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Date Posted — October 02, 2004
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EAGLE, Idaho -- Kenny Chandler of Boise, Idaho, won another Late Model Lite season championship this year, but Friday night belonged to Meridian, Idaho’s Rob Powers at Chaparral Speedway.

Powers ended a four-lap duel for the lead on the 27th lap of the main event, dipping low on the track to pass two-time defending Chaparral champ Chandler in the 30-lap race.

The Late Model Lite feature was part of a busy night at Chaparral, which closes its season tonight with the Northwest Sprintcar Racing Association championship race. Gates open at 4:30 p.m.

In the Grand American modified main event, Boise’s Darvin Ackerland pulled out a victory, while Al Colwell of Meridian sewed up the Western Idaho Racing Association season title.

An out-of-towner did a number on the locals in the Super Stocks main event. Kevin Cocola made the trip from Salt Lake City, Utah, and beat the field by 4 seconds in the 30-lap feature race. Cocola showed the most exuberance of any driver this season at Chaparral, jumping out of his car and pounding excitedly on the roof once her parked in victory circle.

In the Thunder Stocks feature, Twin Falls, Idaho, racer Matt Bollar took advantage of a wreck involving Bill Lacy of Melba, Idaho, and R.J. Lewis of Meridian, Idaho, to take the lead and eventually win.

Ron Colbert from Boise, Idaho’s Northview Family Worship Center, collected the trophy as Faster Pastor for 2004 following the Thunder Stock race.

For more information about Chaparral Speedway, log on to the track’s Web site or call (208) 939-RACE.

Chaparral Speedway Eagle, Idaho Friday’s results Main events Late Model Lites -- 1. Rob Powers, Meridian, Idaho; 2. Kenny Chandler Jr., Boise, Idaho; 3. Shirl Gager, Eagle, Idaho Grand American Modifieds -- 1. Darvin Ackerland; 2. Tony Ackerland; 3. Warren Budell Super Stocks -- 1. Kevin Cocola, Salt Lake City, Utah; 2. Ron Weaver, Nampa, Idaho; 3. Gary Larson, Twin Falls, Idaho Thunder Stocks -- 1. Matt Bollar, Twin Falls, Idaho; 2. Calvin Jackson, Twin Falls; 3. Bill Lacy, Melba, Idaho

Fast qualifiers Late Model Lites -- Powers, 16.919 seconds Grand American Modifieds -- Sam Harris, Twin Falls, Idaho, 17.035 Super Stocks -- Ham, 17.827 Mini Stocks -- Scott Wilcox, Nampa, 18.871

Preliminary heats Late Model Lites No. 1 -- 1. Mike Bard, Twin Falls; 2. Todd Labronte, Meridian; 3. Pat Young, Boise Late Model Lites No. 2 -- 1. Gager; 2. Brandon McLean, Boise; 3. Powers Grand American Modifieds No. 1 -- 1. Tony Wonacott; 2. Darvin Ackerland, Boise; 3. Bryan McDaniel Grand American Modifieds No. 2 -- 1. Warren Budell; 2. Montie Potter; 3. Jeff Goade Super Stock No. 1 -- 1. Weaver; 2. Cocola; 3. Bob Cecil, Meridian Super Stock No. 2 -- 1. Tim Elam, Boise Mini Stocks No. 1 -- 1. Kirk Sanders, Nampa Mini Stocks No. 2 -- 1. Dan Eckert, Boise; 2. Scott Wilcox, Nampa; 3. Nick Gibson, Nampa####

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Article posted by staff on October 02, 2004.