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Date Posted — October 03, 2004
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Mineral Well, WV—Jackie Boggs, Grayson, KY, doubled his pleasure and doubled his fun as he continued his white hot streak claiming the WoO/MACS Charter Communications 100 day two of Race Fest 2004 at West Virginia Motor Speedway.

Boggs fresh off of a blistering performance the night before as well as a tremendous Dash win started on the pole with Steve Shaver flanked to his outside as they paced the 24-car starting field. As the green waved, it was an incredible start as Shaver quickly jumped into the lead, leading the first circuit.

By lap 2, the pole sitter, Boggs had reasserted himself and grabbed the top spot. Bart Hartman, from third, was dogging Boggs for the lead by the sixth circuit, relegating Shaver to third, over Bloomquist, Darrell Lanigan, and Tim McCreadie.

Boggs’ pace was astonishing as he caught the tail of the field by lap 10 on the super wide, 5/8 mile, high-banks. The first of five cautions flew on lap 13 for 2004 World 100 winner, Chub Frank. At this juncture, the top five included Boggs, Hartman, Shaver, Bloomquist and Lanigan.

By lap 14, Steve Francis, who had started 19th had moved into the top ten and was riding in ninth. With 22 laps recorded Boggs continued to lead the event over Hartman, Shaver, Bloomquist, and Rick Eckert.

The crème was steadily rising to the top, and by lap 25, Dale McDowell, after going to a back-up car and starting scratch was on the move and into 8th. On lap 32, Tim McCreadie, top WoO rookie of the year contender brought out the yellow, and simultaneously Bloomquist also pitted for service, changing a right rear tire.

With Bloomquist pitting that reshuffled top 5 as Boggs led over Hartman, Shaver, Eckert, and Francis. With fresh rubber mounted Bloomquist came firing out of the pits and tailed the field.

Boggs rifled off at the cone as the top four were attacking the leader. Lap 40 saw Boggs still out in front with Hartman hanging on for second over Eckert, Francis and Shaver. By lap 43, Bloomquist had surgically cut his way back up to eight and was still gunning for that top spot.

Boggs was attempting to use the lapped cars to shield himself from Hartman and Eckert’s onslaught. Lap 48 saw Dale McDowell continue his forward progress as he slid into fourth ahead of Shaver.

With 60 laps gone, Boggs was putting some serious real estate between himself and Hartman who was holding off the challenges of Eckert, Shaver and Francis. Boggs started to catch the tail of the top 10 and by lap 66 had lapped up to 10th place.

On lap 76, the next caution flew for 17-year old sensation, Josh Richards. Boggs was still in command over Hartman, Eckert, Francis and Bloomquist who was now residing in fifth. At this juncture, Boggs had lapped up to 7th place.

On the restart both Eckert and Hartman blew by Boggs pushing him back to third. Boggs was having nothing of that as he frantically fought back past Hartman going down the back chute as he caught Eckert going into turn three. The dup raced side-by-side coming out of turn four with Boggs nipping Eckert at the stripe to lead lap 77.

During all the drama for the lead, Francis snuck by Hartman for third. On lap 81, Bloomquist, whose fierce pace had been momentarily thwarted, moved past Hartman for fourth.

The final caution waved on lap 85 placing all the hot-shoes right on Boggs’ tail. Boggs was being trailed by Eckert, Francis, Bloomquist and McDowell.

By lap 88 Bloomquist blasted into third over Francis, as Shaver called it a night. Bloomquist reeled in Eckert for second on lap 91 and quickly set chase after Boggs.

Lap after lap Bloomquist appeared to be gaining ground on the seemingly invincible Boggs. With just five to go, Boggs entered lapped traffic again looking to shake the charge of Bloomquist. Coming to the white flag, Bloomquist teammate John Blankenship was the on obstruction lying in front of Boggs between himself and a clear race track and $15,000 top prize. Boggs disposed of Blankenship while Bloomquist tried to dispatch him leaving himself enough time to chase down Boggs.

Coming out of turn four Boggs took the win over Bloomquist, Francis, Eckert and McDowell. Hartman led the next group of five over Dan Schlieper, Tim McCreadie, Davey Johnson, and Mike Balzano.

