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Source — Stefanie Nordberg
Date Posted — August 13, 2002
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PABLO, Montana -- 2002 MGD Light Hobby Stock points leader, and 2001 Hobby 125 winner, Brad Lee #3, took his second consecutive win in Mission Valley Speedway’s double points 125 race, here Saturday. Lee posted fast time of the night for Hobby Stocks as well with a 17.70.

Lee, who started the double points MGD Light Hobby Stock 125 in the sixth position, worked his way up through the pack and into the second seat by lap nine. Lee, however, had to be satisfied with that position throughout the next 56 laps of the first 65-lap half, following tightly behind rookie and then leader Hobby driver, #17 Brian Hewankorn. Hewankorn took the checkered at the half way mark on lap 65.

Drivers pulled into the pits for fuel and repairs at the half in the following order, Hewankorn 65 laps, Lee 65 laps, Shawn Blixt 65 laps, Bob Watt, Sr.65 laps, Chuck Morigeau 32 laps. Drivers already in the pits were Casey Brandt with 59 laps, Russel Burland with 53 laps, Robert Whitley with 18 laps and Jon Blixt with 9 laps.

Eight of the nine Hobby Stocks made it back out for the restart of the second half of the 125, however within five laps, Brandt #31of Marion, Montana pulled from the race. Robert Whitley #24x of Kalispell hung out for a while longer pulling from the race on lap 20 of the second half. The last forty laps saw Bob Watt Sr., pull from the race twice, and finally Chuck Morigeau loosing rear end gears just prior to the final twenty laps.

With twenty laps to go the nine cars that had originally started the race had dwindled to four. Lee had taken the lead from Hewankorn 16 laps into the second half. Shawn Blixt then passed Hewankorn for second five laps later. The final 40 laps was an awesome display of quality drivers competing at the height of their ability. Blixt was on Lee’s bumper lap after lap, diving low then high trying anything to gain the lead. It was not to be however, and when the checkered flag flew, Lee took the win for the second year in a row. Blixt was only 4 one-hundredth’s of a second behind Lee taking second, while Hewankorn took third.

Trophy girl for Saturday nights’ presentations was Heidi Dicken a Plains High School student and daughter of Kruser driver, Greg Dicken and wife Rhonda. David Gardipe provided his 2000 Chevy S-10, as trophy car for the evening. And trophy sponsor was Missoula Nissan Hyundai.

The Pepsi/Pizza Hut Super Stocks, Noon’s Formula Indy’s and Compacts rounded out an exciting evening at Mission Valley Speedway. During time trials, Noon’s Formula Indy driver Don Staggs, driving his Coke-Cola #1 car marked a new fast time track record for his class. Staggs posted a 14.70 beating is own previous record of 14.76 from July 27th, 2002. Staggs night was on a roll when he continued on to win all three Formula Indy races, the trophy dash, heat and main event!

The Pepsi/Pizza Hut Super Stock drivers shared the wealth during their race night. First time driver in the Supers, Carl Nordberg, driving #43 for points leader Jarred Burland posted fast time of the night with a 16.23. Next up, Wade Shepard #4 took the trophy dash and main event wins, however it was Tracy Burland #7 who took the heat win.

On a quick note, in the Budweiser Compacts, rookie driver RJ Olsen #6 won his first ever race, the heat race, holding off veteran compact driver Chad Brown #22. Brown went on to win the Main event, while another rookie driver, Dennis Schneider #15 of Missoula won the Compact trophy dash.

Two cash bonuses were awarded at the end of racing for the Hobby class. Mission Valley Auto Racers donated $100 to the top-placing driver who swapped no paint with any other drivers (drove clean and had no contact with any other cars). This went to 125 winner Brad Lee. Secondly Evelyn Stevenson and Ronnie Burland donated a total of $40 to the Hobby Stock driver who ran the fastest lap during the 125.

Thanks to Pepsi, Pizza Hut and Budweiser’s donation of the Speedway’s AMB TranX-260 electronic timing system in 2001, all cars were outfitted with transponders that relayed this type of information to the judges tower computer. Brad Lee also won this $40 for posting the fastest lap during racing, a 17.949 on lap 11.

On tap next weekend the 17th of August is Hot August Night’s - Don Aadsen Ford “Power Stroke” Late Model 125! Late Model drivers from throughout the Northwest will vie for a cash purse of $10,000.00. Bombers, Budweiser Compacts and a $1,000 cash blow-away is also scheduled! Time trials start at 6 pm with the racing at 7. Check our website for current race stats and photos at or our 24 hr information hotline at 675-RACE.

Results (DNS=Did not start, DQ=Disqualified) All race results unofficial pending tech official’s rulings.

August 10th, 2002

MGD Light Hobby Stocks

Fast time of the night: #3 Brad Lee - 17.70

Trophy Dash A: 1) #8 Chuck Morigeau, 2) #18 Bob Watt, Sr., 3) #31 Casey Brandt, DNF) #3 Lee

Trophy Dash B: 1) #17 Brian Hewankorn, 2) #73 Russel Burland, 3) #2 Shawn Blixt, 4) #24x Robert Whitley, 5) #24 Jon Blixt

125 lap Main: 1) #3 Lee, 125-laps, 2) #2 S. Blixt, 125-laps, 3) #17 Hewankorn, 125-laps, 4) #73 Burland, 110-laps, 5) #18 Watt, 87-laps, 6) #8 Morigeau, 70-laps, 7) #31 Brandt, 63-laps, 8) #24x Whitley, 37-laps, 9) #24 J. Blixt, 9-laps

Pepsi/Pizza Hut Super Stocks

Fast time of the night: #43 Carl Nordberg - 16.23 (driving for pts leader Jarred Burland)

Trophy Dash: 1) #4 Wade Shepard, 2) #18 Shawn Dumont, 3) #43 Nordberg, 4) #44 Alvin Brester

Heat: 1) #7 Tracy Burland, 2) Shepard, 3) Brester, 4) Dumont, 5) Nordberg, 6) #16 Josh Burland

Main: 1) Shepard, 2) T. Burland, 3) Brester, 4) Dumont, 5) Nordberg, DNS) Josh Burland

Noon's Formula Indy's

Fast time of the night: Don Staggs #1 - 14.70 New Track Record!

Trophy Dash: 1) Staggs, 2) #13 Chris McCallum, 3) #21 Chuck Wiech, 4) #26 Terry Eggelston

Heat: 1) Staggs, 2) Wiech (wick), 3) #9 A.J. Lester, 4) Eggelston, 5) #96 Erik Boland, 6) #7 John Logan, 7) McCallum

Main: 1) Staggs, 2) McCallum, 3) Wiech, 4) Eggelston, 5) Lester, 6) Boland, 7) Logan

Budweiser Compacts

Fast time of the night: Chad Brown #22 - 18.09

Trophy Dash: 1) #15 Dennis Schneider, 2) Brown, 3) #6 RJ Olsen, 4) #46 Nathan Dumont

Heat: 1) RJ Olsen (first ever win for 15 yr old rookie), 2) Brown, 3) Dumont, 4) Schneider

Main: 1) Brown, 2) Olsen, 3) Schneider, 4) Dumont####

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Article posted by staff on August 13, 2002.