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Date Posted — August 18, 2002
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LAKEPORT, California -- Veteran driver Frankie Winchel of Sebastopol set fast time of 14.092, won his preliminary heat race and went on to win the 30 lap Legends Car feature at the Lakeport Speedway Saturday night. Only Jim Laughlin’s trophy dash win prevented Winchel from having a perfect night at Lakeport. On his last outing to Lakeport back in June, Winchel also won the main event but was disqualified when his car was found to be too low in the post-race tech. The car checked out ok this time.

The 30 lap feature saw Jack W. Humphrey pull ahead at Rick Andrews at the drop of the green flag and as Andrews pulled into line, Pete Currin moved to the high side and passed Andrews for second on the third lap. Laughlin followed Currin and assumed third on lap four. Winchel moved up quickly, coming from 10th starting to pass Laughlin for third on the 5th go round.

Currin pulled along side of Humphrey on six but did not have enough suds to make the pass and slipped back into single file. This opened the door for Winchel who challenged Humphrey for three laps before taking the lead for good on lap 11. The following round Humphrey spun on the back stretch to bring out the first caution.

When racing resumed Winchel was out in front of Pat Appleby and 2nd heat race winner Ryan Mosher. The yellow flew again on 13 when Debbie Darnell and Mike Hoffman made contact and spun in turn three. As Winchel enjoyed a healthy lead, the battle for second was between Appleby and Mosher. Mosher drove around Appleby on 17 and began to run down Winchel.

The race was halted for the final time on lap 23 when Hoffman spun on the front stretch. The final laps went smoothly with Winchel the happy winner over close-finishing Mosher, Appleby, Currin and Laughlin. Fifteen year old Jeremy Wood was next and rounding out the top ten were Steve Fensler, Jr., Kelly Martin, Andrews and Rick Zollman. Humphrey finished 11th.

Legends cars return to the Lakeport Speedway as a part of the 13th annual October Classic on October 18, 19 and 20th.


Fast Time: Frankie Winchel, 14.092

Trophy Dash: Jim Laughlin III, Steve Fensler, Jr., Winchel, Ryan Mosher

Heat 1: Winchel, Rick Andrews, Pete Currin, Laughlin, Pat Appleby, Jeremy Wood, Rick Zollman, David Fisher

Heat 2: Mosher, Fensler, Kelly Martin, Mike Hoffman, Jack W. Humphrey, Debbie Darnell, Hank Smedley

Main Event: Winchel, Mosher, Appleby, Currin, Laughlin, Wood, Fensler, Martin, Andrews, Zollman, Humphrey, Hoffman, Fisher, Darnell, Smedley####

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Article posted by staff on August 18, 2002.