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Date Posted — October 05, 2004
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FONTANA, California --Earning a fourth place finish in the American Racing Wheels 200 at California Speedway this past weekend moved David Starr and Spears Motorsports up into eighth place in this year's NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series points battle.

"We came in to this round totally motivated to do well," said Starr, who qualified in 8th place. Our goal is always to win and we knew our No. 75 Spears Chevy Silverado was definitely a top contender and we proved it with our finish. We are now just 101 points out of 5th in the overall standings and with five more races to go and a little luck we should easily be able to move up."

When the Green Flag signaled the start, Starr powered off the Startline with his usual determination and within a few laps had moved into 3rd. Dropping back a couple of spots after the first round of pit stops, Starr once again began moving up. "As the race wore on we developed an aero push," he explains. "On our second pit stop the guys made some great adjustments and we were able to make it back into 4th. However, although I could catch the third place truck, when I got up close, the aero push got worse and my truck just wouldn't turn. All in all, we were happy to finish in the top five. We've now got two weeks to get ready for Texas and if I could pick one race to win, that would be it. I love racing in my home state and nothing would be better than to put my Spears Chevy Silverado in first place."####

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Article posted by staff on October 05, 2004.