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Source — Kristy Palmer
Date Posted — October 03, 2004
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The last night of South Sound Speedway’s Weekly racing series was ran Saturday night, October 2nd. Five new champions were crowned. Marshall Hallett had already clenched the title in the Hinkle Homes Pure Stocks. Duane Lacy finished first in the main event to secure his Championship in the Cut Rate Auto Pars Economy 4-Cylinders. Andy Acton did the same in the Yelm National Auto Parts Bumblebees after going into the main event tied with Jeff Swanson. Steven Roberts expanded his one-point lead over Cody Stewart in the MMRA Mini-Cup Open division by winning the main event. Steven Daskam took the title in the MMRA Future Stars.

Mike Carlson qualified fastest in the Hinkle Homes Pure Stocks and Brandon Walker won the trophy dash. After not qualifying due to a mechanical problem, Marshall Hallett started at the rear of the B heat race and took the win. Mitchell Woods was second and Ken Flournoy was third. Scott Johnson won the A heat race over Carlson and Dan Walker. Hallett and Carlson started on the front row of the main event. Carlson took the lead on the first lap with Hallett in second and Steve Wood in third. David Tresenriter was running fifth behind Dan Walker when he spun on lap four. Tresenriter straightened himself out and didn’t lose a lap. The first caution came on lap seven when Brandon Tompkins spun in turns one and two. Mitchell Woods, Zach Floreck and Mark Rorvik all got collected in the incident. Floreck was the only one who attempted to continue but left one lap later. The final caution of the race came on lap 10 when Steve Woods slowed and stalled on the backstretch after running in third place. Woods left the track but returned four laps later. Newcomer Adam Snyder was running ninth when he left the track on lap 12. Marshall Hallett slowed on lap 13 and dropped from second to seventh within a lap. Carlson still led with Dan Walker second, Scott Johnson third and Brandon Walker fourth. Hallett pulled off the track on lap 21 and was back five laps later only to leave the track again on lap 28. Mike Carlson took the main event win and finished second for the season in points. Dan Walker was second in the race with Scott Johnson and Brandon Walker in tow. David Tresenriter finished fifth in the race and third overall for the season. Newcomer Jeff Boheler was sixth and Ken Flournoy was seventh.

Doug Shaffer was the fast qualifier in the Cut Rate Auto Parts Economy 4-Cylinders and Tim Garske won the dash. Tom Keehan led all eight laps of the B heat race for the win with Floyd Hayne in second and Freeman Pruitt in third. Kevin Koepke did the same in the A heat race with Duane Lacy in second and Tim Garske in third. Duane Lacy took the lead on the first lap of the main event. The only caution of the race was thrown on the next lap when Floyd Hayne spun. The race went back to green and the next 33 laps were run. Duane Lacy led from the get go with Tony Bartlotti in second. Doug Shaffer ran third until lap 15 when Kevin Koepke took the spot. Lacy won the race and the Championship. Bartlotti was second in the race and third overall for the season. Kevin Koepke was third in the race and the driving team of Kevin Koepke and Todd VanDiest was fourth overall. Doug Shaffer finished fourth in the race and the driving team of Doug and Dennis Shaffer were second overall. VanDiest finished fifth in the race with Tim Garske sixth and Tom Keehan seventh.

Loren Smith won his first dash in the Yelm National Auto Parts Bumblebees. Kyle Ragsdale led all eight laps of the first heat race to win over Rick Kinney and Derek Vetter. Norm Upson led all eight of the second heat to win with Shannon Chase in second and Brian Wilson in third. Andy Acton won the third heat and tied himself with Jeff Swanson for the lead in points going into the main event. Aaron Johnston was second in the heat race with Brad Newbury in third. After a restart, due to Loren Smith and Zach Meridieth spinning before a lap was complete, Craig Wright led the first two laps of the second main event for the Bumblebees. Andy Acton moved up to first on lap three after starting in sixth. Aaron Johnston brought out a caution on lap eight when he headed his Bumblebee into the front stretch wall. He was fine but unable to continue. Acton still lead and Craig Wright held onto second until lap 14. Jeff Swanson moved into third on the last lap. Acton won the race and the Championship. Loren Smith finished the race second, his highest of the season. Jeff Swanson was third in the race but finished second in the overall point standings, just two points behind Acton. Craig Wright finished fourth in the race with Brian Wilson in fifth and Chet Kinney in sixth. Ron Anctil was seventh and Glen Wharton was eighth.

Before a lap could be complete in the first Bumblebee main event a caution was thrown. Derek Vetter had got a flat tire on his car after getting together with another car. After a realign, the race got restarted and Vetter made it back out without losing a lap. Billy Wing was celebrating his birthday Saturday at the track and led the first eight laps of the first main event. Shannon Chase took over on lap nine. Wing was second with Brad Newbury in third. After 15 laps Chase was the winner. Billy Wing took second and Norm Upson got around Brad Newbury on the last lap for third. Upson finished the season in third position. Jim Swanson was fifth in the race, Roy Talbott was sixth and Shawn Kinney was seventh. Rick Kinney, Tonya Hird and Derek Vetter rounded out the top ten.