AFCO Racing Products “Shock the Clock” presented by Sue Stevenson Photography,

Fast Qualifier: Eckert Track Record Davey Johnson 19.020

Stan Hover Racing - Hoosier Tire Ohio Valley, Hoosier Tire Heats #1: Shaver

W&W Racing Supplies - Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic, Rocket Chassis Heat #2: Bloomquist

Lias Tire Racing Division/American Racer Heat #3: Hartman

Team GRT Chassis, ATL Fuel Cells Heat #4: McCreadie

Mason Racin’ and BeERT Transmissions Heat #5 Lanigan

Outerwears Prefilters/Frankland Racing Supplies Heat #6 Boggs

Malcuit Race Engines Dash King presented by Wild Side Custom Racing Trailers: Boggs

Bazell Oil and Sunoco Racing Fuels 1st B Main: Francis

Goddard Performance and Warrior Race Cars 2nd B Main: Lynn Geisler

The Calico Coatings “Hard Charger” was McDowell. He received a $75.00 gift certificate from Calico for his efforts. Boggs added to his bounty as he received a $125.00 gift certificate from Calico. Additionally, Tim Hitt and Devin Friese each received $50.00 from Calico as the first drivers not to transfer to the A Main.

Other special contingencies include, ATL Fuel Cells provided a $50.00 gift certificate to the winner, Boggs. ATL also awarded the winner of the first B Main, Francis a $100.00 gift certificate.

Design 500 awarded a $50.00 gift certificate to McDowell for finishing fifth in the A Main. Design 500 gave Friese the first non transfer driver of the second B Main a $100.00 gift certificate.

Outerwear’s Prefilters awarded the winner of the second B Main, Balzano, a $50.00 gift certificate. Boggs also received a $50.00 gift certificate from Mason Racin’ for winning the event.

Balzano, as a result of finishing tenth in the A Main received a $50.00 gift certificate from Frankland Racing Products.

The MACS’ JRC winner was 4 year-old, Matt Cummings. He was escorted to victory lane to greet the winner and had his picture taken with him. As a part of his membership he received a MACS JRC T-shirt and MACS JRC bulldog tattoo.


· Six heats were held for 62 drivers from 11 states including: Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, West Virginia and Wisconsin

· 338 different drivers have participated in the first twenty-two events

· 7 out of the top 10 in points were present and 11 out of the top 20

· To date: Average car count per event – 44 cars

· Boggs drives the Steve Cascio Racing owned Swartz Monte Carlo powered by a 380 Cropper Racing Engines Chevrolet, mounted with Carrera Shocks and Hoosier Tires.

· Jackie’s sponsors include McDonalds, Miller Brother’s Coal, Hawkeye Trucking, Richard A. Mitchell Motorsports, and Cropper Racing Engines

This was Boggs’s 6th of the season with the Series and 8th career win moving him into a tie for fourth place all time with Lynn Geisler. He tails career ladder leader Todd Andrews (17); Chub Frank (13); and Gary Stuhler (12)

· In feature events this season nine different winners have sat in victory lane including Jackie Boggs (6); Robbie Blair (4); Chub Frank (2); Davey Johnson (2); Jeremy Miller (2), Todd Andrews; Scott Bloomquist; Eddie Carrier, Jr.; Steve Lucas, Dale McDowell; and David Scott.

· The feature field contained 12 previous MACS A-Main winners.

· The Series has had 55 different winners thus far in 147 events.

· Blair continues to lead the MACS point championship battle.

Nightly Malcuit Race Engines Dash King Points presented by Wild Side Trailers

Jackie Boggs –25

Steve Shaver - 20

Bart Hartman - 18

Scott Bloomquist - 16

Darrell Lanigan - 14

Tim McCreadie - 12

Nightly AFCO Racing Products “Shock the Clock” Time Trails presented by Sue Stevenson Photography

Rick Eckert - 25

Scott Bloomquist - 20

Patrick Sheltra -18

Tim McCreadie - 16

Darrell Lanigan -14

Josh Richards -12

Steve Shaver – 10

Billy Moyer – 8

Bart Hartman – 6

Tim Dohm - 4

Car Count: 62

Caution Laps: 13, 21, 32, 76, 85

Lap Leaders: Boggs 1 Shaver; 2-100 Boggs

Time of Event: 1:05:25

Reds: None

Charter Communication 100 RaceFest 2004: --1. Jackie Boggs, Grayson, KY; 2. Scott Bloomquist, Mooresburg, TN; 3. Steve Francis, Ashland, KY; 4. Rick Eckert, York, PA; 5. Dale McDowell, Chickamauga, GA; 6. Bart Hartman, Zanesville, OH; 7. Dan Schlieper, Sullivan, WI; 8. Tim McCreadie, Watertown, N.Y.; 9. Davey Johnson, Greensburg, PA; 10. Mike Balzano, Parkersburg, WV; 11. Clint Smith, Senoia, GA; 12. Robbie Blair, Titusville, Pa.; 13. John Blankenship, Huntington, W. Va.; 14. Keith Barbara, South Park, PA; 15. Patrick Sheltra, Indiantown, Fla.; 16. Eddie Carrier Jr., Ona, WV; 17. Steve Shaver, Parkersburg, WV; 18. Josh Richards, Shinnston, W. Va.; 19. Steve Lucas, Charleston, WV; 20. Tim Dohm, Cross Lanes, WV; 21. Billy Moyer, Batesville, AR; 22. Corey Conley, Wellsburg, WV; 23. Chub Frank, Bear Lake, PA; 24. Rick Aukland, Zanesville, OH.

