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Source — Dave and REnee Farr
Date Posted — October 13, 2004
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Question: Are you married, have children?
David: Married for 11 years any wife's name is Kim and I have one daughter age 11, her name is Kindal.

Question: How did you get started in stockcar racing?
David: I started racing Motocross, but blew my knee out. I still wanted to compete and My father talked me into try stock card.

Question: Do you have any hobbies?
David: When I'm not racing I crew on Mike David's West West series car. I also coach my daughters soccer team.

Question: What do you do to support you racing?
David: I work for telecommunication company in Modesto.

Question: What classes have you competed in, do you have a favorite?
David: I actually started in mini super trucks at AMP, then moved on to Late Models.

Question: Do you have a favorite class?
David: The Late Model class is a great class, a little costly at times but a great class.

Question: Have you competed at any other track than Altamont? Do you have a favorite?
David: I have raced at Altamont, Stockton and Mesa Marin last year at the October Classic. All three tracks have their strong point, but I will have to go with Mesa Marin as my favorite, just because it has multiple groves to race on.

Question: What plans do you have for your racing career in five years?
David: Well I would like to make a few appearances in the SRL division and the Southwest Tour. But I never get my hopes up just race every race like its my last one and have a great time doing what I love.

Next I'll steal a series of question from Dave Despain

Question: What is your personal transportation?
David: Well I drive a 2003 Dodge, yest with a Hemi.

Question: What kind of music do you like?
David: As far a music, I like it hard and fast, Metalica is my favorite band.

Question: Who would you consider as a role model?
David: My role model would have to be the whole Petty family for building the camp for disabled kids.

Question: If you could, who would you like to trade places with?
Well, I would not trade places with anyone, I have a great family that supports me and my racing through the good and the bad.####

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