Steven Roberts entered Saturday night’s races just one point ahead of Cody Stewart in the MMRA Open Division. Roberts clocked in fastest with a 17.054 second lap. Dan Larson Jr. won the dash over Josh Stevens, Dave Vanderpol and Dave Torrey. Roberts won the heat race with Brooke Lefor in a close second and Cody Stewart in third. Roberts and Stewart started on the front row of the main event. Roberts jumped to the lead with Brooke Lefor in second and Dan Larson Sr. in third. A yellow was thrown on lap five when BJ Brown spun. The rest of the laps ran caution free. Roberts won the main and the Championship. On the last lap Dan Larson Sr. got around Brooke Lefor for second in the race. Lefor went home third in the race and in the overall points. Terryl Dykstra finished fourth with Dan Larson Jr., BJ Brown, Dave Torrey, Dave Vanderpol and Josh Stevens in close behind. Cody Stewart, who had an off night, finished tenth in the race but went home second overall in points.

Aaron Stanley again took the fast time in the MMRA Future Star division. Kayla Roberts won her first trophy dash over Mat Cone, Austin Thom and Harrison Scherer. Matt Benefield led the first three laps of the heat race before Steven Daskam took over. A caution was thrown on lap five when Austin Thom and Mat Cone got together. Daskam went on to win the heat race with Benefield in second and Aaron Stanley in third. Daskam took the lead on lap two in the main event and never looked back. Daskam won the main event and the Championship for the Future Star division. Matt Benefield finished second in the main and third overall for the season. Aaron Stanley was third in the race but second overall. Kayla Roberts finished fourth in the race with Mat Cone in fifth and Harrison Scherer in sixth.

Hinkle Homes Pure Stock Results Fast Time: Steve Woods 16.595 Track Record Dash: Steve Gerdts B Heat: Marshall Hallett, Mitchell Woods, Ken Flournoy, Kenny Bastrom, Zach Floreck, Mark Rorvik, Mark Rogers, Adam Snyder A Heat : Scott Johnson, Mike Carlson, Dan Walker, Brandon Walker, Steve Woods, David Tresenriter Main: Carlson, D. Walker, Johnson, B. Walker, Tresenriter, Jeff Boheler, Flournoy, S. Woods, Hallett, Snyder, Floreck, Tompkins, M. Woods, Rorvik

Cut Rate Auto Parts Economy 4-Cylinder Results Fast Time: Doug Shaffer 17.365 Dash: Tim Garske A Heat: Kevin Koepke, Duane Lacy, Tim Garske, Kyle Hartman, Tom Smitham, Mike Hayne, Doug Shaffer, Todd VanDiest, Tony Bartlotti B Heat: Tom Keehan, Floyd Hayne, Freeman Pruitt, Dwayne Hardin, Marc Nelson, Bill Hansel, Richard Smith, Jim Cutrell Main: Lacy, Bartlotti, Koepke, Shaffer, VanDiest, Garske, Pruitt, Keehan, M. Hayne, Smitham, Hardin, F. Hayne, Smith, Hansel, Hartman, Cutrell, Nelson

Yelm National Auto Parts Bumblebee Results Dash: Loren Smith Heat 1: Kyle Ragsdale, Rick Kinney, Derek Vetter, Chet Kinney, Jeff Swanson, Zach Meridieth DNF, Craig Wright DNF, Devin Matthews DNF Heat 2: Norm Upson, Shannon Chase, Brian Wilson, Tonya Hird, Loren Smith, Roy Talbott, Josh Wharton, Eric Kinney, Kyle Matthews DNF Heat 3: Andy Acton, Aaron Johnston, Brad Newbury, Billy Wing, Shawn Kinney, Jim Swanson, Ron Anctil, Glen Wharton Main 1: Chase, Wing, Upson, Newbury, Jim Swanson, Talbott, S. Kinney, R. Kinney, Hird, Vetter, D. Matthews DNF, E. Kinney DNF Main 2: Acton, Smith, Swanson, Wright, Wilson, C. Kinney, Anctil, G. Wharton, J. Wharton DNF, Meridieth DNF, Ragsdale DQ, Johnston DNF

MMRA Mini-Cup Open Division Results Fast Time: Steven Roberts 17.054 Dash: Dan Larson Jr. Heat: Steven Roberts, Brooke Lefor, Cody Stewart, Terryl Dykstra, Dan Larson Jr., Dave Torrey, BJ Brown, Dan Larson Sr., Josh Stevens, Dave Vanderpol Main: Roberts, Larson Sr., Lefor, Dykstra, Larson Jr., Brown, Torrey, Vanderpol, Stevens, Stewart

MMRA Future Star Results Fast Time: Aaron Stanley 18.011 Dash: Kayla Roberts Heat: Steven Daskam, Matt Benefield, Aaron Stanley, Harrison Scherer, Kayla Roberts, Mat Cone, Austin Thom Main: Daskam, Benefield, Stanley, Roberts, Scherer, Cone####

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Article posted by staff on October 03, 2004.