Wild Side Trailers presents the Malcuit Racing Engines Dash King--1. Jackie Boggs, Grayson, KY; 2. Steve Shaver, Parkersburg, WV; 3. Bart Hartman, Zanesville, OH; 4. Scott Bloomquist, Mooresburg, TN; 5. Darrell Lanigan, Union, KY; 6. Tim McCreadie, Watertown, N.Y..

Bazell Oil presents the Sunoco Race Fuels 1st B-Main: B-Main 01 -- 1. Steve Francis, Ashland, KY; 2. Tim Hitt, Weston, WV; 3. Patrick Sheltra, Indiantown, Fla.; 4. Dick Barton, Ashville, NY; 5. Donnie Moran, Dresden, OH; 6. Keith Berner, Millersburg, OH; 7. Chuck Harper, Beverly, WV; 8. John Blankenship, Huntington, W. Va.; 9. Billy Moyer, Batesville, AR; 10. Denny Chamberlain, Lost Creek, WV; 11. Michael Benedum, Bristol, WV; 12. Rod Evans, St. Albans, W. Va.; 13. Sonny Conley, New Martinsville, WV; 14. Gary Knollinger;; 15. Keith Barbara, South Park, PA; 16. Randy Boggs, Grayson, KY; 17. Jeff Gress, Coshocton, Ohio; 18. Mark Banal, St. Clairsville, OH; 19. Barry Bragdon, Wheelersburg, OH; 20. Devin Sebree, Burlington, Ky..

Goddard Performance Parts presents the Warrior Race Cars 2nd B-MainB-Main 02 -- 1. Bart Hartman, Zanesville, OH; 2. Mike Balzano, Parkersburg, WV; 3. Rick Aukland, Zanesville, OH; 4. Robbie Blair, Titusville, Pa.; 5. Rod Conley, Wheelersburg, OH; 6. Alex Ferree, Saxonburg, PA; 7. Rodney Combs, Fort Myers, FL; 8. Brian Eaton, Belpre, OH; 9. Brent Rhebergen, Clymer, NY; 10. Doug Eaton, St Clairsville, OH; 11. Wayne Maffet, Mansfield, OH; 12. Bobby Kitchen, Grove City, Ohio; 13. Chris Schneider, Tarentum, Pa.; 14. Ty Myers, Clark, OH; 15. Mike Christopher, Ellendale, DE; 16. Brandon Russell, Danville, OH; 17. Joe Ramey, Wheelersburg, Ohio; 18. Chris Garnes, Evans, W. Va.; 19. Josh Williams, Cleves, OH.

Stan Hover Racing Supply presents the Hoosier Tire Ohio Valley 1st Heat-- 1. Steve Shaver, Parkersburg, WV; 2. Rick Eckert, York, PA; 3. Chub Frank, Bear Lake, PA; 4. Steve Francis, Ashland, KY; 5. Tim Hitt, Weston, WV; 6. Mark Banal, St. Clairsville, OH; 7. Rod Evans, St. Albans, W. Va.; 8. Michael Benedum, Bristol, WV; 9. Sonny Conley, New Martinsville, WV; 10. Gary Knollinger;; 11. Freddie Carpenter, Parkersburg, W. Va..

W&W Racing Supplies - Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic presents the Rocket Chassis 2nd Heat -- 1. Scott Bloomquist, Mooresburg, TN; 2. Billy Moyer, Batesville, AR; 3. Dan Schlieper, Sullivan, WI; 4. John Blankenship, Huntington, W. Va.; 5. Keith Barbara, South Park, PA; 6. Keith Berner, Millersburg, OH; 7. Jason Montgomery, Jackson, OH; 8. Barry Bragdon, Wheelersburg, OH; 9. Jeff Gress, Coshocton, Ohio; 10. Donnie Moran, Dresden, OH; 11. Audie Swartz, Minford, OH.

