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Source — Martin II/Antioch Speedway
Date Posted — August 18, 2003
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Driving the Chuck Johnson owned Busby Camaro back from an early race tangle, Jeff Silva grabbed the lead from Jimmy Arva and won the 20 lap All Pro Series Street Stock feature Saturday night at Antioch Speedway. The win was the tenth of the season for Silva as he increased his point lead. Arva settled for second ahead of Steven Cunningham. Taking advantage of her front row start, Denise McCown held off an early challenge from Todd Gomez and a late threat from Tim Welence to win the 20 lap Pure Stock feature. Welence placed second ahead of Brian Belding. It was McCown's second win of the season and enabled her to reclaim the point lead from David Lexer. Jamie Reynolds and Silva scored the victories in the six lap Street Stock heat races. Mike Bledsoe returned after a few weeks on the pavement of Altamont and won his first career four lap Trophy Dash. Carl Berendsen II set the early pace in the feature ahead of Rob Anderson. A Turn 4 crash, involving Silva, Bledsoe, Reynolds and Jeremy Jennings, forced a lap three caution flag. Berendsen continued to lead the restart as Arva took second from Anderson. Silva was up to fifth by lap seven, and Dean Plambeck and Silva both passed Anderson for third and fourth on lap seven. A lap ten caution flag flew for a Jennings spin on the front stretch, and Silva beat Plambeck back to the line for third. Berendsen picked the inside on the restart, but Arva raced by for the lead before a caution flag flew for debris on the front stretch. Arva stayed with the outside and led Berendsen and Silva on the restart. Berendsen regained the lead on lap 13, and Tony McCown spun in Turn 4 for a lap 17 yellow flag. As Berendsen came around the turn, McCown got going and collected him. Arva led Silva and Cunningham back to the caution flag. T. McCown was black flagged, and Silva grabbed the lead from Arva on the restart. Silva went on to score the victory ahead of Arva, Cunningham, Anderson and Berendsen.

The Pure Stocks ran three six lap heat races with wins going to Melissa Hansen, Welence and Paul Mendes. Mendes suffered mechanical problems in victory to end his night. Todd Gomez crossed the line first in the five lap Trophy Dash, but his tech disqualification from fifth in the feature would give the dash win to Welence. Richard Shearer and McCown shared the front row of the Main Event with previous winner Welence lined up eighth after the Mendes scratch. McCown led the opening lap before a Shearer spin caused a Turn 4 crash that forced a red flag. Several cars were involved, and fifth ranked Eric Berendsen saw an end to his night for the second straight week due to heavy front end damage. Incoming point leader Lexer lost several laps in the pits as McCown led Gomez and Brian Belding on the restart. Welence took third from Belding on lap five and made an inside pass on the back stretch of the 11th lap to take second from Gomez. McCowen had nearly a straightaway advantage, and the race would have no other caution flags. Belding would take third from Gomez on lap 18, and Welence erased McCown's lead, but had no time to attempt a pass. McCown scored the impressive victory ahead of Welence, Belding, Shearer and Gomez, but the Gomez disqualification gave fifth to 17th starter Jason Hayes.


H 1-Jamie Reynolds, Mike Bledsoe, Jeremy Jennings, Tony McCown, Dean Plambeck. H 2-Jeff Silva, Jimmy Arva, Carl Berendsen II, Rob Anderson, Megan McCown. DASH-Bledsoe, Arva, Silva. MAIN EVENT-Silva, Arva, Steven Cunningham, Anderson, Berendsen, M. McCown, Chris Sorsensen, Reynolds, T. McCown, Bledsoe, Plambeck, Jennings.

H 1-Melissa Hansen, Eric Berendsen, Brian Belding, Jason Hayes, Gary Murphy. H 2-Tim Welence, Chris Yancey, Richard Shearer, Daniel Mendes, Michael Newman. H 3-Paul Mendes, Denise McCown, Mike Berry, Don Janda, Bob Sutton. DASH-Welence, Yancey, Hansen. MAIN EVENT-McCown, Welence, Belding, Richard Shearer, Hayes, Angela Damaj, Bob Sutton, Yancey, Murphy, Berry, Janda, Newman, Hansen, D. Mendes, Raymond Benkowski, David Lexer, Brian Beard, Berendsen, Todd Gomez (DQ), P. Mendes (DNS).####
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Article posted by staff on August 18, 2003.