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Source — Ganene Nielsen
Date Posted — August 12, 2002
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SAN BERNARDINO, California -- It was True Value Hardware night at the Orange Show Speedway Saturday night, featuring several regular divisions along with the ARCA Truck Series.

Gladiator Mini Trucks were up first, with Ryan Rawlings in the #08 Nissan out of Lakewood setting fast time in qualifying again this week. The #88 Toyota of Sean Mackin won the trophy dash, and continued his streak with a win in the main event. The #32 of Bruce Copeland - current division points leader, made a hard challenge but just couldn't edge out Mackin for the checkers. Following Copeland were the #03 of Chris Larson from Fontana, the #08 of Rawlings, and the #87 Isuzu of Ed Reid out of Moreno Valley.

Fast time and new track record for qualifying in the hornets went to the #00 of Tony Thompson. Thompson, a rookie this year has been chasing the track qualifying record all season. It was Thompson's 21st birthday on Saturday, and he got his wish. David Braden in the #24 won the trophy dash, his first this season. Hornets had two heat races, with the #17 Fiero of Ronnie Everhart winning the first, and the #04 of Stan Youngblood, defending champion in this division, winning the second heat. Tony Thompson must have made two birthday wishes this year because when he got to the front in the main, he never looked back. Thompson took his fourth main event win of his rookie season, followed by the #04 of Stan Youngblood, the #01 of Sky Lundy, the #08 of Danny Gutierrez, and new to the top five this night was the #66 of John Brock.

The Pacific West Technology Street Stocks were up next with fast time in qualifying going to Ted Reich of Riverside in the #93 Chevy. Reich has been very consistent all season and leading in the points going into this race. Jay Henson in the #95 would also prove strong, winning the trophy dash and his heat race. Scott Curry, out of Yucca Valley won the second heat race in his #65 Chevy. In the main event, it was Johnny Russo out of Big Bear in the #92 Monte Carlo out front, followed by the #95 of Henson, the #14 Chevy of Matt Lauer out of Moreno Valley, the #00 of Steve Smith, and the #94 of Al Borero out of San Bernardino.

The Pro 4 division started out with familiar faces, Steve Bernardi out of Moreno Valley in the #85 Monte Carlo took fast time in qualifying. Mike Scheidecker, current points leader out of Highland in the #98 Oldsmobile won the trophy dash, but the rest of the night belonged to the #32 of Jim Snow. Snow won the heat race and went on to win the main event. He was followed closely by the #98 of Scheidecker who was able to attempt at a challenge at the end, but it was not soon enough to beat Snow to the checkers. Following Scheidecker was the #12 of Don Minut, the #83 of Ron Johnson, and the #86 of John Soares.

Fearless Figure 8's finished the evening's racing. Chris Williamson out of San Bernardino in the #56 Chevy won the trophy dash and finished second in the main event. In the heat race, it was the #98 Chevy of Steve Cook out of Fontana taking the checkered. Cook finished sixth in the main. It seems that birthday wishes were flying saturday night, granted before the candles were blown out. Jeannie Proctor (a regular figure 8 driver herself) was celebrating her birthday. She wasn't on the track, but she was helping her brother, Rod Proctor in the #21. Proctor won the main event followed by Williamson, the #00 of San Fritz, the #12 of Jeff Marguet, and the #90 of Charlie Conn.

Don't miss next week, August 17th at the Orange Show Speedway. Divisions will include a 100 lap Speed Truck Challenge, the MSRA Pro 4 Series, Press Enterprise Stock Ponys, Lightning Cups, and the Robin Hood Pizza Jr. Lightning Cups.

Full Results:

Gladiator Mini-Trucks

1)88-Sean Mackin 2)32-Bruce Copeland 3)03-Chris Larson 4)08-Ryan Rawlings 5)87-Ed Reid 6)24-Karl Roth 7)75-Jim Belter 8)02-Jeff Jones 9)18-Roberto Calvera 10)23-Jason McKenzie 11)20-Robert Reolle 12)11-Glenn Duffin 13)13-Mark Zibulsky.


1)00-Tony Thompson 2)04-Stan Youngblood 3)01-Sky Lundy 4)08-Danny Gutierrez 5)66-John Brock 6)18-Stephannie Williams 7)69-Thomas Gibbons 8)28-John Rymer 9)50-Tom Carter 10)31-William End 11)99-Mike Harrington 12)17-Ronnie Everhart 13)51-Gordon Swenson 14)02-Rick Hinkle 15)24-David Braden.

Street Stock

1)92-Johnny Russo 2)95-Jay Henson 3)14-Matt Lauer 4)00-Steve Smith 5)94-Al Borero 6)93-Ted Reich 7)16-Ruben Duran 8)38-Coke Frederick 9)27-Chris Jennings 10)11-Lou Gamache 11)65-Scott Curry.

ARCA Trucks

1)3- 2)8- 3)2- 4)42- 5)5- .

Pro 4's

1)32-Jim Snow 2)98-Mike Scheidecker 3)12-Don Minut 4)83-Ron Johnson 5)86-John Soares 6)85-Steve Bernardi 7)99-Tim Carruthers 8)15-Rod Hicks 9)48-San Newcomer.

Figure 8's

1)21-Rod Proctor 2)56-Chris Williamson 3)00-Sam Fritz 4)12-Jeff Marguet 5)90-Charlie Conn 6)98-Steve Cook 7)177-Harry Kuenniger 8)155-Jeff Jones.####

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Article posted by staff on August 12, 2002.