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Factory Stocks and Bombers

By: Gary Jacob
Where: Phoenix, AZ
On: 12/01/2002
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Phoenix, AZ -- Veteran Canyon Raceway regular Doug Porter wheeled his famous #ACE Station Wagon to victory in the factory stock feature as Manzanita Speedway opened it’s six event winter series Sunday afternoon. Newcomer Bryan Waller was second in his debut and Anthony Madrid wheeled Wayne Wray’s mount to a third place place finish. A top finisher just once during the track’s regular season, Joe Moeglin won the bomber main event. Both Porter and Moeglin enjoyed perfect days with heat wins added to the feature triumphs. Veteran Lee Blessington ran second with Jeremy Goetschius in third.

The holiday weekend event saw 11 factory stocks and 16 bombers in the feature action. Canyon Raceway star Jeff Stafford won the first factory stock heat race ahead of Ken Caskey and Ron Katz. Porter, Waller and A Madrid previewed their 1-2-3 feature run with a similar heat race finish. Porter won the main event in front of Waller, A Madrid, Buddy Wade, Katz, Caskey, Richard Madrid Jr and Randy Campfield. The 16 bombers were also split into a pair of heat races. Moeglin won the first ahead of Max Rowland and Randy Allen. Goetschius was chased to his win in heat 2 by Blessington and Shawn Bissel. Moeglin and Blessington ran 1-2 in the feature ahead of Goetschius, Chris Gonzales, Randy Allen, Bernie Gentile and Bissel.

Summary Bomber Heat 1-Joe Moeglin, Max Rowland, Randy Allen, Bernie Gentile, Odis Frix. Heat 2-Jeremy Goetschius, Lee Blessington, Shawn Bissel, Aaron Rider, Chris Gonzales. Main-Moeglin, Blessington, Goetschius, Gonzales, Allen, Gentile, Bissel, Rider, David Childers, Ryan Roth, Frix, #19X , Rowland, Jenica Rowe, Ron Nice, Tom Kozak. Factory Stock Heat 1-Jeff Stafford, Ken Caskey, Ron Katz, Randy Campfield, Richard Madrid Jr. Heat 2-Doug Porter, Bryan Waller, Anthony Madrid, Buddy Wade, Ed Crabtree. Main-Porter, Waller, A Madrid, Wade, Katz, Caskey, R Madrid, Campfield, Crabtree, Fidel Gonzales, Stafford.
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