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Source — Stefanie Nordberg
Date Posted — August 20, 2002
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PABLO, Montana -- Mission Valley Speedway’s 3rd Annual “Hot August Nights” Late Model 125 race entertained a capacity crowd Saturday night. Seventeen Late Models from throughout the Northwest vied for $10,000.00 in purse money thrilling the fans with three trophy dashes, three 12-lap heats and a 125-lap Main Event.

Fast time of the night for Late Models was #93, Dave Garber who posted a 14.99 second lap. Though it was fast time, Garber didn’t quite beat #74, Rocky Erickson’s Late Model track record of 14.81 from August 19th, 2000. Garber did however have the honor of drawing out a numbered ball for the invert of the top cars. Garber drew from three balls numbered 4, 6 and 8. The number 4 ball was selected, making the top four cars invert their starting position. This put local favorite, Corey Wolfe, who had timed in fourth fastest on the pole for the 125.

Three trophy dashes were held, garnishing wins for local driver #88 Corey Wolfe of Pablo in Dash A, #25 Kirk Hennefer of Missoula in Dash B, and #28 Jeff Smyth of St. Ignatius in Dash C. Hennefer took another win in the 12-lap B Heat, however two other drivers shared in the wins with Todd Witham #50 taking the A Heat win and Bruce Corpron #59 taking the win in Heat C.

The Don Aadsen Ford “Power Stroke” 125 ran straight through with no break. The Late Model drivers endured six red flag’s within the first 45 laps of this main event race. Lap one saw a car spinout on the front stretch causing the first red flag causing a double realignment restart. Four laps later #81, Shawn Burland of Polson spun out causing a second red flag. Lap 12 saw red flag number three fly when #81 Burland and #36, Jaime Hutton of Kalispell made contact on corner three sending them both out of control and up above the corner three.

By lap 21 the leader #88, Wolfe who started on the pole after the invert was starting to lap the end cars. Lap 34 was red flag number four due to a blown engine of #69, Kenny Lapp. Lap 36 was red flag number five due to #37, Troy Schweigert and #79, Ken Jackshaw wrecking into the wall on corner four. Lap 42 was a black flag warning for #23, Brad Allard. And #93, Garber who had placed second last year in this race pulled from the race due to mechanical difficulties. Lap 43 was the sixth and final red flag when #57, Bob Schweigert who had lost his rear end on the front stretch moving toward corner one tangled with #25, Hennefer. Hennefer was able to continue on in the race while Schweigert was towed to the pits.

The remaining 80 laps were and excellent display of drivers who know their machines, and who pushed them to the limit. Mark Owens, #44 who ran in second place throughout most of the race behind Wolfe, looked as though he was closing in for a possible run at first however it never did come about leaving the checkered flag win to #88 Corey Wolfe for the second straight year in a row.

Trophy girl for Saturday nights’ presentations was Becca Stinger, a Sophomore at Ronan High School and daughter of Guy & Lisa Stinger of Pablo. Dave Bjur provided his 2002 Ford Thunderbird Convertible as trophy car for the evening, while Don Aadsen Ford provided a Ford Power Stroke Truck as a display vehicle promoting the sponsorship of the race. Trophy sponsor of the night was Bob’s Auto Mart of Pablo.

Budweiser Compacts and Bombers also ran during the race night. In the Compacts, rookie RJ Olsen who last weekend won his first ever race (the heat), made another first this weekend winning his first ever Trophy Dash race. Ronan’s Brian Robinson, #9 took the Compact Main Event race, while in the Bomber’s, points leader Ron Watt, #48 won Trophy Dash A and the Main Events race. Watt’s nephew, Rob Watt Jr., #38 took the Heat win in the Bomber class.

On tap next weekend the 24th of August is the MGD Light Hobby Stocks, Budweiser Compacts, Bombers, Bomber 4’s, Krusers and Kids Rides. Time trials start at 6 pm with the racing at 7. Check our website for current race stats and photos at or our 24 hr information hotline at 675-RACE.

Results (DNS=Did not start, DQ=Disqualified) All race results unofficial pending tech official’s rulings.

August 17th, 2002

Late Models

Fast time of the night: #93 Dave Garber – 14.99

Trophy Dash A: 1) Corey Wolfe, 2) Todd Witham, 3) Rocky Erickson, 4) Garber

Trophy Dash B: 1) Kirk Hennefer, 2) Brad Allard, 3) Kenny Lapp, 4) Bruce Corpron

Trophy Dash C: 1) Jeff Smyth, 2) Shawn Burland, 3) Troy Schweigert, 4) Ken Jackshaw

Heat A: 1) Witham, 2) Bob Schweigert, 3) Jackshaw, 4) Jamie Hutton, 5) Smyth

Heat B: 1) Hennefer, 2) Mark Owens, 3) Burland, 4) T. Schweigert, 5) Jeff Little, 6) Bruce Stinger

Heat C: 1) Corpron, 2) Lapp, 3) Allard, 4) Garber, 5) Erickson, 6) Wolfe

125 lap Main: 1) #88 Wolfe 125 laps, 2) #44 Owens 125 laps, 3) #50 Witham 125 laps, 4) #74 Erickson 125 laps, 5) #59 Corpron 125 laps, 6) #23 Brad Allard 124 laps, 7) #25 Hennefer 122 laps, 8) #28 Smyth 122 laps, 9) #36 Hutton 118 laps, 10) #79 Jackshaw 84 laps, 11) #57 B. Schweigert 41 laps, 12) #93 Garber 40 laps, 13) #9 Stinger 36 laps, 14) #37 T. Schweigert 34 laps, 15) #69 Lapp 33 laps, 16) #81 Burland 11 laps, 17) #10 Little 3 laps.

Budweiser Compacts

Fast time of the night: Brian Robinson #9 – 17.95

Trophy Dash: 1) RJ Olsen, 2) Robinson, 3) Dennis Schneider, 4) Nathan Dumont

Heat: 1) Lynn Olsen (driving for RJ), 2) Don Staggs (driving for Schneider), 3) Shawn Dumont (driving for Nathan), 4) Mike McVey, 5) Shawn Breshears (driving for Robinson)

Main: 1) Robinson, 2) N. Dumont, 3) Schneider, 4) R. Olsen, 5) McVey


Fast time of the night: Rob Steinebach #9 – 19.34

Trophy Dash A: 1) Ron Watt, 2) Willy Ovitt, 3) Junior Watt, 4) R. Steinebach

Trophy Dash B: 1) Ryan Troutwine, 2) Steve Mills, 3) Ken Steinebach, 4) Pete Zeiler

Heat: 1) J. Watt, 2) R. Steinebach, 3) R. Watt, 4) Ovitt, 5) Zeiler, 6) K. Steinebach, 7) Mills, 8) Troutwine, 9) David Scray, 10) Doug Moeller

Main: 1) R. Watt, 2) J. Watt, 3) Zeiler, 4) Troutwine, 5) Ovitt, 6) K. Steinebach, 7) Mills, 8) R. Steinebach, 9) Moeller, 10) Scray####

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Article posted by staff on August 20, 2002.