miranda.

H 2-Raul Rodriguez Sr., Speedy Davis, Jake Ebersole, Deak Sherrell.

DASH-Daniels, Davis, Rodriguez Sr.

MAIN EVENT-Joaquin Miranda, Rodriguez Jr., Chris Shelton, Ebersole, Davis, Daniels, Widick, Sherrell, Rodriguez Sr., Dan Holcomb (DQ).


H 1-Andrew Krumm, Mark Funkhouser, Roger Dory, Dave Parker, Rusty Penrod.

H 2-Marshall Weaver, Jeff Tomlinson, Garrett Steitz, Dan Stephens, Jim Brewer.

DASH-Funkhouser, Krumm, Steitz, Weaver.

MAIN EVENT-Funkhouser, Steitz, Weaver, Krumm, Penrod, Dory, Parker, Jim Smith, Stephens, Brewer, Tomlinson.####

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Article posted by staff on August 12, 2002.