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Outlaw Karts

By: Gary Jacob
Where: Medford, OR
On: 05/13/2005
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Medford, OR -- The Friday the 13th action at the Medford Outlaw Kart track was the last chance for the California based Outlaw Kart All Star Tour teams to check track conditions prior to the May 27th tour race here and a large group made the trek north. They ended up with four of the six feature wins as the track opened their point season. Southern Oregon’s Kevin Putnam did win the Open Outlaw A Main, but Santa Rosa CA long tow JoJo Helberg ran second ahead of Brandon Farquhar. The busy Kyle Larson from Elk Grove CA raced in three different classes and he used a last lap pass to win the Junior Open feature ahead of Klamath Falls racer Chelsea Gamble and R C Pickney. Larson was third quick in this class. Larson set fast time for the 250s, but settled for a second place run in that feature as Mariposa CA long tow Josh Keheley won. California drivers got the top four spots as Mason Moore ran third ahead of double division Jonny Lentz. Redding CA racer Shane Graham was the 125 winner as Preston Jones took second ahead of Seth Nunes and Larson. Double division Tyler Reddick from Corning CA got fast time and the win in the Intermediate Box Stock action with Santa Rosa’s James Edens second ahead of local female star Marissa Earle. In the Novice Box Stocks, Johnny Burke won both his heat and the feature with Austin Self second ahead of Brock Bandfield. For a second straight event, the huge turnout forced the track to cancel time trials. Midweek rains delayed the track prep work until Thursday night.

The fastest 8 of the 24 Open Outlaws were placed in the A Main and they were joined by two transfers from the B Main. Mike Wheeler was quick qualifier at 9.791 and Jesse Decker ran a 9.929. C J Putnam ranked third with his 9.961. The teams were divided into four heat races to give them track time prior to the feature action. Decker beat Helberg in heat 1 and veteran Bondo Bob won heat 2 ahead of Wheeler. Michael Hansen outraced K Putnam in heat 3 and Eureka’s Troy Combs won heat 4 ahead of Dave Hibbard. Hansen was in the C Main, but he got that win ahead of Combs and Rod Moses. The highly competitive B Main saw a fierce fight for the two transfers with Hibbard getting the win ahead of Farquhar and Joe Weststeyn. Combs battled to a 4th ahead of James Burdge and Hansen. Farquhar and Hibbard put on a show in the A Main as they battled from their fifth row starts. K Putnam won the A Main ahead of Helberg, Farquhar, Hibbard, Chadd Noland, Richard Weststeyn, Brandon Govenor and Wheeler.

Local female star Stephanie Rotarius was quickest of the 15 Junior Opens with a 9.876 lap. All Star Tour 2004 Box Stock champion Keith Bloom Jr ranked second with a 9.946 and Larson ran a 9.976. Again, the 8 fastest were placed in the A Main and joined by two transfers from the B Main. Larson drove through the pack to win the first heat over Lentz and Pickney. Bloom won heat 2 in front of Leslee Pierson and California’s Sean Sheppard. Lentz and Sheppard got the two transfers from the B Main with Santa Rosa double division racer Alissa Geving just missing in front of California’s Marcus Hickison. Larson raced around Gamble on the final lap to win the A Main. Gamble ran second ahead of Pickney, California’s Kenny McArthur, Lentz, Sheppard, Rotarius and Bloom.

There were 18 250s and they took the ten fastest to the A Main in this class with two transfers from the B Main. The 12 kart A Main had 7 Californians in it. Larson paced time trials with a quick 9.594 lap and Gamble was second at 9.737. Princeton CA’s Marson Moore ranked third at 9.769. The Keheley-Larson 1-2 finish in the A Main was previewed in heat 1 with Redding CA long tow Jason Mittry in third. Brian Osterman beat Geving and Lentz in heat 2 and Jason Andrest won heat 3 ahead of Gamble and Red Bluff Box Stock champion Chase Hill. Gaining the two transfers from the B Main were Jordan Word and Valerie Bailey as Andrest ran third ahead of Mike Noland and Kristoffer Horn. The California teams swept the top four spots in the A Main with Keheley beating Larson, Moore and Lentz. Gamble paced the Oregon group in fifth ahead of Bailey, Osterman and Mittry.

The 125s were the quickest machines on the tight track as McKinleyville CA regular long tow Riley Gomes clicked off a 9.321 lap. That easily paced the 9.622 of Larson and a 9.644 turned in by Reddick. The 8 fastest of 15 teams were placed in the A Main. Parker Jones won heat 1 over Nunes and Reddick. Larson outraced Parker Jones and Evan Owen in heat 2 and Graham captured heat 3 ahead of Riley Gomes and Dylan Pemberton. Parker Jones and Owen got the two B Main transfers ahead of Colton Palmerton and David Dodge. Graham won the A Main ahead of the Oregon duo of Preston Jones and Nunes with Larson fourth in front of Pemberton, Parker Jones, Riley Gomes and California’s Jonathan Hoheisel.

