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Source — Desert Thunder Motorsports
Date Posted — October 14, 2004
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Vernon Ralph Erno 82, of San Luis Obispo, California becomes the latest profiled case for the Nascar Elite Division Auto Zone Southwest Series race team based out of Phoenix Arizona. Desert Thunder MotorSports partnered up with the Nations Missing Children’s Organization & Center for Missing Adults in 1999 when eleven year old Mikelle Biggs disappeared from her neighborhood, since 99 they together have created this service naming it a Public awareness & safety campaign traveling throughout the Southwest region of the united states in hopes of generating leads for law enforcement and educating innocent families.

“Nascar racing is the place to be if your wanting to reach large numbers of people, lets face it they are on top of their game and everyone is watching” Said Roger LaMoure team owner

Vernon Erno, suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and hasn’t been seen since December 28, 2003 He was last seen approximately at 1:40pm near the intersection of Madonna road & Los Osos Valley road in San Luis Obispo, Ca. Vernon was last seen wearing a green fleece pullover, olive green khaki pants, tan Merriel slip on shoes, green beret style hat. He was wearing a gold ring with large blue stone with a chip; he also wears eyeglasses with silver frames.

Saturday evening October 16, under the lights of the Mesa Marin Raceway Bakersfield, California the Napa Auto Parts Chevy will place a larger then life image in front of one the largest fan based events of the 2005 season.

The Ford Motorcraft “150” is part of at this years October Classic held at Mesa Marin and certain to be this years greatest racing spectacle for the series as HDTV will be on hand to broadcast the event for the entire country to see.

“ If Vernon were found somewhere unable to identify himself he might still be ok? I mean San Luis Obispo isn’t that far from Bakersfield and just maybe someone has seem him, that’s what we hope anyway” Said Darrell LaMoure driver of the Napa machine####

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Article posted by staff on October 14, 2004.

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