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Source — Doug Leary
Date Posted — October 10, 2004
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The NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series ended the 2004 season at Tucson Raceway Park Saturday Night with four divisions of competition. The highlight of the evening was this year's edition of the Bud Shoot Out. Wrapping up their season's were the NASCAR Super Late Models, NASCAR Late Models, Grand American Modifieds and Mighty Compacts. The NASCAR Super Late Model Main Event saw Ron Norman post his third win of the season and with that claim top honors in his division for the 2004 season. Norman entered the race with a two point lead over three time defending champ Chuck Wares, who was caught up in a first lap mishap that saw Pat Bush make contact with his rear panel and force him to the pit area where he dropped down two laps on the leaders and never was able to get back in the hunt finishing 10th. Bush as was forced to leave the race as he made solid contact with the wall. After the dust settled and the race finally got started Dusty Fielden, who started on the pole held the lead through 22-laps. Norman took the lead on lap 23 for two laps before Fielden recaptured the top spot. Dusty's advantage was short lived as by lap 27 Norman had forced the issue and returned to the lead and never looked back. Norman's numbers in 2004 were consistent showing him as a top qualifier winning seven Bud Pole Awards, two Trophy Dashes, three Main Events, while running 17 times in the top five out of 18 starts and posting a perfect 18 top 10 finishes in as many tries. Finishing second to Norman was Fielden. It marked Dusty's 10th top five finish on the season. Running third was John Sweeney, followed by Van Knill in fourth and Brice Bonnett in fifth place. The Rookie representation in the NASCAR Super Late Model Main Event saw three first year drivers in the division in the top five. The future looks bright for this Premier Division at Tucson Raceway Park. The Bud Shoot Out saw Ron Norman post his second straight Shoot Out Win and his effort made it a clean sweep of tonight's NASCAR Super Late Model competition. Norman survived a accident filled dash that saw four cars prematurely having to exit the raceway. Norman's early competition Dusty Fielden got caught up with Joe Paladenic in turn four on lap five and both made an early exit. Norman kept his cool even after receiving a slight tap on the rear end of his racing machine by John Sweeney on lap 11 in turn four. The maneuver gave Matt Levin an opportunity to go around Norman, but because of an earlier racing mishap Levin was a lap down to the leaders, a fact Ron was not aware of until the race was complete. The NASCAR Late Models Main Event saw 16-year old Rookie Brice Bonnett win for the third time in his career at Tucson Raceway Park and for the second straight week. Bonnett was making his 18th start as a NASCAR Late Model competitor and has looked very impressive in his last two races. Tonight's effort was rewarded with a victory and marks the 11th win of the season in this division by a Rookie. In this 25-lap tussle Bonnett came from behind not getting to the front of the pack until lap four. Once he got around the early leaders he maintained his advantage all the way to the Checkered Flag. For Bonnett it was his eighth top five finish in 2004, to go along with 17 top 10 runs in 18 tries. In second place was Dustin Jones, who on the strength of his early season showing was the NASCAR Late Model Champion for 2004. Jones, like Bonnett is a Rookie and started the season winning four straight Late Model Main Events. He totaled five wins overall, and was able to achieve 13 top five finishes in 18 starts, as well as 15 top 10 finishes on the season. Jones added to numbers with four Bud Pole Awards, two Trophy Dash wins and two Hard Charger Awards. Finishing behind Bonnett and Jones was Veteran David Nekula, Sr., who in his 14 race season was able to tally one Main Event win (June 26th) eight top five and 12 top 10 finishes. Rookie Kelly Germain was a close fourth in the Main Event, while Tim Blodgett rounded out the top five in fifth place. In the NASCAR Grand American Modified Main Event Larry Kayton won for the sixth time this season, but it wasn't enough to over come Billy Johanneck fo the 2004 Grand American Modified Championship. Kayton has gone racing every night the Grand American Modifieds have been called to duty in 2004 posting 20 top 10 finishes in 20 starts. His win total was second only to Johanneck (9) and he finished just two points behind the "Flying Bohemian". Kayton got to the lead on the opening lap and was challenged by Pat Bush for the entire tour of 20-laps. He was able to keep in front of Bush and hold his advantage all the way to the Checkered