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Source — Frank LoveRock
Date Posted — October 02, 2004
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It was a 200 lap race, the format was 100 laps with a 10 min break for fuel and tires and then the final 100 laps.

Brandon qualified 5th and started 5th for the first 100 in his "Couts Heating & Cooling" Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

Brandon's strategy was just to run somewhere up front and stay out of trouble for the first 100 and go for the win in the second 100, Brandon did move up to third about mid-way and with about 20 laps to go two cars wanted to race really hard so Brandon keep to his game plan and let the two cars go, Brandon wanted to save the car for the last 100, the money is when you get the checkered, Brandon finished 5th in the first 100.

For the last 100 you start where you finished the first 100, so Brandon started 5th again, there was an early yellow about lap 15 and Brandon got on the radio and said the car is really good and he thinks he has the car that will win, Brandon moved up to third when another yellow came out on about lap 30, Brandon got on the radio and said he thinks the motor is going away it is making some noise I ask him if the oil pressure was OK and he said it was fine, I told him to keep going but keep a close eye on the oil pressure, the green came out and everything seemed to be OK, another yellow on about lap 50 and Brandon got on the radio and said he thinks the ignition is going out, the motor is not running good and it is making a lot of noise, I told him to keep a close eye on the oil pressure and keep going and we will just try to finish, the green came out and in about 20 laps Brandon moves to second, the leader had about a straightaway lead at this point, Brandon was slowly realing him in, by the end of the race Brandon was right on the leaders bumper with the third place car over a straightaway back, Brandon finished second.

After the race in post tech inspection Brandon found that the number two cylinder spark plug was broken, thats why the motor was down on power and the missfireing and noise, all in all Brandon did a great job for only running on 7 cylinders.

Loverock Motorsports will now be getting ready for the 2005 season. We will keep everybody updated from time to time.####

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Article posted by staff on October 02, 2004.