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Source — Orleans Racing
Date Posted — August 21, 2002
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ROCKLIN, California -- Brett Thompson, driver of the #61 MBNA/Rich Thompson Trucking Chevrolet, finished in 8th place Saturday night at the NAPA Auto Parts 200 in Stockton, California. The race was held at the historic Stockton 99 Speedway which is the first ¼ mile oval the series has ran in over 10 years.

“It was a good race,” said Thompson. “It was the kind of race that can make or break a guy. You have to either love the short track or hate it.”

“It was a tough battle. We had to deal with a lot of lapped traffic all night. We just ran out of laps.”

Austin Cameron, pilot of the #16 NAPA Auto Parts/Martin Senour Chevrolet and the Orleans Winston West team night’s didn’t end as well. Cameron qualified 7th for the event. At the halfway break at lap 101, Cameron was running in third. Thirty-three laps later, the NAPA Chevrolet’s left rear tire went down, forcing Cameron to make a green flag pit stop. That put the team three laps down, coming back to finish12th in the event.

“It was a rough effort,” said Cameron. “We were running for the front but we just used up the car. We had an unfortunate run in with Norris and took the tire down and went down hill from there.”

“Just like what’s been happening all year. We run up front and every time something happens, Norris and Richards are able to capitalize on it, so that’s what we haven’t been doing. Capitalizing on others misfortunes but it seems like we’re the only one having any misfortunes.”

“The NAPA team worked their tails off. They put together a great car. Stuff happens and you got to have a lot of patience.”

The next race event will be held at the Rocky Mountain Speedway, Salt Lake City, Utah, on August 30th.

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Article posted by staff on August 21, 2002.