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Date Posted — October 03, 2004
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YAKIMA, Washington The 2004 Fall Classic Super Late Model 200-lap Main was full of action from start to finish. A 22-car field had dwindled to a mere 8-cars by the end of four hours. Garrett Evans who had $21,000.00 in his grasp when the car sputtered on the next to last lap.

John Zaretzke running a short distance behind took the checkered flag as Evans coasted off the track. The day started with the Sportsman 50 and young local rookie Erick Hargraves led all 50-laps for his second main win over the three day extravaganza. The Street Stock 75 was won by Shannon Mitchell as she inherited the lead at the half way point.

The 200-lap Fall Classic had just about all a race fan could get with many wrecks including a second lap car flying through the air. Fred Hall and Ron Fritzley met off the track in turn one with Hall going over the roof of Fritzley. Garrett Evans who took the challenge of going to back of the 22-car field at the start to add a $5,000.00 bonus to the $16,000.00 winners purse if he could win. With the many yellow flags in the early stages of the Evans was able to move to the front as he and Shane Mitchell pulled away from the crowd.

To make a very long story short Garrett Evans made a pit stop on lap-88 taking tires and fuel. John Zaretzke pitted earlier and made second stop on lap 139. Evans was able to open a sizeable distance in the last 10-laps. As Evans came down the front stretch with 2-laps to go the car sputtered and slowed . Zaretzke went by as Evans was unable to restart the car.

The season has ended at Yakima as everyone takes time off to regroup for the 2005 season. We hope everyone has a good Holiday Season and watch the Speedway’s web page for the 2005 season schedule.####

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Article posted by staff on October 03, 2004.