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Source — AFR Motorsports
Date Posted — August 27, 2002
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PHOENIX, Arizona -- After two failed sponsorship deals in 2002 due to bad checks to the AFR Team, the #76 stock car is showing up at Rocky Mtn Raceway ready to race again!

"We're bringing one of our Fords out of the 'show car mode' it's been in for the last six months and happy to support the Winston West Circuit again." says Betty Shannon the owner of the Phoenix based team. "We're renting a race car to Marty Zehr the 2000 track champ in Late Models at RMR. We're excited to give him an opportunity to show NASCAR what he can do. The ride is our best car and engine and if the crew gives their best(!!?!) we hope Marty has fun!"

AFR Motorsports wishes to thank all those who have supported us, stuck by us and helped us while we re-grouped. "Promoting NASCAR and Winston West at all the community functions, public displays, car shows and Open Houses that we do is fun but I like being at the track better," says Jeff Barrister who drives(!!?!) the racecar primarily.

"But this will be fun being at the track helping Marty show me up in my own car!"

AFR Motorsports wishes to establish additional honorable relationships and sponsorships in the racing community and can be e-mailed at or call (602) 331-1185 and ask for Bob.####

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Article posted by staff on August 27, 2002.