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Source — Gerald Laurie
Date Posted — August 04, 2003
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Lonnie Adamson returned from his Florida Honeymoon to garner his third Supermodified Racing League win of the 2003 season at Champion Motor Speedway. The Supermodified Racing League invaded the Carson City, Nevada oval on August second with 17 Supermodifieds ready to tackle the banks in the Nevada State Capitol. Adamson (14) topped all qualifiers with a time of 11.49 seconds. Bob Bigiogni(96) was second fast at 11.50. Dale Lamborn(48)at 11.61, Troy Regier(98) at 11.61 and Mike Ford at 11.69 rounded out the top five.

The first eight lap heat race lined up the Jeff Russell(85) and A.J. Russell(7) on the front row. They were followed by Troy Regier(98), Lonnie Adamson(14), Bobby Dalton(36), and Rob Carlotto(41). The first lap ended as it started, but Regier got around A.J. on lap two. Adamson managed to take third on lap six. Heat one finish showed Jeff Russell winning over Regier, Adamson, A.J. Russell, Bobby Dalton and Carlotto.

The second heat line up consisted of Jim Birges(32), Jim Tartaglia(83), Bob Bigiogni(96), Mike Ford(56), Rick Cameron(24), and Willie Northammer(29). Tartaglia led the first lap as all hell broke loose in the back of the pack. Cameron and Northammer tangled coming off turn four and Cameron vaulted over Northammerís tire to barrel roll along the top of the front straight wall. Although uninjured in the melee, both were eliminated from the heat and Cameron was done for the night. After the clean up, Tartaglia again led over Birges, Ford and Bigiogni. The order remained static until lap seven when Bigiogni moved up to third. On the last lap Birges pulled off a low pass as Tartaglia slowed with a mechanical problem and Bigiogni moved around on the high side. Heat two winner was Jim Birges followed by Bigiogni, Tartaglia, and Ford.

Jerry Allec, Jr.(72) led the third heat to the green followed by Amy Barnes(12), Darrin Rusconi(66), Ken Hamilton(1), and Dale Lamborn(48). Barnes led lap one followed by Rusconi, Allec, Hamilton, and Lamborn. Hamilton displaced Allec on lap two and Lamborn did likewise on lap three. Rusconi snagged the lead on lap four. Hamilton took second on lap seven and Lamborn grabbed third after the white flag. Finish order was Rusconi over Hamilton, Lamborn, Barnes, and Allec.

The forty lap feature event lined up with the top six qualifiers inverted at the front. This put Ken Hamilton(1) on the pole followed by Mike Ford(56), Troy Regier(98), Dale Lamborn(48), Bob Bigiogni(96), and Lonnie Adamson(14). Behind the inverted starters were Jeff Russell(85), Jim Birges(32), Darrin Rusconi(66), A.J. Russell(7), and Jim Tartaglia(83). The remainder of the field consisted of Amy Barnes(36), Bobby Dalton(36), Jerry Allec, Jr(72), Rob Carlotto(41) and Willie Northammer(29).

Hamilton led the first lap over Ford, Adamson, Regier, and Birges. Lap two saw Regier pass Adamson and Bigiogni pass Birges. On lap three, Regier tagged Ford in turn two with the 56 spinning out and the yellow flying. On the restart, Regier was relegated to the back with Ford for causing the incident. Restart order was Hamilton, Adamson, Bigiogni, Birges, Jeff Russell and Rusconi. The 12, 72, and 29 cars all headed to the pits during the yellow with Allec being the only one to return to competition. Ford and Regier were relegated to the back. The order at the front remained static, but both Ford and Regier were working their ways back toward the front.

On lap sixteen, Adamson grabbed the lead from his teammate with a daring outside pass. Two laps later, the yellow was displayed for a spin by Jeff Russell. The resulting restart showed Regier moving into the top five behind Adamson, Hamilton, Bigiogni, and Birges. On lap 21, Mike Ford spun and Jim Tartaglia was unable to avoid him and had a major collision with the stalled car of Ford. Both were eliminated with collision damage. At halfway, Adamson led over Hamilton, Bigiogni, Birges, Regier, Rusconi, A.J. Russell, Jeff Russell, and Bobby Dalton. After restarting, Regier was able to pass Birges for position on lap 22. Birgesís handling got worse as his right rear tire separated. There was very little passing for the remainder of the race although Hamilton, Bigiogni, and Regier were having a battle royal for second through fourth. Dalton fell a lap down on the leaderís lap 32 and Jeff Russell lost a lap on the thirty-seventh. Finishing order was Adamson over Hamilton, Bigiogni, Regier, Birges, and A.J. Russell, all on the lead lap. Jeff Russell and Bobby Dalton finished one lap in arrears. More than one lap down were Ford, Tartaglia, Carlotto, Allec, Barnes, Northammer, and Lamborn.

All in all, it was a pretty good show in front of a great crowd. In spite of the threatening weather all day long, the locals turned out in droves to see the SRL sidewinders. Although the 83, 56, 24, and 29 cars received collision damage, all appear repairable and should be at the next event in two weeks. Dalton and Tartaglia were still running their 360 engines as they toil to repair their recently injured 410ís. Both hope to have their big guns ready for Madera. Meanwhile, back in the Great Central Valley, I am the Racing Widowís Husband.####

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Article posted by staff on August 04, 2003.