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Source — Neal Kelsey
Date Posted — October 06, 2004
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BLYTHE, California -– The 2004-2005 Winter Blast roared into Blythe for the first race of the season at the Lucas Oil I-10 Speedway. Racing fans came out in huge numbers expecting competitive short track racing. They were not disappointed! The first main event featured the FACTORY STOCKS, which were driven by high school students and other new comers. The Sunoco Fuel car finished first, followed by the Palo Verde College, Blythe Freeway Towing, and Budweiser cars.

Local driver, Mark Schriner (82), showed off his new car in the Lucas Oil LATE MODEL division. With the fastest qualifying time, Schriner was inverted to the number four starting position in the 35-lap Main Event. By lap eight, Schriner had taken the lead, which he held for the remainder of the race. Enthusiastic fans cheered in large numbers for their local driver as he crossed the finish line. Schriner was followed by Barry Karr (84), Bobby Keirns (86), John Kelley (11), and Brandon James (07).

The Sunoco Fuel PURE STOCKS also contributed to the racing excitement on the track. Ronnie George (55) took the lead on lap three and held on until lap 29, even though his car did not appear to be 100%. Throughout the course of the first 29 laps, Ryan Kerr (56) drove expertly behind George trying to pass on several occasions. On the last lap George’s car just couldn’t hold on any longer and Ryan Kerr, Steve Wade (57), Richard Selph (88), and Skeeter Phipps (15) whizzed by. Ryan Kerr crossed the finish line first, earning a well deserved first-time Main Event win. He was followed by Steve Wade, Richard Selph, Skeeter Phipps, and Ronnie George.

The next race event at the Lucas Oil I-10 Speedway will be on October 16 with racing starting at 7:00 PM. In addition to the Sunoco Fuel Pure Stocks and Factory Stocks, the Budweiser MODIFIEDs will be appearing in their first race of the 2004-2005 Winter Blast. The evening will conclude with a Demolition Derby. If you thought drivers in Los Angeles County were aggressive, you will want to see the Demolition Derby, where the last car rolling wins.

The word is getting out in Blythe and the surrounding area. By providing stock car excitement and drama on Saturday nights, the Lucas Oil I-10 Speedway represents one of the best entertainment values in Blythe for the entire family.


Factory Stocks
Main Event: Sunoco Fuel, Palo Verde College, Blythe Freeway Towing, and Budweiser

Lucas Oil Late Models
Fastest Times: Mark Schriner (82) at 15.488, Richard Kerr (56) at 15.754, and Barry Karr (84) at 15.985. Trophy Dash: John Kelley (11), Richard Kerr (56), Mark Schriner (82), and Barry Karr (84). Heat Race: Mark Schriner (82), Bobby Keirns (86), John Kelley (11), Richard Kerr (56), Barry Karr (84), Brandon James (07), and Dusty Hope (33). Main Event: Mark Schriner (82), Barry Karr (84), Bobby Keirns (86), John Kelley (11), Brandon James (07), Richard Kerr (56), Dusty Hope (33), Richard Hooper (61), Ryan Becker (16), and Kevin Faulkner (7).

Sunoco Fuel Pure Stocks
Fastest Times: Skeeter Phipps (15) at 17.290, Ronnie George (55) at 17.531, and Ryan Kerr (56) at 17.545. Trophy Dash: Ryan Kerr (56), Ronnie George (55), Richard Selph (88), and Skeeter Phipps (15). Heat Race A: Steve Wade (57), Ronnie George (55), Randy Forbis (46), Gary Piestegard (31), Ryan Kerr (56), and Richard Selph (88). Heat Race B: Steve Fulghum (06), Tyler Guith (48), Mike Sutterfield (14), Jason Butler (71), Kenny Wayne Faulkner (2), Ron Wright (82), Don Olmsted (79), and Wm Ussery (83). Main Event: Ryan Kerr (56), Steve Wade (57), Richard Selph (88), Skeeter Phipps (15), Ronnie George (55), Don Olmsted (79), Mike Sutterfield (14), Steve Fulghum (06), Ron Wright (82), Gary Piestegard (31), Randy Forbis (46), Jason Butler (71), Tyler Guith (48), William Ussery (83), and Kenny Wayne Faulkner (2).####

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Article posted by staff on October 06, 2004.