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Source — Stokes/Irwindale PR
Date Posted — August 15, 2002
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IRWINDALE, California -- There'll be a whole bunch of 'em parked in the Irwindale Speedway chalet village this Saturday afternoon August 17... Three wheeled motorcycles of every shape, size, and color.

It's "Trike Night" at Irwindale and all of the Brothers (and Sisters) of the Third Wheel will be riding on over to the Speedway to show off their unique machines and to take a couple of paced laps behind the track's 2002 Mustang GT Pace Car. A special trophy for the best trike of the night will be presented on the starting line before the races on Saturday night.

This association (not a "club") was established in 1983 and dedicated to the riders of all three-wheeled motorcycles. Presently boasting over 5,000 members (aged from 10 to 90+) in every state in the Union and in 14 countries, there are more than 500 members of 15 chapters in the golden state alone.

Powered by everything from chugging Harley twins to screaming small block Chevys, these trikes can really kick up a storm when they get going and any of them will gladly leave two long (very) black streaks on the starting line at any drag strip that you'd care to suggest.

This the "Brothers'" second trip to Irwindale Speedway and its sure to be as big a hit with the fans (just like last year) as it is with the "trikers" ... These folks just have a different way of having fun out on the open road.


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