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Source — Udo Richter
Date Posted — October 08, 2004
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DALY CITY, California - - Saturday will be a very busy day for Greg Leonard and the Leonard Motorsports team. Not only will Greg be wrapping up the 2004 Altamont track championship in the #3 Hennessey Racing owned Pro Truck in the final race of the season, but he will be making his SRL Wild West Late Model Shootout debut. Weeks of preparation and hurdles to overcome will be realized this weekend in an attempt to qualify the #32 Audiological Services of San Francisco Pontiac for the final race of the SRL season. The team will be focusing on the SRL race and making their first outing a successful one, which is a primary goal of the Leonard Motorsports team.

A one race deal was made for the Maropolous powered LeftHander Pontiac which is on lease from Vintage Racing's Michael Carver of Placerville. This race car which has been prepared by Leonard Motorsports is for sale, for more information please contact Michael Carver at (916) 919-4758. Leonard Motorsports would like to greatly thank Dr. Robert Gnam of Audiological Services of San Francisco, Aramark Uniform Services, Traps Tire & Auto Center,, Philpott’s Garage. Check out the all new

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Article posted by staff on October 08, 2004.

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