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UMP Modifieds, Street Stocks, Mini Sprints and Factory Stocks

By: Gary Jacob and Martha Mincy
Where: Casa Grande, AZ
On: 04/29/2000
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Casa Grande, AZ --

After earlier winning his heat race, 1998 Arizona State UMP Modified champion Brad Campbell outraced Central Arizona Raceway point leader Jeff Collinsworth to score a $600 win in Saturday night's UMP Modified feature. Campbell is dueling Mark Harrison for second in points as Collinsworth has built a huge early season point advantage. Steve Nelson from Phoenix is racing for points at the Casa Grande track and he collected a $300 win in the street stock feature as the street stocks returned to action after a rare off-week. He stands sixth in points. The Arizona Mini Sprints brought a strong 15 car field and Dave Alexander won their feature race ahead of Ron Pickering. In the factory stock main, third ranked point racer Scott Skaggs posted his first win with young Matt Lundy second ahead of 2nd ranked point racer Dwight Tate.

The UMP Modifieds has 12 cars in action and Campbell won the first heat ahead of K C Dieckman and Mike Strobl, who was visiting for the first time in 2000. California long tow Jeff Schildmeyer from Alpine took heat 2 with Ted Robinson 2nd ahead of Jack Ickes. In the main, Campbell posted a win with Collinsworth second ahead of Harrison, Dieckman, Ickes, Mike Brigner, Strobl and Vyn Polmanteer. Robinson's incredible tough luck season continued with an 11th place run as Keith Smith made the long tow from Imperial, CA to finish 9th.

The street stocks had their usual large turnout and used five heat races. Heat winners were Gene Weithholter, Art Lacy, point leader and defending champion Gene Freeman, George Harris and Brad Whitfield. The usual full field of 24 cars started their main event and Nelson raced to the win ahead of 1998 track champion A Lacy, Tommy Thompson, Whitfield, Weitholter, Tom Hussak, Norman Winemiller, Chuck Tolle and Freeman. Both second ranked Whitfield and 3rd ranked Hussak closed ground on point leader Freeman.

The mini sprints preliminary action consisted of two heats and a dash. Brandon George was the dash winner with Troy Johnson outracing Alexander in heat 1. Jeff Greszler won heat 2 ahead of Dennis Parks. In their main event, it was Alexander the winner ahead of Pickering, Johnson Greszler, Parks, George, John Albin and Brian Clark. The factory stocks had a 7 car turnout and point leader Jude Burke was the heat winner in front of newcomer Troy Ruebke and Skaggs. Skaggs then won the main event with Lundy second ahead of Tate, Tom Bombard and Matt Rice as point leader Burke settled for 6th.

Summary Factory Stock Heat-Jude Burke, Troy Ruebke, Scott Skaggs, Matt Lundy, Tom Bombard. Main-Skaggs, Lundy, Dwight Tate, Bombard, Matt Rice, Burke, Ruebke. Mini Sprint Dash-Brandon George. Heat 1-Troy Johnson, Dave Alexander, Ron Pickering, John Albin, George. Heat 2-Jeff Greszler, Dennis Parks, Gary Marker, Chuck Arnsworth, Kiley Fellars. Main-Alexander, Pickering, Johnson, Greszler, Parks, George, Albin, Brian Clark, Fellars, Danny Mathus, Kevin Wolfe, Corey Gaulden, Bill Farrington, Marker, Arnsworth. Street Stock Heat 1-Gene Weitholter, William Lacy, Norman Winemiller, Leroy Ashcraft. Heat 2-Art Lacy, Perry Mallery, Frank Soboski, Chuck Tolle. Heat 3-Gene Freeman, Mike Tahtinen, Bart Tomerlin. Heat 4-George Harris, Bob Taylor, Steve Nelson, John Drake. Heat 5-Brad Whitfield, Greg Houston, Tommy Thompson, Jack Buckner. Main-Nelson, A Lacy, Thompson, Whitfield, Weitholter, Tom Hussak, Winemiller, Tolle, Freeman, W Lacy, Ashcraft, Harris, Steve Reitenbaugh, Tahtinen, Houston, Jeff DiGiulio, Mallery, Tomerlin, Aaron Mari, Jim Cook, Drake, Soboski, Taylor, Roger Lundy. UMP Modified Heat 1-Brad Campbell, K C Dieckman, Mike Strobl, Jeff Collinsworth, Keith Smith. Heat 2-Jeff Schildmeyer, Ted Robinson, Jack Ickes, Mark Harrison, Vyn Polmanteer. Main-Campbell, Collinsworth, Harrison, Dieckman, Ickes, Mike Brigner, Strobl, Polmanteer, Smith, Dennis Heath, Robinson, Schildmeyer.

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