Lias Tire Racing Division presents the American Racer Tires 3rd Heat-- 1. Bart Hartman, Zanesville, OH; 2. Clint Smith, Senoia, GA; 3. Steve Lucas, Charleston, WV; 4. Dick Barton, Ashville, NY; 5. Chuck Harper, Beverly, WV; 6. Patrick Sheltra, Indiantown, Fla.; 7. Denny Chamberlain, Lost Creek, WV; 8. Ron Slavic, Uniontown, PA; 9. Devin Sebree, Burlington, Ky.; 10. Randy Boggs, Grayson, KY.

ATL Fuel Cells presents the GRT Chassis 4th Heat - 1. Tim McCreadie, Watertown, N.Y.; 2. Corey Conley, Wellsburg, WV; 3. Tim Dohm, Cross Lanes, WV; 4. Devin Friese, Chambersburg, PA; 5. John Gill, Mitchell, IN; 6. Doug Eaton, St Clairsville, OH; 7. Eddie Carrier Jr., Ona, WV; 8. Bobby Kitchen, Grove City, Ohio; 9. Chris Garnes, Evans, W. Va.; 10. Joe Ramey, Wheelersburg, Ohio.

Mason Racin’ presents the BERT Transmission Heat #5- 1. Darrell Lanigan, Union, KY; 2. Davey Johnson, Greensburg, PA; 3. Rick Aukland, Zanesville, OH; 4. Mike Balzano, Parkersburg, WV; 5. Robbie Blair, Titusville, Pa.; 6. Alex Ferree, Saxonburg, PA; 7. Brian Eaton, Belpre, OH; 8. Wayne Maffet, Mansfield, OH; 9. Josh Williams, Cleves, OH; 10. Larry Bond, Guysville, OH.

Outerwears Prefilters presents the Frankland Racing Supply 6th Heat 1. Jackie Boggs, Grayson, KY; 2. Dale McDowell, Chickamauga, GA; 3. Josh Richards, Shinnston, W. Va.; 4. Brent Rhebergen, Clymer, NY; 5. Rod Conley, Wheelersburg, OH; 6. Rodney Combs, Fort Myers, FL; 7. Mike Christopher, Ellendale, DE; 8. Chris Schneider, Tarentum, Pa.; 9. Ty Myers, Clark, OH; 10. Brandon Russell, Danville, OH.

AFCO Shock the Clock Time Trials presented by Sue Stevenson Photography

24 - Rick Eckert 19.292

0S - Scott Bloomquist 19.308

23P - Patrick Sheltra 19.508

39 - Tim McCreadie 19.515

29L - Darrell Lanigan 19.535

1R - Josh Richards 19.626

0F - Steve Shaver 19.658

21M - Billy Moyer 19.710

75 - Bart Hartman 19.719

6T - Tim Dohm 19.733

12N - Rick Aukland 19.740

4B - Jackie Boggs 19.755

1* - Chub Frank 19.766

17B - Keith Barbara 19.782

6 - Steve Lucas 19.785

Eddie Carrier Jr. 19.799

W11 - Robbie Blair 19.825

17M - Dale McDowell 19.878

15 - Steve Francis 19.888

23 - John Blankenship 19.908

44CS - Clint Smith 19.917

75JG - John Gill 19.932

19 - Davey Johnson 19.976

71R - Rod Conley 20.005

68 - Tim Hitt 20.032

99M - Donnie Moran 20.034

00H - Chuck Harper 20.045

E1 - Mike Balzano 20.072

14 - Corey Conley 20.072

55Y - Chris Schneider 20.098

2E - Rod Evans 20.107

9DS - Dan Schlieper 20.133

31 - Denny Chamberlain 20.172

12F - Devin Friese 20.222

28B - Dick Barton 20.246

4F - Alex Ferree 20.254

118C - Rodney Combs 20.332

T8 - Mark Banal 20.345

21MJ - Jason Montgomery 20.348

5E - Doug Eaton 20.370

40WM - Wayne Maffet 20.400

07R - Brent Rhebergen 20.419

25B - Michael Benedum 20.590

18F - Keith Berner 20.602

111 - Randy Boggs 20.627

42C - Chris Garnes 20.796

E10 - Brian Eaton 20.797

333 - Ty Myers 20.899

1X1 - Sonny Conley 20.963

77BB - Barry Bragdon 20.973

25RS - Ron Slavic 21.172

1*K - Bobby Kitchen 21.195

10B - Larry Bond 21.300

66M - Mike Christopher 21.341

38K - Gary Knollinger 21.342

113 - Jeff Gress 21.852

118D - Devin Sebree 22.002

2 - Joe Ramey 22.086

2JW - Josh Williams 22.147

218 - Brandon Russell 23.323

B4X - Audie Swartz NT

C4 - Freddie Carpenter NT####

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