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Source — LVMS PR
Date Posted — August 18, 2002
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LAS VEGAS, Nevada -- The Orleans NASCAR Weekly Racing Series presented by Dodge was a childís dream as NASCAR Charger drivers participated in the Sixth Annual Kids Candy Toss night at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Along with the candy toss, six hundred children received goodie bags courtesy of NASCAR Charger driver Keith Danser and his crew. In honor of all Danserís hard work and dedication for his efforts every year at the Bullring, LVMS announced that the night will be called "Keith Danserís Kids Candy Toss".

"This is a very big night each year for us here at the speedway because of the joy that we can bring to some kids, but we couldnít do it without one man, Keith Danser," said Chris Powell, president and general manager of LVMS.

"I just want to say thank you to everybody," Danser said. "This means a lot and weíll see you next year."

In NASCAR Charger action, Don Sargent and Guy Griebel both posted their third wins of the season.

With five laps remaining in the first 25-lap main event, Sargent held off a two-car cluster of Travis Swalwell and Jeff Meads of Twin Falls, Idaho for the win. Swalwell spun on the last lap, while Meads was disqualified in post-technical inspection. Doug Matter finished second followed by Fred Kiser Jr. and Rick Lamb.

"It was good racing," Sargent said. "It was clean racing for as tight as it was. We did a good job."

Griebel was awarded with the win in the second 25-lap NASCAR Charger main event. Meads took the checkered flag, but was disqualified. Swalwell finished second followed by Sargent and Matter.

Alex Haase posted his first win of the season in the Semi-Pro Legends 20-lap main event. The 12-year-old took command on lap 8. A late-race caution allowed Taylor Barton to give Haase a run for his money. Haase held onto his lead and took the checkered flag followed by Barton, Michael Fredericks and Aric Wiszt.

"Taylor Barton was right behind me. I knew he was going to give me a run," Haase said. "Everything went well for me tonight."

Spencer Clark won the 20-lap Pro/Master Legends Cars main event. Michael Morrissey Jr. finished second followed by Rick Rogas and Robby Guevara.

NASCAR Late Model Scott Gafforini started on the pole after a six-car invert for the 40-lap main event. Gafforini led the 25-car field to the checkered flag. Mike Cofer finished second followed by Steve Anderson and Jerry Spilsbury. Sunbelt Region championship contender Thane Alderman finished 10th after a racing incident on lap 33.

Official results will be released Monday

NASCAR Late Models Main Event Results UNOFFICIAL (40 laps)

1. Scott Gafforini, 2. Mike Cofer, 3. Steve Anderson, 4. Jerry Spilsbury, 5. Patrick Vogel, 6. Dick Cobb, 7. Dennis Rock Jr., 8. Darren Michels, 9. Bill Newman, 10. Thane Alderman, 11. Greg Haase, 12. David Quartaro, 13. George Antill, 14. Chuck Lawson, 15. Gerald Lair, 16. Nick Antrillo, 17. Dow Woerner, 18. Rich Attisani, 19. Cindy Clark 20. Chuck Trickle, 21. Eric Martin, 22. Kirk Miller, 23. Billy Mitchell, 24. Dan Adkins, 25. Sam Crow

NASCAR Chargers Main Event Results UNOFFICIAL No. 1 (25 laps)

1. Don Sargent, 2. Doug Matter, 3. Fred Kiser Jr., 4. Rick Lamb, 5. Doug Davenport, 6. Morris Sealy, 7. Jim Petrie, 8. Joe Finger, 9. Jerry Showers, 10. Tim McKenna, 11. Travis Swalwell, 12. Al DeJoria, 13. Michael Riefler, 14. Tom Youmans, 15. Dick McKearn, 16. Guy Griebel

NASCAR Chargers Main Event Results UNOFFICIAL No. 2 (25 laps)

1. Guy Griebel, 2. Travis Swalwell, 3. Don Sargent, 4. Doug Matter, 5. Doug Davenport, 6. Morris Sealy, 7. Rick Lamb, 8. Tom Youmans, 9. Fred Kiser Jr., 10. Tim McKenna, 11. Michael Reifler, 12. Al DeJoria, 13. Jim Petrie

Semi-Pro Legends Cars Main Event Results UNOFFICIAL (20 laps)

1. Alex Haase, 2. Taylor Barton, 3. Michael Fredericks, 4. Aric Wiszt, 5. Jerry Jones, 6. David Anderson, 7. Dustin Ash, 8. Justin Cicchini, 9. Joey Mogar, 10. John "Smitty" Smith, 11. Matt Daly, 12. Ed Hohman, 13. Darrin Carlton, 14. Scott Montes, 15. Jimmy Parker Jr., 16. David Ross

Pro/Master Legends Cars Main Event Results UNOFFICIAL (20 laps)

1. Spencer Clark, 2. Michael Morrissey Jr., 3. Rick Rogas, 4. Robby Guevara, 5. Roberto Aquirre, 6. Justin Johnson, 7. Wayne Estes, 8. Mike Montes, 9. Dennis Lovelady, 10. John Clute, 11. John Taylor, 12. James Galza, 13. Wille Frede, 14. BJ Bollman, 15. Ron St. Amand, 16. Bob Woodsford, 17. George Mercer

Thunder Roadsters Main Event Results UNOFFICIAL (15 laps)

1. Stoney Gray, 2. David Green, 3. Dennis Lovelady, 4. Roger Hocking, 5. Dale Delucas, 6. Bob Berlinger, 7. Jeff Wright, 8. San Maus####

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Article posted by staff on August 18, 2002.