Flag. Running second to Kayton was Pat Bush, who was the division's defending champ. For Bush this season, his win total was one, but he backed that up with 16 top five finishes and 19 top 10 finishes in 19 races. Third place went to Billy Johanneck, who claimed his first division crown winning nine of 20 starts and added two wins in the Mighty Compact division. A night to remember for Billy was May 15th when he won both the Mighty Compact and Grand American Modified Main Events. Fourth place went to Ron Brown, who ran a limited schedule this year, but was able to score his fifth top five finish of the campaign in eight tries. Bill Slocum turned in another consistent effort as his fifth place finish marked his 10th such effort and 20th top 10 finish. In the NASCAR Mighty Compact Main Event Michael Vaughan posted his third win of the season and claimed his first division championship. For Vaughan it has been a labor love and a Saturday experience he really has enjoyed. Vaughan was able to take the lead on the sixth lap and he never looked back. On the season for he was one of only two Mighty Compact competitors (Wade Simmons) who started every race on the schedule. His efforts were rewarded with three wins, 17 top five finishes and a 19 for 19 record in top 10 finishes to starts. In second place was Russell Bratka, who will finish the season with the most wins (8) in the division, followed by Jim Bates in third place, who was 14 for 14 in top 10 finishes to starts on the season and had one Main Event win to his credit. Fourth Place went to Wade Simmons, who had perfect attendance in 2004 and performed well enough to garner a second place finish in the division standings. Rounding out the top five in the Mighty Compact feature was Shane Centers, who had one Main Event win this season. The Bud Five Star Series has concluded for 2004, but three more exciting racing events remain on the schedule. First, on Sunday, October 24th at 1:00 pm the NASCAR Southwest Series will makeup their rained out performance from last month. The Star Nursery 150 will run, along with the NASCAR Late Models and Factory Stocks. On Friday and Saturday, November 12th & 13th the Second Annual Bahama Bracket Nationals are scheduled giving almost any type of race car the opportunity to come race at Tucson Raceway Park. Contact the track office at (520) 762-9200 to find out more about this unique racing experience. Following that the next weekend The Old Pueblo Classic is set to run with USAC National competitors in town, along with Grand American Modifieds, Ford Focus Midgets, Vintage Race Cars and the INEX Thunder Roadsters all set to start at 5:00 pm. RESULTS FROM TUCSON RACEWAY PARK SATURDAY, OCTOBER 9, 2004 NASCAR SUPER LATE MODELS MAIN EVENT- 1. Ron Norman, 2. Dusty Fielden, 3. John Sweeney, 4. Van Knill, 5. Brice Bonnett, 6. Larry Kayton, 7. Matt Levin, 8. Chris Barr, 9. Joe Paladenic, 10. Chuck Wares, 11. David Kirchoff, 12. Billy Kann, 13. Buddy Nelson, 14. Chad Bowden, 15. Mike Egurola, 16. Pat Bush BUD SHOOT OUT- 1. Ron Norman, 2. John Sweeney, 3. Van Knill, 4. Chuck Wares, 5. Mike Egurola, 6. Larry Kayton, 7. Matt Levin, 8. Chris Barr, 9. Dusty Fielden, 10. Joe Paladenic BUD OPEN- (Top 5 Transfer) 1. Matt Levin, 2. Chris Barr, 3. Van Knill, 4. Mike Egurola, 5. Larry Kayton, 6. Billy Kann, 7. David Kirchoff, 8. Brice Bonnett, 9. Chad Bowden FAST TIME QUALIFIER: Chuck Wares - 15.456 seconds NASCAR LATE MODELS MAIN EVENT- 1. Brice Bonnett, 2. Dustin Jones, 3. David Nekula, Sr, 4. Kelly Germain, 5. Tim Blodgett, 6. Scott Strachan, 7. Brad Moyer, 8. Ron Wear, 9. Gary Alvarez, 10. Matt Brandon, 11. Robin Boomgaarden, 12. David Kirchoff, 13. Mark Cirillo HEAT ONE- 1. Brice Bonnett, 2. Tim Blodgett, 3. Ron Wear, 4. David Nekula, Sr. 5. Matt Brandon, 6. Brad Moyer, 7. Mark Cirillo HEAT TWO- 1. Dustin Jones, 2. Scott Strachan, 3. Kelly Germain, 4. Gary Alvarez, 5. David Kirchoff, 6. Robin Boomgaarden NASCAR GRAND AMERICAN MODIFIEDS MAIN EVENT- 1. Larry Kayton, 2. Pat Bush, 3. Billy Johanneck, 4. Ron Brown, 5. Bill Slocum, 6. Mike Schmidt, 7. PJ Megna, 8. Gary Sparks, 9. Jim Rogel TROPHY DASH- 1. Larry Kayton, 2. Billy Johanneck, 3. Pat Bush, 4. Bill Slocum HEAT TWO- 1. Ron Brown, 2. PJ Megna, 3. Mike Schmidt, 4. Gary Sparks, 5. Jim Rogel FAST TIME QUALIFIER: Pat Bush - 15.835 seconds

NASCAR MIGHTY COMPACTS MAIN EVENT- 1. Michael Vaughan, 2. Russell Batka, 3. Jim Bates, 4. Wade Simmons, 5. Shane Centers, 6. Becky Harrington, 7. Bob Powers, 8. Clayton Clark, 9. Tammy Lynn, 10. Dave Bosley, 11. Jason Neve HEAT ONE- 1. Michael Vaughan, 2. Russell Bratka, 3. Bob Powers, 4. Clayton Clark, 5. Tammy Lynn HEAT TWO- 1. Jim Bates, 2. Becky Harrington, 3. Shane Centers, 4. David Bosely, 5. Jason Neve, 6.Wade Simmons####

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Article posted by staff on October 10, 2004.