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Source — Don Martin II
Date Posted — August 12, 2002
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ANTIOCH, California -- Hard luck racer Dusty Green led most of the way to score an impressive victory in the non stop 20 lap All Pro Sreries Super Stock main event. It was the first win of the season for Green as Jeremy Prince finished second ahead of Lori Brown. Point leader Joyce Ford scored an impressive victory of her own in the 12 lap Mini Truck feature as Troy Caraway finished second in front of Bob Helms. Brian Davis came from the back of the pack to win the 12 lap Figure 8 main event in front of point leader Jim Robbins and Bob Brown.

Seeking to add to his growing point lead, Mike Gustafson just lost to Mikey Slaney in his heat race, but he rebounded by claiming five lap Trophy Dash honors ahead of heat winner and point rival David Rosa. Chris Harless won the other six lap heat race. Coming off his top three finish of a week earlier, Mike Martin raced into the early main event lead ahead of Green and Prince. Martin fell back on lap five as Green, Prince and Brown were now in the top three. Rosa and Slaney were pressuring Brown hard for third, but Slaney and Gustafson would end up taking up the chase of Brown in fourth and fifth on lap 11 as Rosa had a right rear tire going flat. Third ranked Clay Twigg lost several laps in the pits, and Rosa's attempt to stall in Turn 4 for a caution flag failed, causing him to limp to the pits. Green had a good lead and Prince was a comfortable second, but Brown had her hands full fighting off Slaney and Gustafson, who were side by side behind her. She used traffic to her advantage, and at the finish, it was Green scoring a much needed victory ahead of Prince, Brown, Slaney and Gustafson.

In Mini Truck heat race action, Ford left championship rival Fred Von Steiff behind her in winning their six lapper. When traffic reared its ugly head in the final turn, Caraway lost his heat race to Mark Hartman as he settled for second. Von Stieff stopped Ford's clean sweep bid by holding her off to win the four lap Trophy Dash. Ford started fifth in the main event but had the lead early as Mark Guindon had problems. Von Stieff made an outside pass around Hartman for second on lap two, and Mike Sites spun in Turn 2 for a lap three caution flag. Von Stieff pitted during the caution period and missed the restart as Ford led Hartman and Caraway. Caraway hit a tractor tire in Turn 2 while battling Hartman for second on lap ten and spun, moving Helms into third, just ahead of Kent Bohlken. Bohlken was pressuring Helms hard, but the lapped Von Stieff passed them both and was just what Helms needed to stay ahead of Bohlken. Ford cruised to victory ahead of Hartman and Helms. Bohlken was disqualified in post race tech, moving Caraway into fourth ahead of Richard Kaylor.

Davis won the six lap Figure 8 heat race. Davis started last in the main event, and Rob Norris set the early pace ahead of teammate Bob Brown. Brown made a high move in Turn 2 of the second lap to briefly gain the lead, but contact from Norris in Turn 4 sent Brown spinning as Steve Perry now led, Norris and Davis. Davis and Robbins were second and third a lap later as Norris spun, and contact from Davis sent Perry spinning in Turn 1 of the fourth lap. Davis was then leading Robbins and Tobi Madden, but Madden hit the brakes entering the X on lap six to avoid a collision, which allowed Brown to race by for third. Davis would go on to win his second feature of the season ahead of Robbins, Brown, Madden and Perry.



H 1-Chris Harless, Rich Quadrelli, Jeremy Prince, Mike Martin, Jerry O'Hagan.

H 2-Mikey Slaney, Mike Gustafson, Lori Brown, Dusty Green, Mark Odgers.

H 3-David Rosa, Clay Twigg, Sue Curl, Ty Duggins, Rich Barbaccia.

DASH-Gustafson, Rosa, Slaney, Twigg.

MAIN EVENT-Green, Prince, Brown, Slaney, Gustafson, Martin, O'Hagan, Barbaccia, Harless, Jeremy Petrell, Curl, Odgers, Bill Bihn, Duggins, Quadrelli, Rosa, Twigg.


H 1-Joyce Ford, Fred Von Stieff, Bob Helms, Richard Kaylor.

H 2-Mark Hartman, Troy Caraway, Mike Sites, Lanore Barton.

DASH-Von Stieff, Ford, Hartman, Caraway.

MAIN EVENT-Ford, Hartman, Helms, Caraway, Kaylor, Sites, Mark Guindon, Barton, Von Stieff, Kent Bohlken (DQ).


HEAT-Brian Davis, Jim Robbins, Bob Brown, Richard Shearer, Steve Perry.

MAIN EVENT-Davis, Robbins, Brown, Tobi Madden, Perry, Shearer, Rob Norris, Cliff Hampel (DNS).####

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Article posted by staff on August 12, 2002.