Reddick paced the 19 Intermediate Box Stocks with a 11.026 lap that just edged the 11.040 of Jordan Saling. Kyle Tellstrom from Ukiah CA ranked third at 11.045. The fastest 8 went to the A Main. Earle won the first heat ahead of Fort Jones’ CA racer Wyatt Finley and Gary Dodge. Edens won heat 2 over Collin Burton and Reddick. Skyler Caster edged out Tellstrom in heat 3 as Dominic Jones ran third. The two transfers from the 11 kart B Main were Zachary Redhead and D Jones as Taylor Mitchell ran third ahead of G Dodge and Karley Roggasch. Reddick and Edens have been dominating the Box Stock action at Cycleland Speedway in Chico and they ran 1-2 tonight with Reddick on top. Earle finished third ahead of S Caster, Burton, Finley, Tellstrom and Redhead.

The Novice Box Stocks do not time trial so the top 4 from each of two heats moved into the A Main along with two karts from the B Main. There were 16 entries and Burke beat Self in heat 1. James Flowers won heat 2 over Gabe Hadley and Brandon Bueoy. Moving up from the B Main were Kalvin Morton and Bailey Noland as Cole Hadley, Wyatt Westfall and Camden Robustelli just missed. Burke and Self repeated their 1-2 finish from heat 1 in the feature as Brock Bandfield ran third ahead of Morton, Flowers, Jordan Jones, G Hadley and B Noland.

Summary Novice Box Stock Heat 1-Johnny Burke, Austin Self, Brock Bandfield, Jordan Jones, Destiny Caster. Heat 2-James Flowers, Gabe Hadley, Brandon Bueoy, Bennett Bray, Robert Shaffer. B Main-Kalvin Morton, Bailey Noland, Cole Hadley, Wyatt , Westfall, Camden Robustelli, Shaffer, D Caster, Tanner Mitchell. A Main-Burke, Self, Bandfield, Morton, Flowers, J Jones, Hadley, B Noland, Bueoy, Bray. Intermediate Box Stock Fast Time-Tyler Reddick 11.026 Heat 1-Marissa Earle, Wyatt Finley, Gary Dodge, Jordan Thompson, Brandon Fincher. Heat 2-James Edens, Collin Burton, Reddick, Zachary Redhead, Nolan Fincher. Heat 3-Skyler Caster, Kyle Tellstrom, Dominic Jones, Ricky Perry, Mason Smith. B Main-Redhead, D Jones, Taylor Mitchell, G Dodge, Karley Roggasch, Thompson, Perry, B Fincher, Cody Simpson, N Fincher. A Main-Reddick, Edens, Earle, S Caster, Burton, Finley, Tellstrom, Redhead, D Jones, Saling. 125 Fast Time-Riley Gomes 9.321 Heat 1-Parker Jones, Seth Nunes, Tyler Reddick, Colton Palmerton, Matt Moberly. Heat 2-Kyle Larson, Preston Jones, Evan Owen, Jonathan Hoheisel, David Dodge. Heat 3-Shane Graham, Riley Gomes, Dylan Pemberton. B Main-Parker Jones, Owen, Palmerton, D Dodge, Jeromy Easter, Moberly, Kierstin Gregory. A Main-Graham, Preston Jones, Nunes, Larson, Pemberton, Parker Jones, Riley Gomes, Hoheisel, Reddick, Owen. 250 Fast Time-Kyle Larson 9.504 Heat 1-Josh Keheley, Larson, Jason Mittry, Daniel Roth, Jordan Word. Heat 2-Brian Osterman, Alissa Geving, Jonny Lentz, Mason Moore, Valerie Bailey. Heat 3-Jason Andrest, Chelsea Gamble, Chase Hill, Neil Witt, Adam Sabedra. B Main-Word, Bailey, Andrest, Mike Noland, Kristoffer Horn, Witt, Roth, Danny Sinclair. A Main-Keheley, Larson, Moore, Lentz, Gamble, Bailey, Osterman, Mittry, Word, Geving, Hill, Sabedra. Junior Open Fast Time-Stephanie Rotarius 9.876 Heat 1-Kyle Larson, Jonny Lentz, R C Pickney, Justin Duby, Alissa Geving. Heat 2-Keith Bloom Jr, Leslee Pierson, Sean Sheppard, Kenny McArthur, E J Ross. B Main-Lentz, Sheppard, Geving, Marcus Hickison, Pierson, Ross. A Main-Larson, Gamble, Pickney, McArthur, Lentz, Sheppard, Rotarius, Bloom, Ryan Gomes, Bradley Shubin. Open Outlaw Fast Time-Mike Wheeler 9.791 Heat 1-Jesse Decker, JoJo Helberg, Joe Weststeyn, Matthew Witt, Cody Braund. Heat 2-Bondo Bob, Wheeler, Brandon Farquhar, Chadd Noland, Kevin Juvenal. Heat 3-Michael Hansen, Kevin Putnam, Richard Weststeyn, Jeremy Houck, Mark Webb. Heat 4-Troy Combs, Dave Hibbard, C J Putnam, Robert Miller, Brandon Govenor. C Main-Hansen, Combs, Rod Moses, Jon Strickland, Bob, Witt, Darrell Nelson Jr. B Main-Hibbard, Farquhar, J Weststeyn, Combs, James Burdge, Hansen, Juvenal, Miller, Braund, Houck. A Main-K Putnam, Helberg, Farquhar, Hibbard, C Noland, R Weststeyn, Govenor, Wheeler, Decker, C Putnam.

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